The calm before

So I’ve got an exam tomorrow. An exam which I haven’t revised for, since before I left Bouremouth for Christmas.

This is not going to go well…

But in the end no one expects me to do well, so it’s not like I’m letting anyone down, but myself.

Speak now or hold your peices

Just another day i the life of the average university student… Continue reading

The prep before the storm…

Just another day in the life of the average university student, who’s better late than never… Continue reading

To drink or not to drink?

Alcoholism or self harm, which is worse.

I mean if you over drink you can destroy your liver and other part of your body, leading to horribleness in later life.

But then if you selfharm you can kill yourself or land yourself in a mental hospital, which is not where I want to be right now.

So I went with the alcoholism, this time.