Catch me up, strike me down…

How do I write about all the things that have happened in my life since the last time I posted?

Well I got into a relationship, broke up with them and became friends with benefits. Broke off that relationship and am now trying to just be there friend.

Almost pushed away my best friend here, because she makes me feel bad sometimes… also because it’s hard to watch someone destroy themselves and find every time you try and help, it just blows up in your face. I want to help, but I refuse to try and save someone who doesn’t want to be saved – she has told me as much, but I see so many ways she could help herself and opportunities she’s missing, probably because I’m on the outside looking in.

I still hate my job – I don’t think that’s new. But now I have a plan… well something of a plan.

I just need to display some self control with my spending and I’ll be able to get out of the town in about 4-5 months or so… fingers crossed on that one. Especially since my friend invited me to go out, because one of their friends from home is coming up and they want to show her a good night out, which can only be helped by inviting more people out, right?

Also some of my friends from back West were talking about coming over to see me and so that’ll be another night out. Potentially in the same week. At this point we’re all just trying to get a hold of another friend to see if she wants to do anything for her birthday, because if she does then we’ll wait to meet up until then, but if she can’t do anything because of this that or the other, then we’ll meet up before her birthday, because it wouldn’t be too nice of us to all meet on her birthday, when she can’t come.

Speaking of nights out. I had to jump into a fight on one the other day. Some girls – when I some I mean about 7 or so of them – decided they didn’t like my friend and make the hopefully drunk decision – because I hope these girls wouldn’t do this sober – to jump my friend when we left the club. Fortunately some guys that were passing by jumped in to help us out, because there was way to many of them for us to take. Even though they were only pulled her hair and scratching her, but at one point they did get her on the floor and were stomping on her. This particular friend had surgery on her jaw last year, because some guy decided to punch her in the face, because she wouldn’t go home with him – people here are so lovely – so I made her go to the hospital, since they could have seriously damaged her jaw. Actually it was the police that took us to the hospital, after we sat out in the cold for about an hour… that was fun. I think the only thing that kept me from freezing to death was the alcohol in my system. Although another lovely guy, decided to really annoy me, by insisting that me and my friend should go home with him. He was rather drunk, but by the time the police turned up, I really wanted to punch him.

Any ways my friend was for the most part fine. Couple bruises and scratches, but other than that fine. No really serious damage done.

So I took her back to mine after we left the hospital. Thinking about it, I don’t think she’s told her parents what happened that night, because she stayed with me for a couple days and apparently they didn’t even notice the bruising on her face and then they went away not long after that. So by the time they got back the bruising was mostly gone.

Moving on… something I’ve gotten into recently, wearing wigs. Now I used to colour my hair quite often, but because I had naturally quite dark hair, I had to lighten it to get the colour to truly show. So it got to the point that I had bleached my hair so much, that it was crunchy. At that point I decided to give it a break from bleaching, stripping and colouring, so wigs seemed like a good alternative and I knew this girl that wore wigs all the time, so I bought a couple off of her, because I knew they’d be good and then I also got a couple cheaper ones, although one of them I hate the style and am trying to find a way to change it. I’m also not too happy with the colour, because it way more bold and blocky them it looked in the picture, but I’m not sure what to do there. I’m hoping that if I change the style I’ll like it better.