From Laputa to you.

So this is a little of my work – when I say work I mean my fictional writing. I’ll change them around and sometimes update and all that jazz.

So this is the Novella I’ve been working on, well the start anyways:

This is:

The Eater

Blurb: The Eater is a pseudo-medival fantasy Novella, which tells the story of Marah Burach, a young woman who has special abilities surrounding poison. At her trial she inadvertently becomes the Eater for the royal Princess. In time learning that the beautiful Princess isn’t as she originally preceived, as she struggles with the change in her life style and her new duties as Eater.


“It’s time” a male voice spoke from the shadow that had appeared at her door, framed by the dim light of the torch burning in the bracket behind them. But to her eyes that light was blinding. It seemed to scorch at her face, as her cracked lips moved to utter soundless words.

A qualim was meant to be ruthless. A qualim was meant to love death, they were meant to savour the stench of it, they were meant to love to see other suffer; relish the contortions of another, as they screamed for nothing but the end of everything. Under this description she should never have been seen as a true Qualim, but there she was, lock in the darkest cell, in the deepest part of the castle; Hidden from the bright world, as a monster of the night.

“Move” he pulled her to her feet, which slipped on the dirty floor of her cell, she hadn’t stood in what felt like years.

Half carrying her, half leading her, the man proceed with her out of her cell, but then it wasn’t hers any more. The last thing that had vaguely belonged to her was now being ripped away and suddenly, she didn’t want to go.

She didn’t want to return to the world above; the world full of light and laughter, the world that she would never be able to be a part of.

She clawed at his hands that were wrapped around her arm, but her fingers came back bloody -They had thought of this; her refusal to re-enter a world that she no longer belonged to – he was wearing metal plated gloves.

She stared down at the scarlet smudges that were her fingertips, somehow memorized by them. She hadn’t been able to see herself in the pitch black they had thrown her into.

“Walk” the man’s voice broke her trance. He pulled roughly on her arm, then let her go.

She toppled to the stone floor, with a whimper.

The pain spread through her body like wild fire.

“Walk” he commanded, standing before her in cruel defiance.

Suppressing her desire to scream with pain, she dragged her feet from under her and with the help of the rough stone wall beside her, she slowly pulled herself to her feet.

But no sooner had she found her feet, than they slid from under her again.

“Walk” he bellowed down at her.

Once again she suppressed the pain and pulled herself to her feet. This time she managed to raise her foot to take a step before falling again.

He watched her, his eyes indifferent to her struggle, as he commanded her to ‘walk’ over and over again.

She tried three more time and each time she fell the pain grew. She could feel a dampness spreading from her hands, knees and feet, but she ignored it. She ignored herself and tried again.

This time she managed to take a few steps. Leaning heavily against the wall, which scrapped and broke her skin, she followed the guard, guided by his brilliantly bright torch. She could hardly see anything, just a bright flicker far ahead of her.

The sound of her own skin tearing rippled in her ears and every now and then, he would turn and bellow abuse at her, irritated by how slow she was going, but she dare not move any fast, believing that if she fell again, she would not be able to get back up.

After what felt like miles the passageway ended.

The man stood to one side of the final doorway, holding the door open for her. She couldn’t see what was inside, there was too much light for her eye, which were so accustomed to the dark.

“Hurry up and get in, you filthy…” the man began, but he was cut off.

“Now, now, no need for all that. She hasn’t eaten in… days, I would guess. Let her take her time” the voice that interrupted him, sounded neither male nor female, but a mix of the both.

She could hardly wrap her mind around the idea, as she half fell through the doorway.

With a sound of discontent, as if he had wanted her to fall to her knees again, the man pushed her out of the way and closed the door, leaving her alone in the room, with his interrupter.

“So you’re the one? Hmm, not much to you” the strange voiced person spoke from somewhere before her.

She squinted into the brightness, but could only make out a shadowy shape.

“Please take a seat” the disembodied voice said, followed by the sound of a chair scrapping against the floor.

She tried to say some form of thanks, but the words wouldn’t leave her throat, so wincing, she bowed her head. She would have curtsied, but the man had already made her feel completely unstable.

“Ah, don’t worry. Here” a hand took hold of her own, making her flinch and almost fall again.

A sturdy arm was wrapped around her waist and then she was sitting in a small wooden chair. She couldn’t help but relax into the sturdy wooden back. She hadn’t sat in a chair since before she had been thrown into her cell.

She had never thought that she would miss sitting in uncomfortable wooden chairs, but she did. She missed a great many things, now.

This is:



(Inspired by Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Firefly’.)
Would you rather fool yourself and have one night of happiness, or face the reality and feel the sting straight away. I myself would rather go to sleep with my eyes closed.
(This has a bit of violence in it – I’m just warning you. But none of it is explicit.) Here a link to Firefly.


Alright so this is something that’s kind of old, so yeah. But I still think it’s one of my better pieces, especially with the limitations I had when writing it.

So this is:

Log off and Love me

Blurb: If someone had told you a month ago that you would be in that bed next to a guy you hardly knew, you would have called them crazy, yet somehow there you are. Staring at his rumpled hair and wondering when you could kiss his plump lips again.

Alright so this is the one I was talking about it my post ‘The higher the better’:

So this is:

Just to Breathe

Blurb: All Arri wants is a little peace and quiet for once, but no matter where she goes they follow and there’s no peace and quiet where they are.
(Inspired by Demi Lovato’s song Heart Attack).


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