If you have an opinion about my life, put your hand up.

Now put it over your mouth.

So I’ve been trying to find a job for summer, I was looking about working abroad and working holiday style programs, but now I’m thinking I might do that next year, after I’ve graduated because then I don’t have to worry about getting back in time for University beginning again and all that jazz.

So at the moment I’ve been looking at festivals and that sort of thing, since they usually only last a couple of days and sometimes you get a bunch of cool bonuses for working there, like free passes and what not, which would be awsome, since I wanted to go to some festivals this year, so yay! I also looked at live in situations, there was a couple interesting ones, but really I think most of them were too demanding if I’m going to do other stuff this summer, which I might end up not doing, although it looks like I might not be going abroad alone, since my friends have seemed to get themselves together and we’ve got half a plan or something to that effect.

So I’ve recently been… listening to some new artists like Andy Black/BVB and MGK. Honestly I was first attracted this song because Lzzy Hale – from Halestorm a band I like – colaborating, but I liked it so I’ve been listening to more of his suff. I think I kind of like his new stuff more than his older stuff, but hey…



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