The chapter begins

So I made it to University – yay go me!

It’s been different… to say the least. I mean I’ve settled into my room alright, but I’ve yet to really make friends with my house mates, apart from the one down stairs who seems either shy or just doesn’t like me for some reason, they all seem like really nice people. The other girl living with me, already seems to have friends in the student village, so I think she knew them before or something.

So the first night I come back and the house is empty, dark and completely silent. So I’m sitting in my room reading, because I don’t have anything else to do and then I hear people outside and I think I’m never going to get to know people unless I put myself out there, so I do and I meet these two girls on the way back from talking to this taxi guy and they invite me to go around to their house, so I’m like yay some people to hang out with. So I go to their house, which is basically next door to mine and they handing me drinks, so I get pretty drunk and I’m very chatty when I’m drunk, which I think is a good thing.

So they’re all going to the Old fire station, for the first night party that’s going on there. So I decide to go with them, well they asked if I wanted to come and being drunk off my face I was all up for it.

So we all – well most of us – headed for the Old fire station in taxis. And once we got in people were buying drinks for me and we were all dancing together and I got a friend request from one girl in the group. So it was really fun and I had a good time. Although the next day I regretted drinking so much. I spent most of yesterday morning throwing up and sleeping, so yeah that was fun. But then I was hanging out with them again last night and most people had tickets to BIC, so everyone was asking everyone else, where they were going and most people were replying BIC, although some people weren’t coming out at all – again. But due to the night before and the morning after, I didn’t really drink very much especial because I had to get up for 9 this morning to do to my enrolment thing.

So instead to taking taxis this time we all piled into into the local bus and it seemed like most of the student village was going with us, so being at the back I didn’t think I was going to get a seat, but I did, although if I had been drinking as heavily as some people I probably wouldn’t have minded very much. But I was pretty much sober by this point. So we got there somehow without getting off at the wrong stop. And as it turned out one of the girls – a really nice Spanish girl – had forgotten her ticket and so she had to pay to get in for something she had already paid for, which she was of course upset about. But we all got in and it was a huge place. There were three parties going on that night, but I think this one was meant to be the main one. For freshers.

At some point during the night me and a couple other girls, went off to look for a cash point. I really just went to get away from with guy who was grinding on me and it was alright at first, but then I wasn’t really into it after a little while. So I just wanted to get away from him. So I went with them and we ended up going right into the city to find a cash machine, because the closer ones didn’t work. So we went for a nice long walk around. And the two girls I was with were really quite drunk and they both began to need the toilet on the way back, so they went in this private parking lot, while I just stood around, not wanted to leave them because they would probably not be able to make it back, so I waited for them. But it was a fun night. Every time we headed out onto the dance floor we would make this circle and then we got loads of people doing different dances in the circle, usual one or two at the time, but because I was so sober at this point I managed to keep myself out of the middle, somehow. But if I had been drinking I think I wouldn’t have, but it was all good fun and I sort of met some new people. I mean I met some new people while we were all standing around outside before we headed off. Although we moved these benches so we could sit on them, because the railing people were sitting on wasn’t at all comfortable, so yeah I while sitting there I somehow got the nickname Chester, don’t know how that happened. So this guy called me it on the bus, so I said I was going to call him Bilbo all night, but then he said he was a Hobbit fan, so that didn’t quite work out to plan.

But so far, I think I’ve had a mixture of good and bad times, overall. I mean hanging out in the house by myself was a little boring and super dull and the morning after with the throwing up is something to be avoided, but other than those two small events I think it’s been alright.

So today I had my enrolment, so I went over to my buddies house to pick him up, so we could go together, so I’ve now met my buddy and he’s allergic to grass, which I think is just a little weird, but apparently his father is allergic to trees or something like that, so yeah interesting family. He also stated that he’s not much of a party person, which is a sham, because I sort of am. Tonight there’s meant to be another party and we’re meant to wear these t-shirts to represent where we’re living, so the student village is black and white, which suits me just fine and other places are other colours. But until later, when I’m guessing people will probably start conjugating around house 50 again, since they have the last two nights, which is great for me, because I just wander over and they give me drink, although I did bring half a bottle of vodka and some strawberry and cream stuff, which is bright pink, so I might drink that tonight, maybe before I go over there, as that way I’ll be more outgoing and what not and more drunk, so I won’t have to pay to drink as much, because I haven’t got my student finance money yet, although I was suppose to get it today, hopefully tomorrow and I’ve only got a little bit left in the bank, but I went food shopping – sort of – with my buddy today, so I think I’ll be alright.

Quote/saying of the day: Smile; it makes people wonder what you’re thinking. -Unknown


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