Lost in Cloud Cuckoo Land

So I took my trip away.

It was… lovely. The staff at the place I was staying were really nice and friendly and I had a wonderful time walking around the coutryside, it made me miss the farm I used to live on when I was younger, before my life went down hill – all those rosy colour memories of the past.

But any ways, the whole trip was great. I went to see the father and his girlfriend in Bristol on the Monday and stayed til the Thursday. We went out most night and went to see ‘Hail cesaer!’

I also almost told the father I was pan, but it didn’t quite happen, at the moment I think that’s fie, because I’m not dating anyone, so there can’t be any confusion, but I do want to tell him, at some point. Any ways I did tell him and the girlfriend a bit about my couselling, not much although and not that I believe I’m bipolar, or something to that effect, now.

I also made the decision that if my solo birthday holiday to Cloud Cuckoo land went well, then I’d go on more solo holidays, since my friends really arent’ going anywhere with the holiday planning and things are getting mre and more expensive. I will brouch the topic of festivals with them again sometime, because it would be nice to go to some together this year, but I’m not sure how people feel about them, plus that’s more money and some of my friends don’t have much being broke ass students like myself.

I would have made this more detailed, but I’m a little busy at the moment, plus I have’t really been eating properly again, since we still have no fridge and I think I’ve been going through a manic episode or something.


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