Sky to Earth high

What a shame that we all became such fragile broken things, worn and torn we got bored of the all happiness we don’t bring, but I’m sure if we hit the floor we’d find ourselves again. Then you stood up and you told me that you can no longer sing, so I took your hand and beat you til you sang and everyone clapped and the cheers rang out. So tell me that you know that you can strick a pose, as long as you feel that love is no longer real.

So I’ve been working none stop – basically – tomorrow is my only day off this week. It feels weird, because I usually only work 2-3 days a week, so since I’ve worked 5 days straight, my days are a little messed up, just like my eating pattern. I haven’t really been doing all that well on the whole eating real meals at the moment. I mean I had half a sandwich and a little tube of mango and that was about all I ate yesterday.

Speaking of which I was really… happy, energetic, just up yesterday until I went on skype with my friends from back home that brough me crashing back down to reality and out of my little bubble of lesser awareness – or something like that – bascially things aren’t going too well there. It’s not anything actually bad has gone down or anything I’m just getting frustrated all by myself. Any ways they want to skype again Thursday, when they’re all getting together, so they would skype me.

Recently I thought it would be a good idea to buy a hip flask. So I’m incipient – apparently – and why just watch the fire when you can add wood and help it burn, right? RIGHT?

Any ways  I got it today, well yesterday now… I’m still not sure what drink I’m going to put in it. It’s not like a signiture poison – yeah I went there – that I drik or somethin and since beer is out, I was thinking the leftover assignment vodka. That and the pimms are the only none sugary alcohol I have in the flat, if only I was back at the old house, in the shire, I would have soo much more alcohol to choose from, but hey ho for now Vodka it is. Until I try other stuff, gin, whiskey that sort of thing.

So this picture was the inspiration behind the bit at the top of this post.


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