Label me whatever, brand me forever

I am broken, but not gone.
So I wish for nothing more, than … Continue reading

I didn’t want to say no, and yet you did nothing to stop me…

Just another day in the life of the average University student and her continuing nomadic summer like… Continue reading

Out, In, Out, Up, Up, Down, Down…

So me and a friend went down to Manchester for the weekend. It was fun, tiring and slightly hectic at moments, but overal a good weekend. We were meant to be staying in a student house the father has down … Continue reading

I can skip the que, because that’s what you taught me to do

You can hate me for who I am, For all I am is human, And all that human even was, Is death personified in the land of Oz. So I’ve been away, staying with friends again. A different one this … Continue reading