Life on the way

So I’ve been vaguely busy the last couple days.

I went a got cocktails with my ‘friend’ – who I now think I can just refer to as friend. She had changed, she was more honest and open than before, explain why our relationship had been… strained the last time. It was basically the reason I thought, her parents are racist and she didn’t feel comfortable going against their wishs, even though she not really racist herself, she still finds it hard to go against her upbringing even now and then and honestly I can’t begrudge her for that, it’s not like she not… trying.

Then of course I had work and coursework to complete. I managed to write my report without getting tipsy, but I’m pretty sure it is the worst one I’ve done so far.

But any ways now it’s time to revise for my exams – ah shit.

I mean it’s kind of annoying that we had so much coursework, that revising for exams before this point for kind of hard for me, but I’m hoping to get all my revision notes done by the end of Wednesday and then just cram, cram, cram and hope for the best. The first one is mutliple choice questions, so that should make it marginely easier.