UP, down, Turn Around… haunt me twister…

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Eyes closed or open I can’t tell… It’s all History

So I had this dream last night, where I was sitting in an old house – that I used to live in way back when. I was staring out the window and thinking about something or other, I think I was talking to myself – I do that see, in real life. And then suddenly it started to snow and it was really light at first, but then suddenly the world outside the window turned white and it was proper deep snow, like the kind we used to get here, according to the books and the elderly people. I think it was because I’ve been thinking about snow all week, because people have been saying it was going to snow by the end of the week, although as far as I can tell they were wrong, at least I haven’t had any snow around here, it’s rather spring-ish here actually.

Snowdrops and dandelions and all the other such things that signify the end of the winter months and the start of the weather ones. Most people would thinking that March might be a winter month, but it isn’t it’s Spring, at least in the UK, be maybe we’re just a little weird over here or something, but what the hell, I’m a Spring baby so I’m happy with the weirdness.

I myself used to have a little problem with dreams, you see I always dream in the third person, which means I always know when I’m dreaming – no one can try and use inception on me, yay! – but once out of the dream that’s when the problem crops up, because of the way I dream well it looks exactly like my memories. I mean spooky similar – yes that does mean I remember in the third person, don’t ask me how that works it just does. But I used to have a little problem working out if what I had dreamt was a dream or a memory, it was kind of frustrating, as most of the time the dreams would be completely ordinary things and involve other people, which lead to a couple – hundred – awkward conversations with people, or me waking up thinking it was one day or I had to do something and it wasn’t. Not that I was any good at telling what day it was. My sense of time was a little messed up back then as well – although it’s not exactly super great now – it wasn’t like I couldn’t tell the time, nothing like that. More like I couldn’t measure it by myself and if you asked me about something that happened a couple years ago, it would be like a couple months, maybe even days in my mind. Everything was squished together in piles of events and to my mind they all – nearly – happened at the same time, it was seriously confusing at times, but I worked around it and always gave vague answers to things concerning such things are times and dates. Although I took history back then – bad move – I could remember everything but the date of when things happened and you kind of need that to do well in history, but I did alright, I wasn’t expecting much. If you don’t expect too much you can’t get disappointed right?

Not the grands and most original philosophy┬áI know, but what the hell, in some cases you’ve just got to roll with the punches or at least try and dodge them so you don’t get smacked in the face.

So I hear this a while ago and forgot about it until now. I like it, but it’s not really a masterpiece or anything. But somehow I can’t seem to stop listening to it – or something like that.

A mix of alcohol and music in the blood stream…

So yesterday I went to my friends birthday party. It was just as much of a riot as I thought I was going to be.

Although one of my friends did end up throwing up all over the bathroom and all over the walls and carpet of the stairwell. The smell of the sick drove me to end up sleeping in my friends car, instead of the room where everyone else was sleeping and at around 6 am she a couple of other people woke me back up by knocking on the window and asking to come inside, because the fire had gone out, so they were cold.

All my lovely smashed up firewood, was burn to ash, along with some crisps and chips, that came with the Chinese food. It was sort of funny, because at the start of the party everyone ordered Chinese food, but by the time it got there, nearly everyone was so pissed that they didn’t really want it any more, so the people that were not drunk, along with the people that were late, were the only ones that really ended up eating it. Although I did enjoy the chips, but it didn’t know that chips ever came with Chinese – you learn something new everyday or rather every night.

Although sadly a couple of people couldn’t come and I think we helped to add to his families belief that he is gay or that way inclined, because of some of the presents and cards that we got him, but it was in jest and his girlfriend got him a ‘wife’ card, which is now in his window.

We went back there today to pick up the left over drink to take back to my place, so that I can have it for my Halloween party in a couple of weeks.

While he was off with his girlfriend in the house me and my other friend nicked the balloons that were tied to the gate as a marker for his place, although one of them did escape on the way back to mine, the other one might still be attached to his car and flying high and proud. Although we kind of got a little crazy today after college and it seems that we just don’t need alcohol to act drunk and disorderly – high on life baby, high on life.

So day was rainy and I decided to have a lye in that didn’t work out and I ended up getting up at the usual time, which I am now regretting a little bit – I’m still a little bit sleepy. But I did get some work done, that if I hadn’t gotten up I wouldn’t have gotten done at all today, or at least I would have done such a half hearted job, that it is the same as not doing it. Although I’m trying to turn my life around a little – it’s not working – because I can feel myself falling into my usual pattern and I don’t want that to happen, because I know I could completely destroy my life if I let myself go too much.

But other than a few mishaps and a losing streak at the card game president, today wasn’t a bad day – over looking the rain and the large hole in my shoe.

So I wore a skirt today. Now this may not seem like a big deal to an outsider – which I’m guessing all of my followers are, but I haven’t worn a skirt in about a year. I mean just casually, not something form. I’ve worn dresses and shorts and what not, but not a skirt and I was feeling kind of self conscious about it, because this was quite a short and bolder skirt, but I love it, even if it does exaggerate my short figure, but what the hell. I’ve been getting back into the more punky look recently, but I also really like vintage, but not really real vintage punk though, more of the preppy or girly style in vintage. But I’ve been looking around for something good, but I also want something that works with my figure – alright slightly boring girly talk about my figure, but when you think you look good, you feel good, it’s been proven, somewhere.

But that’s not the point – I think, or maybe it is, oh well.

Onwards and downwards. So alright… Today after picking up the drink and piling it all into the pantry, I was trying to teacher my friend to play ‘With a little help from my friends’ by the Beatles on the piano. Since I learnt it in high school and is now the only song I can play all the way through on the piano any more, which is a little disheartening, since I used to be able to play quite a few, but I learn by watching and listening to other people play, as I’m not that good at reading music. I can do it but, I have to count the notes out and it takes forever… to do, so I find learning how it sounds and then recreating it is a lot easier – music just might be in the blood, as all my family are more or less musically inclined, as my brother can play at least 2 instruments each, my father can play 3 or more and my mother could play about 2 as well. Any ways so I think we successfully got through the entire song, with me trying to play it slowly, so that he could write down the notes that I was playing according to their letter, since he couldn’t really read sheet every well either, but it can be harder to get the timing right, when you don’t use the sheet music, although he said he was going to learn the song and learn the timing from that, so I think things should end up all good – fingers in the crossed position everyone.

So I would like to take a moment to thank all my followers. On my other blog, which I sadly lost – due to undisclosed reasons, it’s nothing shady I promise! – I only had the one proper follower, although I did get a bunch of page views and what not and I thought that this one was going to be similar. Don’t get me wrong some part of me like the idea that I was still writing for myself and no one was really watching, but it’s nice to know that I’m being heard and all that jazz. So thank you random strangers, you have given my blog more meaning – I would say meaning, but it already has a bit of that, gotta be honest here!

Moment over: So I’m looking for some new boots, since winter and the rain are beginning to rear their ugly head – well winter can be beautiful in it’s own right, but hey ho – but I’m having trouble find some that are cheap, what I want and are in my size and since something going to have to give, I think I’m going to have to end up buying something I don’t like. But I might continue selling my stuff, as I’ve been trying and slightly failing to do, but I need the money right now, so I’m going to continue trying. I’ve just got to finish taking pictures of everything. Although I’m considering selling my knee high boots, that I have yet to where, which is a little sad, but I’m never going to end up wearing them, then I might as well sell them and try and make a profit, since I got them in the sale and all, so I got them pretty damn cheap. I’m all for the deals, although the cheaper the stuff is the more likely I am to buy more and end up spending the same amount, when I was trying to save up.