Good, can be good enough?

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Finding a hammer to make a dent in my desire…

So yesterday was my friends birthday and he invited me and some other people to go for Japanese food with him, at a restaurant down – quite a way down – the road. Unfortunately one of our mutual friend couldn’t make it because she spent all her money on going to Asylum 14 this weekend. Honestly I’ve never really fan girl-ed enough over something, to want to spent thousands of pounds on it, but she really loves supernatural, so yeah…

Any ways, I’ve never had Japanese food before, so it was a new experience for me and I really enjoyed it, I tried octopus for the first time, in these balls that I can’t remember the name of right now and that was good and I learned – more or less- how to eat rice with chopsticks. I think I did quite well considering I’m not particularly good with chopsticks.

Any ways so after walking back to his place we hung out there for a while, with a friend of one of my other friends that lives in the same house and found out the cheapest ways to fly to Europe right now, which just made me want to go travelling even more and I worked out that I would have to save £7000-9000 for the next two years if I want to go to all the places I want to go to, plus any little trips I might plan. because I think that might be a good idea. So all this money is going to have to come from somewhere, hence my continued job search, now I’m thinking about trying pet sitting, because I found one that pays £13-30, so I’m going to look into that and some other places, plus I’m still doing the survey and product testing now and hopefully that will work out, although history is against me, I’m also thinking about trying to sell my University notes and what not on this website I’ve found, I mean after I’m finished my exams and what not, so that I can just go though everything and make some nice ones and hopefully make a little off of that, I mean ever little bit gets me closer, so I won’t be turning down money at any point, however I worked out I’m probably going to spend £300+ this summer, if everything goes as planned, so I need to make at least £600 to be really making a profit here, but I’ve got 3-4 months to this and then also look for a job here to do and I’m thinking about trying to see if there is any vacancies in the post office, because my friend worked there for a while and said that it was horrible soul sucking work, but it paid well, so I see abut that.,

Any ways, so my friends parents came down, well they were on their way to Cornwall and thought it would be nice to drop in on his birthday to give him his presents.

Then once they had left we watched Divergent, we were going to watch Insurgent, but he hadn’t see Divergent and I’m a bit of a stickler about watching things in order, I refuse to start watching a series even 1 or two episodes in, which is why I ended up not watching the second season of shield and still haven’t got round to that, then one of our friends made dinner, which was delicious, but because I tend to eat small portions these days, by half way through desert I started to feel a little sick, so I had to stop to my regret, because she made banana desert, which apparently was meant to be harder, but came out a little like soup, although it was still tasty, just didn’t look as good as it could have.

And after dinner we played Zelda Monopoly, because that was one of the presents he got – making me mighty jealous, because I love Zelda. By the end of the game it was 3:30 in the morning and me and one other of our friends, were the only ones still in the game, in the end I lost to her because I kept landing on her properties with Deku trees on – or in normal Monopoly, hotels. But it was a fun game and the way they did it was nice, although it did remind me that I can’t get the new Zelda game, because I don’t have a wii-U and with my lack of money I don’t think I’ll be getting one any time soon, unless I ask for it for Christmas and nothing else, although it might no even be out by then, since it’s been pushed back and all. Although there is the new(ish) Majora’s mask for 3ds.

I did get the original version on the wii, but I never really got into it. The time limit for me, made it harder to get into I think, but then again now I can only play it when I go home, but if I got it on 3ds I could play it whenever – maybe I be able to get into it more, if I was using it to procrastinate.

So yesterday confirmed a fear I’ve had for a while now, the problem with my eye has come back and I’m not sure who I go to about it, since I used to get to the hospital back home, so I’m going to try and get an appointment with the GP here and see if he can give me something for it, because the meds I had last time worked well and got rid of it – well sort of did – so I’m hoping I can get all this over and done with before my next test, which is Monday, well I’ve got one tomorrow as well, but I can’t get an appointment until tomorrow, so yeah…

These past days just seem to have to been unlucky ones for me, my eye problem came back, my ebay account got suspended and I’m seriously stressing about exams (etc). Maybe all the stress drought the eye problem back faster or something I dunno.

Quote/saying of the day: I was always lucky in my bad luck -Bohumil Hrabal

Secret option number C…

Alright guys, I have a ground breaking idea; why don’t we just stop being unhappy and start being happy?

Sometimes there’s this little part of me that just wants to slap people.

But any ways today was a normal day in the span of days that pass by almost unnoticed, by those of us that aren’t constantly fighting to stay alive – moment of silence to thank whatever god/goddess/gods/goddesses, you believe in (no judgement right now). Speaking of a moment of silence it is Remembrance day today. Now I’m not that big on remembrance day, well not as big as some people. I have the moment of silence and I respect the ideals it is up holding, but I think it was just the way I was raised and also I sort of feel slightly bad making a big deal out of it and then also nearly equals as bad for not making a big deal out of it – I’m conflicted.

Any ways so today I went in late, or rather later. And when I met up with my friends something had happened. Now I’m a little shaky on the details, but from what I can get from people, it seems that they were having a little discussion and they decided that because they didn’t know him well enough, they were going to exclude my friends boyfriend from secret Santa, as they didn’t think they could get him a nice gift. But this apparently made her storm off in a big upset. I’m not too sure as to who actually said what and what not, but the group is in agreement and it wasn’t just her boyfriend that was excluded some of people were as well, because they weren’t around and all that jazz, although on a side note I wasn’t around as well and now I have no idea what to get the person I got, so I’m a little stumped, because I want to get them something they will like, but I have not idea what! Any ways, so my friend is now mad at everyone, even me, who I must say had no part in any of this and well I’m a little pissed about that and some other stuff, but hey-ho, maybe she was having a bad day or something, you just can’t tell. Well I hope that everything gets worked out, soon. Because I really don’t want a stupid argument to start because of this.

Also my friend is now having a Dr Who party thing, on the same night that my friend is having her decades party. I think it was meant to be because some of my friends don’t like her that much – old stuff – and she invited them, I think she was trying to be nice and mend bridges sort of thing, but they didn’t seem to want to go, well one of them did. She seemed damn excited about it, but the others didn’t and well since I’m still friends with her I’m going to go, but I feel bad about not going to the Dr Who party, although I did say I would go to the decades party first, so I feel obligated to go to that one, way more than the other. Although I might have to find another way home and also it kind of feels like the old not ultimatums ultimatums that used to happen and I used to pick secret options number C. But then this time I guess I’m taking option number A and letting the chips fall where they may, sort of thing. I’m tired of the mind games and all that not so jazzy jazz – not that I’m saying that my friends play mind games, more like that people do, in general. Although I’m most certain that some of them have no idea that that’s what they’re doing, because it’s basically second nature – get what I’m trying to say?

So on wards. My brother has been off at the army base for a week or so now and he’s starting ringing the last couple of nights, which was nice to hear from him, but apparently, he’s not allowed to walk around the place without an escort and for the first 4 weeks he’s not allowed into the wreck-room, so he’s missing this TV show we used to watch together, Agents of shield – I’m sure someone has heard of it, but yeah I tend to watch some of that genre. But it seems that he’s having a hard time, as apparently he has to walk around in these huge, heavy military boots, which make your feet stink, so yeah, I’ll leave that to the imagination, but it seems like he’s making friends – the only place in the world were someone like him would make friends instantly 😉 (felt like the smiley face was needed, although I don’t usually use them).

So I’m planning to go to the sea side, or a rural village and I was talking to my friends about it and one of them was talking about it as if I had gone insane or something. It’s not that weird to want to go to the seaside in November is it? – in England! But I want to take picture and all that jazz. Since I want to get more use out of my camera and that sort of thing, since the film for my polaroid runs out at the end of the year and I’m not sure what will happen when it does expire, because I know that some of the older brands can give you interesting effects when their expired, but this is the new stuff, so I have no idea what’s going to happen and I would like to be able to get my moneys worth for it. But I don’t want to waste it, so I’m trying to find I really nice place, that is scenic, but not going to be calling with people and also not be a ghost town, which is harder than you might think, or easier – despite popular belief I cannot read minds over the internet.

So I’ve sort of taken a step back from Beethoven, although that doesn’t stop his music from filling my mind and stopping me from concentrating, but it seems that I’m just not a good enough pianist to be able to play him right. So I’ve taken my hat off and dropped my sword in the conceding on my inadequacies, but I can still play the first half, slightly! But then I keep finding all these songs that I would love to be able to play and I think maybe I should take back up one of my fallen instruments and see if I can rekindle my fire for one of them, but then I’ve always wanted to learn to play the violin, but it’s one of those ones that doesn’t sound good when you don’t know what you doing, I mean really sounds horrible at time, when with others, it can just sound… off and not completely ear bleeding.

I love both these guys. Lindsey Stirling is really amazing and so are the Pentatonix(s) ENJOY!

It would be wild if I could play this on the piano, or the violin like Lindsey Stirling.

The unlucky stick hitting match…

Did I accidentally get hit with the unlucky stick or something, because today just seems to be one long stream of bad things.

I started the day was a killer migraine, that just made me want to pull the covers over my head and never come back out, so I missed by bus, as I got up 5 minuets before I was meant to leave the house – oops. Then I was on my way to catch the next one and as I place my foot down on the slightly muddy earth of the track I was walking ‘crack’ and then pain. I lift up my foot to see a stick sticking out of it. Not a thorn or something like that, I managed to get a whole stick stuck in my foot. I then hopped back to the style I had just climbed over and sitting atop it, I began to wrench the stick out of my foot again. By the time I had gotten it out, my bus had been and gone again, so I hobbled home and to cheer myself up I made an apple crumble, which then proceeded to burn, although the middle was alright. I then walked to get the next bus, after finishing a couple of chapters of my new book – that I’m reading – I stood in the cold and rain for about 15 minuets waiting for it, but it never came, my foot throbbing and soaked to the skin, I headed back home, with the resolve that I was not going to leave the house for the rest of the day – what there was left of it.

And so my dad and his girlfriend came round this evening. She’s really nice and good at homey things, which is always a plus in my books. Although I was in a vicious battle on Zelda, when they arrived, so I didn’t really give her a proper hello, as I couldn’t really take my eyes off the screen without dying and I hadn’t saved – gamers will probably get where I’m coming from. But we had a nice dinner and ate the bits of the crumble that weren’t charcoal and played on the wii, so in the end the day got better, although I think it was the world or nature that was against me today.

I also put the finishing touches on my present for my friends birthday tomorrow, although it didn’t come out as well as I would have hoped, but it still looks pretty damn good if I do say so myself, as I did have limited resources – I couldn’t find the glitter.

I’ve been trying out my new hair dye this evening, as you have to allergy test and what not, so I won’t really be able to dye it until Sunday or maybe Monday, depending on how I’m feeling. Even though I’ve used this hair dye every other time I’ve dyed my hair, so I don’t see why I would react now, but better safe than sorry and all that jazz.

Holding hands with an older man for the end of the world.

So today I’m contemplating the end of the world. Or something like that, well I was in the morning – sometimes I think I spend too much time contemplating the darker things in life. Anyways so there this quote ‘some think the world will end in ice some think the world will end in fire’ – it’s not quite right it’s a little different, but I couldn’t be bothered to look up the exact words. And there was this show I was watching and these two people were talking about what that meant, now one of them said that it was actually about the end of a relationship, which can sometimes feel like the end of the world – or so I hear – and how some relationships end in fire and some in ice, if you get what they/I mean?

Anyways so this got me to thinking about the end of the world and how or even if it would effect us. I mean would it? If the world ended right now, would we even have any idea. I mean what if even 10 – I don’t know why I chose ten, but hey ho – seconds the world ended and restarted, with just very small and seemingly insignificant differences to it. Would we know? Would we have any idea that we had actually all just died and come back to life – or something like that. I mean we wouldn’t have any idea, because to us it didn’t actually happen, if you get what I’m trying to say.

I mean there a lot of theories like this and one of my favourite is that we’re all a figment of someone imagination. Because the only way to prove this is to kill everyone and then there’s no one of see the proof. So you can’t really prove of disprove it, as long as someone is alive the entire universe could be a figment of their imagination. I tried voicing this to someone once, but I said it a little differently, I said the world/universe was a figment of my own imagination or rather could be. And then they said they could disprove that by killing me, so then I said that that would only prove that it wasn’t a figment of my imagination by someone else’s etc.

Anyways so today I met someone – sort of. He’s really nice and lives in the US, although maybe a little old for me, but I can deal with someone older. We got to talking and he said that he was surprised by my age, as he thought I was older, apparently I’m mature for my age – people don’t say this to me a lot, so I was surprised.

We talked for a couple of hours and laughed a lot, but to be honest we didn’t really talk about anything in particular, we just talking. And I gave him the site were a couple of my stories are, because he said he wanted to read them, but I had to go, because it was getting late, so we exchanged emails and that was that. He sent me an email almost immediately, which was kind of sweet and we chatted about his troubled past a little, so it was all nice.

I dunno I find that I have an easy time talking to people that are older than me. Maybe some people that are the same age as me, but hardly anyone that is younger, unless there a lot younger – children are quite easy to talk to period, as long as they’re not spoiled brats. I think it’s because I’ve been around people who are older than me most of my live and I mean years and years older, not just couple of months or so. I guess the section of the hospital I frequented just didn’t have younger patients, so there was only older people there to talk to and then I would hang out with my brother and his friends, although not so much with my younger of the two, mainly the older of the two at first. Anyways I think I’m rambling.

So today I found a new game. Now I’m going to say right now, that I’m a gaming girl, so games are going to come up from time to time – just skip over this bit if you want to I’ll completely understand.

So the game in Guild War 2. I like games like this, but most of the time I end up playing MMORPG games, like Dragonica, maple story and Dragon Gem, when it still had the European version – I was really sad when they closed that one down, especially as I had a really great character due to this one person just logging on and handing over all their gold and stuff to me on my first log in, it was wonderful, but I lost all that sadly. Anyways I’m also quite into those older fashioned looking games that are pixelated and have bad graffics. I like the ones with all the new and amazing grafics, but I like the older ones as well. I also really love the Legend of Zelda games, I’m currently trying to get them all, but every time I get the newest one and think I can start of the older ones and new one comes out and it’s always on the new console or whatever gadget they’re just created so you have to get the gadget to play the game, which mean it’s double the money, although some of the older games can be played of newer gadgets so that means you don’t have to search for the older gadgets to play them, which I good. Such as Zelda the Minish Cap, can be played on the ds and the wind waker (etc), can be played on the Wii, so overall that’s good.

So back to the game I found, as I said it was Guild War 2. Now I’m thinking about getting it, but I’m not sure the reviews I’ve seen were more focused on the games ideas about playing with other people and didn’t really give you an idea of what playing the game by yourself was like. Sure playing with others can be fun, but most of the time I’m more of a solo player, although I will team up and do quests and what not with people, but sometimes they end up just getting on my nerves with their incessant chit chat about god knows what nonsense, so I dump them and move on. Anyways I want to know what playing the game by itself is like before I get it, as I found it for a good price and now I’m just waiting until the end of the month to get it – as that’s when I’m going to be able to put money into my account blah blah blah, boring banking stuff. Overall the game seems quite good though, so I’m probably going to get it even if I don’t find out more and then if I don’t like it, I’ll just sell it again and maybe make a profit.

So end of game talk.

So I started watching this series about this woman who has a rare medical condition that gives her the ability to visually remember everything. She’s was a cop – I’m not sure where, because it’s set in America and I’m not too familliar with the blah blah blah – and then she becomes a NYC cop and helps to solves cases with her unique ability, but as you can expect some people have their doubts about her and she has to work with her ex-boyfriend who is dating someone else, which she actually takes quite well, although the new girlfriend doesn’t. Anyways it’s quite interesting. Oh it’s called: Unforgettable – isn’t that a title that makes you think they must have spent hours thinking about what to name it, got tired and gone with the first thing they could think of?