What with this?

So today I went to see Elysium. It was pretty good, although a little different than what I was expecting, although not really in a bad way. I thought it was going to be more like a game, but it only really had a couple of gamy scenes in it and they kind of didn’t really matter. The were a couple of things I could have picked on, but they didn’t really take all that much away from the film, so it was alright. But then it was just a little too American for me. I mean most American films are too American for me, but nothing I can do about that.

Anyways have you guys heard about the new DS, the DS2 or something. It’s sound absolutely stupid. At the bottom of an online announcement they put ‘this is not a joke’ because even they think it’s silly. So so sum it up, it’s flat. Unlike every other DS it doesn’t have hinds, stupid right. It’s basically the 3DS without the 3d. Apparently it has the same aspects as the 3ds, such as the street pass and what not, but flat. Alright I just can’t get over the fact that it’s flat. The whole screen is mean to be a touch screen, but there’s some plastic coating over the top half of the screen making it not work when you touch it, but it mean to be cheaper than the 3ds, as it doesn’t have hinds and 3d, which kind of makes sense, as the demand is there, but no hinds? There been some people making videos showing others how to make their 3ds into 2ds’s, it’s kind of funny.

Alright so speaking of things that surprised me today, America. Well American air travel. So going and coming from American has always been a bit of a circus, but recently it’s gone to a whole new level. So now apparently everyone has to strip down to their underwear, although they allow you to wear a top. My friend was telling me about this guy, that went on holiday to Australia and he described going back to the USA like coming back to the camp and he had just been let out for a week and not coming home. So now I’ve given up my ideas about going to the USA any time soon. Maybe in a few years things will have calmed down.

But here’s some food for thought. How come America is the only country that seems to do this and get advertised? I mean I’m sure other countries have done something like this, but why does nearly everyone know when the USA does it? I mean there must be a reason why bombers choose to bomb the USA, I’m that england was part of that whole blah blah blah, so how come we don’t hear about suicide bombers in I don’t know Asia or all those people that set themselves on fire not so long ago. Sure it’s old news now, but back then I don’t remember it being half as well ‘advertised’ as some of the… well most of the stuff that happens in the USA.

I really like this song, so it’s kind of a lighter note to finish things off.

Holding hands with an older man for the end of the world.

So today I’m contemplating the end of the world. Or something like that, well I was in the morning – sometimes I think I spend too much time contemplating the darker things in life. Anyways so there this quote ‘some think the world will end in ice some think the world will end in fire’ – it’s not quite right it’s a little different, but I couldn’t be bothered to look up the exact words. And there was this show I was watching and these two people were talking about what that meant, now one of them said that it was actually about the end of a relationship, which can sometimes feel like the end of the world – or so I hear – and how some relationships end in fire and some in ice, if you get what they/I mean?

Anyways so this got me to thinking about the end of the world and how or even if it would effect us. I mean would it? If the world ended right now, would we even have any idea. I mean what if even 10 – I don’t know why I chose ten, but hey ho – seconds the world ended and restarted, with just very small and seemingly insignificant differences to it. Would we know? Would we have any idea that we had actually all just died and come back to life – or something like that. I mean we wouldn’t have any idea, because to us it didn’t actually happen, if you get what I’m trying to say.

I mean there a lot of theories like this and one of my favourite is that we’re all a figment of someone imagination. Because the only way to prove this is to kill everyone and then there’s no one of see the proof. So you can’t really prove of disprove it, as long as someone is alive the entire universe could be a figment of their imagination. I tried voicing this to someone once, but I said it a little differently, I said the world/universe was a figment of my own imagination or rather could be. And then they said they could disprove that by killing me, so then I said that that would only prove that it wasn’t a figment of my imagination by someone else’s etc.

Anyways so today I met someone – sort of. He’s really nice and lives in the US, although maybe a little old for me, but I can deal with someone older. We got to talking and he said that he was surprised by my age, as he thought I was older, apparently I’m mature for my age – people don’t say this to me a lot, so I was surprised.

We talked for a couple of hours and laughed a lot, but to be honest we didn’t really talk about anything in particular, we just talking. And I gave him the site were a couple of my stories are, because he said he wanted to read them, but I had to go, because it was getting late, so we exchanged emails and that was that. He sent me an email almost immediately, which was kind of sweet and we chatted about his troubled past a little, so it was all nice.

I dunno I find that I have an easy time talking to people that are older than me. Maybe some people that are the same age as me, but hardly anyone that is younger, unless there a lot younger – children are quite easy to talk to period, as long as they’re not spoiled brats. I think it’s because I’ve been around people who are older than me most of my live and I mean years and years older, not just couple of months or so. I guess the section of the hospital I frequented just didn’t have younger patients, so there was only older people there to talk to and then I would hang out with my brother and his friends, although not so much with my younger of the two, mainly the older of the two at first. Anyways I think I’m rambling.

So today I found a new game. Now I’m going to say right now, that I’m a gaming girl, so games are going to come up from time to time – just skip over this bit if you want to I’ll completely understand.

So the game in Guild War 2. I like games like this, but most of the time I end up playing MMORPG games, like Dragonica, maple story and Dragon Gem, when it still had the European version – I was really sad when they closed that one down, especially as I had a really great character due to this one person just logging on and handing over all their gold and stuff to me on my first log in, it was wonderful, but I lost all that sadly. Anyways I’m also quite into those older fashioned looking games that are pixelated and have bad graffics. I like the ones with all the new and amazing grafics, but I like the older ones as well. I also really love the Legend of Zelda games, I’m currently trying to get them all, but every time I get the newest one and think I can start of the older ones and new one comes out and it’s always on the new console or whatever gadget they’re just created so you have to get the gadget to play the game, which mean it’s double the money, although some of the older games can be played of newer gadgets so that means you don’t have to search for the older gadgets to play them, which I good. Such as Zelda the Minish Cap, can be played on the ds and the wind waker (etc), can be played on the Wii, so overall that’s good.

So back to the game I found, as I said it was Guild War 2. Now I’m thinking about getting it, but I’m not sure the reviews I’ve seen were more focused on the games ideas about playing with other people and didn’t really give you an idea of what playing the game by yourself was like. Sure playing with others can be fun, but most of the time I’m more of a solo player, although I will team up and do quests and what not with people, but sometimes they end up just getting on my nerves with their incessant chit chat about god knows what nonsense, so I dump them and move on. Anyways I want to know what playing the game by itself is like before I get it, as I found it for a good price and now I’m just waiting until the end of the month to get it – as that’s when I’m going to be able to put money into my account blah blah blah, boring banking stuff. Overall the game seems quite good though, so I’m probably going to get it even if I don’t find out more and then if I don’t like it, I’ll just sell it again and maybe make a profit.

So end of game talk.

So I started watching this series about this woman who has a rare medical condition that gives her the ability to visually remember everything. She’s was a cop – I’m not sure where, because it’s set in America and I’m not too familliar with the blah blah blah – and then she becomes a NYC cop and helps to solves cases with her unique ability, but as you can expect some people have their doubts about her and she has to work with her ex-boyfriend who is dating someone else, which she actually takes quite well, although the new girlfriend doesn’t. Anyways it’s quite interesting. Oh it’s called: Unforgettable – isn’t that a title that makes you think they must have spent hours thinking about what to name it, got tired and gone with the first thing they could think of?

That’s NEET

I’ve been kind of bored recently and when I get bored I tend to do things I wouldn’t do otherwise. Impulsive things that normally I would think through first, since I’ve become one of those people who doesn’t just do things on a whim, because I’m trying to be less impulsive – it’s not going so well.

So anyways. I was thinking about this charity fund-raiser I’m thinking about organizing, well I’m not actually the one that really wants to do it. My friend wants to, but she’s having some trouble with leaving her room at the moment, as she is what you might call a NEET. So I said that I would help her out and in return she painted my shoes, well she helped paint my shoes – sort of, it was a group effort.

And so back onto topic, I was thinking about the fund-raiser and since she wasn’t sure what charity to fund raise for, I decided I’d do some research and send her the charities I thought she should do it for. At the moment it’s down to about 4 different charities, but I haven’t heard from her, so she could have made her mind up by now.

Anyways I think I’m going to end up doing most of the work, but she’ll probably end up with her name all over it, so yeah… But it was her idea and since she doesn’t really ever leave her room I don’t mind.

So I heard this song for the first time today and fell for it:

I only ended up listening to it because someone had got inspiration from it for a story they had written for a competition I was thinking of entering – I can’t though because only people in the USA can enter, but I did get introduced to this song, so not a complete waste of time I suppose.

Eating chicken curry, while writing.

So other than that I decided to make curry today. Although not from scratch curry and one where you only have to cook the chicken and add the sauce. But it does take some effort, as defrosting chicken in my microwave seems to be more of a challenge then in anyone else’s. It’s been a little temperamental since well, it’s always been a little temperamental with me. But maybe I’m just not using it right, although the last couple of times I tried to defrost chicken in it, it decided to cook the chicken instead of defrosting it, then decided not to even thaw it a little, so this time I was luck none of that happened and it only seems to happen when I’m defrosting chicken nothing else. Maybe it’s the chicken that doesn’t like me or something.

But anyways onwards and upwards as they say. So I’m entering another writing competition – aren’t you surprised?

This ones same as most of the others I’ve entered, they give you a prompt and how to get bonus point – as they like to call them – and then you write something that is 5-10 minute long and they give out the results on Sunday. It’s quite straight forward and easy. The prompt for this one is: “Who Are You?”. There’s a lot more to the prompt than that, because they kind of explain what their looking for and as I said ‘bonus points’, but that’s the actual prompt itself. And it was only posted today and someone has already written an entry. But I’m taking my time over it. I’ve got an idea for what I’m going to write, but I’m not quite sure yet. Something along the lines of someone who isn’t who you think they were and all that assorted jazz.

But really all day I was just procrastinating. I have something that I have to do and I’ve not yet got round to it. I mean I don’t have that long to do it in, but somehow I’ve lost interest in it completely and now I just don’t want to do it anymore, but I feel like it would be rude if I didn’t do it now, so I’m feeling a little frustrated at myself mostly, but also at some people around me, but mostly at myself, as well as this over welling sense of desperation, which I don’t know where is coming from, but it’s there and bugging me for the entire day.

Tech through time

So today I awoke with a thirst for pancakes, well maybe not a thirst since you can’t actually eat pancakes, but you get what I mean right?

So I decided then and there that I was going to make some pancakes today. To be honest I wanted blueberry pancakes, but since we didn’t have anything blueberry in the house, I decided that cherry would have to do – I’ve had a thing for cherries recently and luckily when their in season as well, so you can get some nice ones for quite cheap.

Anyways after deciding on pancakes for dinner – the normal time that I eat pancakes, apart from breakfast and breakfast was already over by the time I got up, it’s a little funny that I’ve never had pancakes for lunch, that I can remember. I decided to start watching the secret circle again. Now I had started this series once before and after a while I had stopped because I had found something better to watch, but with most of my favoured series coming to an end right around now, the secret circle wasn’t looking to bad, so I looked it up and started watching – what is with the way I’m writing today?

Now in between chatting with some friends and some strangers – oh I do love to talk to stranger! – and playing a couple of my varied selection of Zelda games – and I do love my legend of Zelda, look it up if you don’t know it – I watched the secret circle, to be honest I didn’t get too far, because about two episodes in I decided I wanted to watch a movie instead and did that for just under 2 hours or so. But I’ve got my teeth into the first part of the first season, although I’m not too sure how many seasons there is so far, because it couple turn out to be like the nine lives of Chloe king, which I fell in love with a little while back now and they didn’t make another seasons, which I know a lot of Chloe King fans were in uproar about, but that was a couple years after they decided not to make another season, it just took a while to get a proper fan base. I mean people can be really impatient. To be honest most people are quite impatient when it comes to media. I mean lots of people expect their favourite TV show to be up on whatever catch up thingy mo-bob (e.g. 4od) they are looking for it on, in about 2 minutes of the TV show being shown on the TV itself, but me I tend to wait till the next day or so. I mean you have to give the guys some time to get it up there and all that jazz.

Talking of tech, I was thinking about the future – never a good thing for me to be doing – but I was more thinking about ‘if’ I ever have kids and I’ve decided that I’m not going to let my children be tech kids. I hate it when you see a child walking around all covered in tech. I mean it’s alright when there teenagers +, but younger than that and I just think it looks wrong. I get giving your child a phone, if they need it, but just giving them one because, I just can’t see myself doing that. I guess I grew up in the years of the tech blast – as I like to call it, apparently – so I got sort of the best of both world and I’m not saying that I don’t want my children to not be able to use a computer or whatever they may be called in the future – oh the mysteries – but I don’t want them to spend all their time on it either. I feel like children that do that are missing out on… well, being a kid. I mean you get frowned upon if you run around screaming when you’re an adult, but you can do that when you’re a kid and sometimes yes your parents will get frowned upon instead of you for it, but that’s something that the parent just has to deal with and all that jazz.

Peace and quiet rules today.

So today has been a quiet day of soft reflection and mainly when I reflect I end up shedding a couple tears for the fall.

I was still quite tired, so I didn’t do to much or really anything interesting at all, just lounged around all day and tided up some loose ends – so to speak. But unluckily I’m not yet jumping out of the red zone, for certain things that I was hoping by now would be resolved. Such as my impending death – I know morbid – but then I could die at any moment and no I’m not someone you’s just YOLO-ing or anything. I really couple die, well to be more exact, I could suffocate at any moment. Since I have no idea what it is that is causing my allergic reaction, then basically, yeah, my throat could close up and I could suffocate.

But on a lighter and much less morbid note I saw my kitten again today. Since I haven’t seen her for a while, due to being away, it was nice and I realised just how fast she was growing up. Since now she an indoor/outdoor cat and luckily has learned about the dogs next door and has given up on trying to eat the chickens that are over there. She gave me a real fright the first time she went over there. I thought I was never going to see her again, but after a few minutes barking started and she can scampering back over into the garden and into my arms, her tail all bushy and afraid.

Hotties, Booze, Friends and sunshine

So I’ve been down at Cornwall for the last 5 or so many days, having a right good old time with a bunch of great friends.

The first day we got there it was wonderfully hot and after putting up and tent and flinging all our stuff into it we went down to the beach. There were three within walking distance, so we had some choice, although by the end of the trip – when we walked to a beach – we ended up walking to the nearest one. After mooching about in the water a bit, we got some fish and chips or rather I got some scampi and a drink – so not really fish and chips. Then we sat around on the grass and chatting while we ate for a bit, before – as he is known now – ab-man appeared to ask us about ‘if we had seen anyone around with tent, because his phone had gone missing’ – my friend got a little obsessed with him and he was a running joke for the rest of the trip.

When the sun was thinking about setting we headed back to the beach. A bottle of sourz and some cards in hand to play drinking games. In the end the cards were discarded and we played ‘I Never’, which is a good game, as long as you can think of things to say – you have to say something you’ve never done, then if some has done it they drink, simple, but funny.

After finishing the bottle we headed back for a good nights sleep, only to be woken up by the sound of rain splattering down onto our tent – in wasn’t the sound we wanted to wake up to. So after a little talking and some tea, we decided to stick to our original plan and go to Land’s End and Zenner. Which to be honest was not a good idea and we all got soaking wet. But we did get free parking at Land’s End for the rest of the week.

Considering that it was raining and there was a wedding on at the church we wanted to visit, we decided to give up for the day and head on back to the camp site. A little liquid courage – and a game of ring of fire – heated us back up and by nightfall we were out and about like hooligans. A little drunk and speaking – for some unknown reason – in accents, which I think were Scottish – great accent. We headed for the beach again. Some late night swimming or what ended up to be late night paddling, as in the sea weed put us off going in properly.

The next day we woke up to sunshine – it was a wonderful feeling to wake up to sunshine, after a raining day and a drunken night. So after breakfast and tea we decided that going back to Zenner was a good idea, so off we went and this time we got into the church to see the mermaid and also saw some pretty awesome vintage cars, which were parked outside, we thought it was someone birthday or some sort of club. After Zenner we headed off to a very beautiful and quiet cove that had rather rough wave, which were probably because of the heavy wind and rain the day before. Then we headed back to the tent and were my friend made a slightly burnt, but still tasty pot of stir fry – vegetarian, as we had vegetarian’s among us – and then somethings went a little wrong.

My friend’s boyfriend had been texting her during the trip and she was getting a little annoyed with him, as – before the trip – he had said it was OK for guys with girlfriends to look at other girl asses – he’s an ass man you see? – and so when she got a snap chat from him of a girls ass she sort of snapped. Now earlier on in the day we had been watching the fit guys outside play football, with some of the kids on the camp site. So this idea came on one of us – I can’t remember which one actually thought of it, but the idea was raised – that she should got over and get a picture with one of the hot guys to make him jealous. So we all headed out of the tent towards them. But a little way off my friend got embarrass and so I said I’d ask. So went up to him and asked if she could take a picture with him to annoy her boyfriend. He seemed a little weirded out, but did it anyways and like girls we went of laughing and sent the picture to him. This then culminated in him getting completely jealous and wanted to go off a cry in his room – he was on holiday in Greece. So my friend left really bad and called him, which ended up with her crying and saying that she was a bitch and a really bad and horrible person, which we all assured her she was not and to try and get her mind off of it, we went night swimming. But not before I had a nice conversation with who we called ‘colourful t-shirt boy’, about the hat I was wearing, when he asked if he could have it and since it wasn’t actually mine I said ‘no’. During the night swim my friends phone got dropped into the sea twice and so died – so she couldn’t text/call her boyfriend anymore, so she put her Sim in mine and use that to let him know she wasn’t ignoring him, and that her phone was broken. So after we got out of a ice cold water, we played another game of ‘I Never’ and got tipsy of sourz – which is a lovely drink. Then headed back to the tent.

Anyways so on wards. We also went to an old jail and a witch museum – which was kind of interesting, but also kind of creepy at the same time. I got myself a necklace that is meant to increase my psychic awareness and protect me – I haven’t died yet, so it must be working.

We also went back to lands end to see some fireworks on our last night and during the day went to this larger beach and got a boat to use on the sea – blow up boat, called Chastity – and lied on the sand watching the hunky life guards move around and stop people from drowning.

So on a whole it was a fun and eventful trip – although I can’t be bothered to go into detail about everything that happened here, mostly because I’m incredible tired and want to go to bed.