While we’re young… and in high heels

So the last couple days I’ve been off at a friends house. We headed down to the river and did some shots, to warm ourselves up, because heading in the surprisingly cold water, although two of the girls I went with got a little drunk on the shots and we were scared they might drown. But everything was good and we headed back to the friends house, to sleep and drink some more – that kind of makes us some like alcoholics a little bit, but were young and living it up, while we still can. Plus my friend has just gotten out of a rather serious relationship, so she really blowing off stream, with drinks and what not, because he wouldn’t really let her drink when they were together, or do a bunch of other fun stuff, that she has now taken to doing. So she’s making up for the couple of years of not being able to in a few short weeks.

So after we got up this morning, we decided to head into the city – because I found out I do live by a city and not a town, although it’s a very small city, but a city none the less – and go shopping for dresses for tomorrow night, unfortunately I didn’t find anything, so I’m going to have to be content with my dull old dresses – although some of them are new. But my friend got a dress and the other got some fantastic shoes, which makes me want to buy these lovely shoes I saw the other day, that I fell in love with. I mean I don’t really buy shoes, not as much as other girls I know. I do love them, but I only really buy with necessity, so I wasn’t going to get them, but we’re thinking about going out next Friday and Saturday, so I’m thinking I could wear them then and that’s necessity – right? I mean I’m going to buy a new dress for next weekend – even though I have quite a few – and I want shoes to match, because the ones I have at the moment are super boring, apart from my over the knee boots, but their not a very big heel or anything, and I like wear heels, because I’m short and I like the tallness they give me. Not that I really dislike being short, it’s just nice to to tall sometimes as well, plus everyone – or nearly everyone – wears heels, so if I didn’t I would feel like a midget and I don’t have anything against rather small people, I just don’t like feeling like one myself – it’s a personal thing, I suppose.

So this is the shoes, but I want to get it in black. But I couldn’t find a picture on google, so you’ll just have to use the wonder of imagination…

Quote/saying of the day: Beautiful shoes will take you beautiful places – Unknown

So I hear this the other day and know I’m blogging about it, enough said?

Yesterday’s Transmission over the sea

So it was off to the beach yesterday, unfortunately it did rain a little, but one of the people I went with brought these big umbrellas, so we huddled under those, until it stopped, which it did pretty quickly, fortunately enough for us. And although it wasn’t particularly sunny, a couple of us did go swimming and although I had a wet bum on the car ride home, it was totally worth it, because it was really quite fun and once you’ve been in the water for so and so long, then it doesn’t feel as cold any more and I think the fact I had just eaten ice cream, helped my body reach and equilibrium faster, also the candy floss got when we got out, could have helped with the warming up a little.

So all in all a good day, and we did a little shopping for this camping thing we’re doing Wednesday, were we’re going to go down to the river and have a BBQ and all that jazz. It seems this week is rather full as well, which is nice. Since it was the beach Monday, camping Wednesday to Thursday and then clubbing Friday and shopping with an old friend Saturday, then Sunday with the family, well the father and his girlfriend. Who is here today, because he has a job interview nearby and she’s going canoeing or kayaking on the  nearby river and parentally her friend will also be joining us for a day, although I’m kind of hoping that day is tomorrow, because I won’t be here and have to deal with the simple pleasantries of the whole situation and all that jazz.

But hey ho life goes on.

The freedom to plan reconnection…

So, since today was an event free day, I decided it would be a good time to reconnect with some people I have managed to disconnect with a little over the past couple month or so. It was kind fun and because I decided to text, it cost me something more than I would have hoped, since I’m meant to be saving, but what the hell.

So now I’m probably going to meet up with potentially a couple of old friends this weekend, plus I’m meant to be going out with a friend and a couple of her friends, plus her boyfriend this Friday, and then there’s the beach trip that we’ve been planning for this Monday and I might be heading to Pembrokeshire the week after this one coming, which will be fun, camping with the girls! So it looks like I’ve got a busy time coming up, which suits me just fine, I said I wanted to do things this summer, and I think these little events count as ‘doing something’, because I’m probably not going to see my friends again for a while, so I wanted to have fun while we were still close and all that jazz and not leave with regrets, about not seeing them again and all that jazz, plus I want to have fun, while I still have a bit of money for it, because starting in uni seems like it’s going to make me completely and utterly broke, so won’t be able to do much ‘expensive’, not that I have much money now or anything. I know I could just get a job, like everyone else seems to be, but I’ll only be around for about another month or so, so I don’t think it’s the best idea.

Any ways as I was saying I was reconnecting with some friends, if things go well from today, might continue the behaviour tomorrow and make some more ‘dates’. Free days are fine and everything, but I’d much rather be out with my friends. Time to party while I’m still young enough not to get proper hang over and all that jazz.

So I’m meant to be going clubbing, because one of my friends has never been and I thought, why not introduce her to the experience? But I was flicking through my wardrobe and I have a couple dresses in there, that are club wear like, but now after putting them all on, I want to go shopping and find something else, because I don’t want to wear black and so far my LBD is the only one that I actually could think about wearing. So I did my usual thing and went on eBay, because it’s cheaper to buy stuff on there and I’m not really bothered about what’s in fashion and what not, if I like it, I’ll wear it – that simple. But I couldn’t find anything – within my price range – so now I’m thinking of actually going high street shopping, something I haven’t done in quite a while. Maybe just for inspiration though, but we’ll see.

Yeah I know Miley, but hey the song is fun to dance around to!

Stars, late nights and river riding

So once I got home from the studio tour, I had a pretty uneventful few days.

I just messed around and whatnot.

Although the last… 3 days have been a little bit non stop kind of thing. So Tuesday I went to a house party/camp out, as me and a could friends wanted to test the tents for camping, but once we had them up, we pretty much just got drunk and I had my first sober adjacent cigarette, which was liquorice flavoured and tasted something like burnt marshmallows, but I like burnt marshmallows. So after sleeping under stars, because we decided it would be fun to star gaze the night away and we saw a couple shooting stars. We put the tent down, stuff it into the car and I went home for a couple hours, since the only thing I had eaten that day was this omelette I made, I decided it would be prudent to have something to eat, so I made some salty leak and potato soup – which I had to throw away, because it went mouldy. So Wednesday evening I headed out to this party, my friend had invited me to as a plus 1, since her boyfriend wasn’t around. So I decided to colour my hair for the night, with hair chalk – blue, pink, orange and red. So it took us a little while to find the field, which the party was in, as it was another night of camping for me, but we got there in the end, with a little help from a friend.

So when we got there I found out I actually ‘knew’ the host, although I didn’t know basically anyone else, so it was just a big round of introductions, while we assembled the tent. And then I got pretty plastered and made some new ‘friends’, played some, slowly more sexual party games and made out with a guy, who I can now not remember the name of and who called me blue most of the night, because of the blue in my hair, actually quite a few people ended up calling me that, because I was refusing to give people my name, because I’m weird like that and some guy tried to make out with me and ended up making out with my nose, which was a laugh, plus I rolled up some cigarettes, and I think I did a pretty dam good job of it too. I mean I’ve rolled my brother’s before, but that was once when I was drunk, not that I was technically sober this time either, but hey ho. It was a fun night, although the top I was wearing was  little big, so when this guy lifted my up into the princess hold, my boobs popped out to say hi, not that I did anything about it, by that time I was too pissed to think about pulling my top up or something like  that.


So in the morning we packed up the tent and headed to get our ride home, as I was sharing a ride with the friend who invited me. But we were a bit early so we got some breakfast in the form of cheese sandwiches and water.

So I got home and just thought about grabbing a shower, when a car drove up and I realised I had promised to go out with some friends and go boating today. So having not been able to shower I had to rush out again, but we had fun and went swimming with all our clothes on, because we didn’t have swim suits and my friends boyfriend split tango all over her, so she wanted to wash off the stickiness.

So I’m now looking forward to a pretty quiet weekend, just me myself and I. Although the father was meant to come around, but now he’s not, so it really is just me, myself and I. But I’ve got some more things going on next week. seems my summer is going to be eventful, as the friend has invited me to another party next month, although I’m not sure if I’ll go, because I kind of ‘dissed’ the guy who’d party it is once, although I’m not sure if he remembers or not. But perhaps, better safe than sorry there.

Quotes/sayings of the day: At every party there are two kinds of people — those who want to go home and those who don’t. The trouble is, they are usually married to each other. ~Ann Landers

No party is any fun unless seasoned with folly. ~Desiderius Erasmus

Sun, sand and ant bites… With a touch of Magic

So I’ve been in Jamaica for two weeks. I was writing this diary/journal things, which I was going to post on here, but then I reconsidered.

So I’m giving you all a basic run down of the wonders of Jamaica and having spent a week with my grandparents and a week by the sea, with high temperatures, all above 30 – during the day at least. It was nice, apart from the incredibly itchy ant bites, at least I think I was bitten by ants, because unfortunately they were dropping out of the tree, I was using to shade myself from the mid day sun, although I still got a lovely tan and some pasty tan lines to show it, because with me, it’s less noticeably than white people, when I get a tan. But apart from that it was a wonderful trip. Lots of fruit, which was great. We stayed in Negril – by the sea side – in a hotel for a couple of nights, more to be by the sea and catch the sun, but they had fruit out for every meal and we were down there for the 4th of July, when they were celebrating and luckily enough the night before I had met this cute Spanish guy, after his mother – at least I think it was his mother – saw us playing uno, which is a game we basically go nowhere without, because we tend to play it when… waiting for food in restaurants and times like that. So I bonded with this Spanish family over Uno and me and the guy walk along the beach and had some fun at the 4th of July celebrations that were going on there, while the father did whatever the father does. But unfortunately they left the next day – short lived friendship. Right over in Jamaica they have pot holes which you could – if you wanted to – literally take baths in, I mean it, well this was on the mountain road from the airport to my Grandparents house, so maybe not everywhere…

So I was meant to be going to Church on one of the Sundays we were there and I’m not really religious, but I kind of enjoy Jamaican church, because it’s so lively and completely different from the English church I had to go to as I child. My grandparents are very religious, as it seems quite a few people I met over there are – which is nice and all that jazz. But I the end I only went to quire practice with the grandmother, before we went out shopping, to find gives for the friends. Which I properly spent my 4200 Jamaican dollars on, which might sound like a lot to some, but it’s not really as much as it may appear to be. It seems Jamaica was one of those poor countries that had to deal with inflations and all that nasty business – I’m glade I never lived in a country where that was happening, it’s doesn’t seems to… great. So I got the friends so small trinkets, although I’m not too sure who I’ll be seeing before I – hopefully – jet off to the other side of the country, but I got enough for everyone and since I remembered my friend liked them I got some cigars in Rum and Chocolate flavour, so I’m hoping pull them out on this camping trip we’ve been planning and surprise everyone… or just someone. I was going to get Rum, but then I had this sudden realisation of great truth, that I could probably buy it cheaper in the UK and still get the same (ish) stuff.

So it rained a little, when we were at Negril – I’m hoping I’m spelling that right, because I have this nagging feeling I’m not, but oh well – there was a few short lived thunder storms, that rolled off into the Ocean, even though inland at the grandparents place, they were hoping for rain, because the plants were dying of thirst. But during the storms I watched American TV, which I find has a lot – I mean a lot – more adverts about food, than British TV does, although quite a few of the channels were just news news all the time and there were a couple Spanish ones, which is nice for the Spanish speaking guests. But I did get introduced to a couple interesting shows and watched some trailers for some films I now want to see, so it wasn’t a bad thing for anything.

I also finished the 6 books that I took with me; Poison study, Magic study, Fire study – I have fallen in love with the study series ad the author and am now going to buy the two first books of two of their other series – Fire – which turned out to be the second book in a series, although thankfully the books aren’t linking in characters, but place that they are set, so it shouldn’t matter I read the second one first – A wizard of earth sea – which I thought I had seen the movie of, but after reading it I realised I was wrong -and last but not least Blood Promise – a book in the Vampire Academy series, that I have been working my way through, only 2 more books left. I’m a bit of a vampire fan, although I cannot read Twilight, literally, I tried and I couldn’t get past the first chapter, although I went to see the films, because I wanted to give it a shot and I think that it could have been well really good, but it was missing something or something like that, but the writing oh god it was… indescribably in a bad way – sorry to the author, but honestly I cannot understand how anyone could read that book let alone more that 1 of them, maybe the writing got… better later on and the first chapter or 1st book was just badly done – not that I’m an expert writer or anything… (and I also finished fifty shades).

While I was over there, I had the whole stranger in a strange place thing going on, which was nice – if you don’t know what I mean, I’m not sure how to explain it…

So here some pictures…


So yeah, that’s my holiday – more or less – in picture form, with all the pictures of me and the family taken out and a couple of shots here and there removed, because of blurriness. So as you can see, lots of fruit, which leads on to, I love Jamaican food, sure I don’t eat all that much, but over there I just wanted to sit around and eat all day – sometimes – especially some of the dishes the grandmother made and plantain, I could eat that by the barrel, I was seriously considering packing some up into my suitcase, but in the end I didn’t, mainly because we had already been stopping on the way into the country, because of the father or rather probably because of the brother, but I won’t get into that – only to say we did nothing wrong.

So this weekend I went to the Harry Potter studio tour, with a friend of mine, as she got tickets for her birthday, it was really fun and we stayed in Premier Inn over night. Although I’m almost certain one of the staff members was into my friend, but she failed to see it.

We had a lot of laughs, so it was a good trip. On the way there, we got stuck in this traffic jam and my friend – who’s driving – is looking out the window and goes, ‘oh hey look at that dog’ so I’m looking at this car, and not seeing a dog and then she goes ‘oh shit, it’s an old lady’ it was so funny – maybe sorta more had to be there thing – but trust me it was funny, but the whole trip was a bit like that, like she goes over to a hanger on this rail thing by the door of the room and goes ‘hey look, I’m  a coat’ I mean it’s like we’re scripted sometimes, although I often say people would pay to watch the sorta crazy shit we get up to sometimes.

But hey ho a great day and I tried butter beer for the first time, although it was a little underwhelming, not bad, although the cream left a bad taste in the mouth, just underwhelming, maybe because they’re drinking it all the time, like it’s really amazing, is why I thought it would taste more… extraordinary.

Quote/saying of the day (or rather last couple weeks): I love the feeling of being anonymous in a city I’ve never been to before.