From Laputa to you.

So this is a little of my work – when I say work I mean my fictional writing. I’ll change them around and sometimes update and all that jazz.

This is:



(Inspired by Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Firefly’.)
Would you rather fool yourself and have one night of happiness, or face the reality and feel the sting straight away. I myself would rather go to sleep with my eyes closed.
(This has a bit of violence in it – I’m just warning you. But none of it is explicit.) Here a link to Firefly.


Alright so this is something that’s kind of old, so yeah. But I still think it’s one of my better pieces, especially with the limitations I had when writing it.

So this is:

Log off and Love me

Blurb: If someone had told you a month ago that you would be in that bed next to a guy you hardly knew, you would have called them crazy, yet somehow there you are. Staring at his rumpled hair and wondering when you could kiss his plump lips again.

Alright so this is the one I was talking about it my post ‘The higher the better’:

So this is:

Just to Breathe

Blurb: All Arri wants is a little peace and quiet for once, but no matter where she goes they follow and there’s no peace and quiet where they are.
(Inspired by Demi Lovato’s song Heart Attack).

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