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Travel time again…

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Give ’em what they want…

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When you want to be a dragon for a while…

So I decided since I want to try different things and all that jazz, that I would try out these subscription services you can get for e-juices.

I’ve seen a couple vlogers, talking about them, but they were all American, so I wasn’t too sure if there would be a good one in the UK, although according to one UK vloger ZampleBox does a very good service to the UK and for a good price, although I suppose that depends on how much you’re willing to spend and all that jazz.

So any ways, I did a little research and got my final list down to 4 difference services, then I made a lovely table, because I was feeling in that sort of mood and sometimes I actually really like making tables and graphs and stuff like that, to decide wich one of the services best suited my needs and what not, finally coming down to 2 services; ZampleBox and Vapeabox. In the end I decided to try the one off box that Vapeabox provided, since that seemed easiest and I liked the idea of going for them more, because they seem to be UK based – although the juices are mostly US ones, but the market is bigger over there, so that makes sense to me.

Any ways I ordered my box on Monday, I was a little disappointed with the lack of options on the flavour profile, it seems to lack a little compared to ZampleBox, but it was still better than some of the other sites I visited. And I got my box today. It was great, the box is really quite good looking for a start and the box that it is sent in is nice and sturdy, so I wasn’t concerned about opening it up and finding broken juice bottles or anything like that.

I couldn’t get a picture of the box, so here’s their logo thing…

They gave me a little card with some information about the service on it and a juice of the month rating picture thing on the back, which I think was a nice thing to do, because it allows other to find new juices that they might like as well and what not.

Immediately when I opened the box this sweet smell that I vaguely recognised, but couldn’t quite place wafted out of the box. So after pulling out all the shavings that were being used as padding for the box, I opened up my first little pale brown bag and found 2 liquids inside, one a brand I recognised the other not and then I opened the other little bag and found 3 liquids inside, which means that they sent me 75 ml of juice, which I think is pretty damn good and fortunately for me all the bottles had tops with pipette style drip things – I can’t remember the name for them right now, but I hope you get what I’m trying to describe here – because I won’t have been able to use the ones without that style top, some of the tops were even child proof, which I thought was a nice touch, for those vapers that have children and what not, although I may not be one of them, I still appreciate the thought. Any ways so that sweet smell is pretty damn strong now, so I decide to sniff the juice and find that it’s coming from the butterbean flavour one, which is apparently butterscotch and custard – I think – which explains how I recognised the smell. Although this one does smell the most I decide to try a fruity smelling one first and it’s delicious, this one was Bomb Squad, Atomic Breeze flavour, which according to the site, is peach and tropical fruit. Now to be honest when I was first vaping it, I was getting more tropical fruit than peach and I still do, I get a hint of peach but not much, although I’m sort of blaming that on the device I’m using at the moment, I’m thinking about getting a new one in the coming weeks, but I can’t decide whether to get a stick or a pipe, because I think that pipes look really cool and I’ve always wanted to try smoking a pipe, but have never had the chance, but I also think the stick would be easier to take out and about, also the pipes are fairly new, as far as I can gather and so are quite expense, since I want to get one that looks more pipe is and less techy. Any ways so I spent a large part of the trying out each flavour in turn and I found that although I didn’t dislike any of them, I liked the ones from Alpha Vape and Pour house – which was the strong smelling butterscotch one – the least out of all of them.

Although this experience has made me think about getting the box again, but I don’t think I’m going to sign up to any subscriptions quite yet, because the amount they send, is great but far too much for me to vape in one month, so I might just go for one off boxes all the time or try buying bottles by themselves, because I was flicking through the shop Vapeabox has and found a couple flavours I’d like to try: Buckshot -Double tap, Space Jam – Galactica, Cosmic Fog – The Shocker, Vampire Vape – Raspberry Sorbet and Tropical Island. So I might just go head and buy them, as I run low on the ones I already have and all that jazz.

The Vampire Vape bottles, don’t look as nice as the other, but I’m hoping the juice will be just a good.

So I was meant to write my report for my stats today – well that’s what I told myself yesterday – but in the end I didn’t finish it. I did start it, while the gardeners were here, although apparently they weren’t supposed to be here this week, so the father got a little annoyed when I told him, when he and the girlfriend got back, but at least the garden looks nice and all that jazz and I got part of my coursework half done, but I did check the hand in dates and I do have time, but I wanted to get some of it out of the way so I can concentrate on revising, because I have promised myself that I will work hard and revise hard for my up coming exams, whether I actually will or not, I don’t know, but I’m motivating myself, since I need to do well – not exceedingly well, but well – since I failed one of the pieces so far and I need to do well enough to pass the year without resits, because I hate resits with a passion – I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I tend to forget most of the important stuff I learned after I’ve sat my exams and so have to relearn everything for a resits, although I did resit my English GCSE and got a whole grade higher, although that’s not really much, since I only resat it because I was a could marks off that whole grade higher and in the end that mark didn’t matter too much, so the resit was kind of a waste of time, but I got the experience of doing a resit and I never want to have to do that again.

Any ways enough about resits, I think I’ll get back to my juices, so as I said I’ve tasted all of them and my favourite out of the 5, was the one by Bomb Squad, with a runner up of a one by Lighthouse, called Alligator reef. I neglected to look up what flavour Alligator reef was, but I got something fruity from it.

So onwards and what not. So recently it came to my attention – on facebook – that there was going to be an open air cinema in Bournemouth in June, which looked really quite good, so I was considering staying for a little bit after my exams are finished and going to that with a couple of my friends, but after closer ‘inspection’ it seems the event is pretty damn popular, so I thinking I probably won’t be able to get tickets to it, but I’m going to try and if I can yay and if not then well I just come home a week earlier.

Also the father decided he wasn’t going to take the cats to his new house – I think I might have already said about this – but fortunately one of my friends boyfriends family is looking for a cat – although only one – and would like to try taking my little sweetheart – the kitten, which I don’t think is a kitten any more – and see if she gets along with there – same age as her – boy cat. I was a little nervous, because they have a male cat and she’s female and she can be a little… anti-social, but it was suggested that a 1 week trial should be done to see if they get along and if things work out, she’ll go to live with them and if not, then we’ll have to keep looking.

I would of course love to take them to university with me, but I have a strong feeling that my apartment for next year doesn’t allow pets, so I won’t be able to, since the one I’m in now doesn’t and they’re both rented my the same place, but I’ll have a look any ways.

Quote/saying of the day; Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits – unknown

And so she became a heart breaker…

So apparently I’ve become something of a heart breaker.

Weird I never really thought this would happened, maybe because the sort of guys I used to date didn’t really put their hearts into it, so I couldn’t break them, but then that was how I liked it, since I didn’t put my heart into it either, not really.

So one of my friends from ‘back home’ – meaning not a new university friend – came down over the weekend, well she came down on Saturday and left on Sunday, so she only came for an evening and a morning really, but like a one night stand. It was nice to see her again, as it felt like ages since we had talking, since quite a lot has happened to me since we last properly spoke, with the big move and meeting Mr G and all that jazz. But honestly it hasn’t been that long, although I wish she could have stayed longer, but I might go home for reading week and we’ll see each other over the Christmas break and she said she was going to drag me – kicking and screaming if she has to – to Christmas parties with her and her boyfriends friend group, which is the one with the first in it – I think I gave him a name didn’t I…? Oh well he’s back to being the first again. Speaking of him, he’s one of the reasons why I have been called a heart breaker and – in jest – a home wrecker, but I think she was thinking heart breaker when she said that, because to start with he wasn’t involved in any way, when we got together.

Any ways got a little side tracked here, so we were doing what girls do when they get together after a long time of not seeing each other and have bought themselves quite a bit of alcohol – which we didn’t finish, so I still have some of it – we had a good and surprisingly long girl talk, which basically covered my new exploits, earning me the name sex monkey for a short amount of time and her relationship, which is going really well, although she obviously worried about next year, when she goes off to university and he… actually I’m not too sure what his plans are, but it seems that they are making plans to be with each other and I know she wants to stay with him. And then the subject of the first came up and apparently I did a number on him, now this coming from her could just be hyped up a little and since she was drunk, it probably wasn’t quite how she said it was, but basically, after our night together, he felt so ‘lonely’ that he got back together with his ex, just for someone to ‘be with’ and then promptly broke back up with her, now I feel sorry for her, because apparently she was really in love with him, but their relationship got really nasty near the end. And they go to the same university, although not the same course, since that could get really awkward. But that’s the reason she wants to drag me, potentially kicking and screaming to Christmas parties that he’ll be at. Don’t get me wrong I would like to see him again, but that could be really awkward, although I think I might just get a little drunk before hand and then everything will be fine, because I’ll be so happy and drunk that I honestly won’t care.

So any ways after girl talk and dinner, we headed outside to smoke her cigarettes, I feel bad because I’m always bumming smokes off of other people, as I don’t buy my own, for one I have no idea which brand I like, because I just take what I can get. I know I liked the roll up she used to get, but when you’re on a night out and drunk, you don’t really want to be fiddling with roll ups, unless I suppose I could pre-roll and bunch and then put them in a little containing like straights.

But any ways while we were outside, one of the people who are always outside drunk came over and started chatting to us. Now I kind of knew him, I mean we’d met and hung out before and everything and he’s always trying to get people into his house for pre-drinks for some reason. But any ways since by this point I was slightly – almost completely – plastered and with a light buzz from the cigarette, since I find they do that do me. I started to talk rather loudly about Mr G, referring to him as my F-buddy. I then went on to divulge that I couldn’t really completely remember what his name was. I’m not sure if he’s gone on to tell anyone else this, but if he has then my house mate will most diffidently hear about it and I’m not too sure if she’ll ask about it, like to confirm it or something.

I have an idea what his name is, but I’m not sure if it right and I’ve been to see him again. We sat and watched 300 – the newer one with the girl from the Casino Royal (Bond) in it – among other things.

I’m not sure how weird it would be if I asked him his name the next time I see him, which won’t be for another 5-7 days since mother nature has come to say hi again, which I’m super happy about, since I’m also I little irresponsible and thought that I was pregnant, but I’m on the pill now, so that will be the last scare – for a while at least. I’m not stupid just passionate I sweat and not a great role model for safe sex, I know all the things, I had the classes and all that jazz, it’s just yeah… Well no need to worry about that any more. Or maybe I will be seeing him sooner, some guys don’t mind, we’ll see. I mean it’s meant to be good for you, like it’s mean to help with the pains and make it shorter although because of the pill, this could potentially be my last one for a while, because that came be a side effect. I suppose I’m glade, but at the same time it has been nice to have that big red sign that I’m not pregnant and all that jazz.

Fortunately the red river didn’t turn up until Sunday, so I didn’t have to deal with it until then. Although it did make he consider leaving my friend, who got a little bit too drunk, throw up and then passed out in the bathroom, leaving me outside thinking she might choke to death on her own vomit and go see Mr G. I did get her into the bed in the end and left a tub by her head, in case she threw up in the night, but in the end I ended up passing out in the bed beside her and left Mr G hanging, but now I’m not too sure what he thinks our relationship is, I just us to be friends with benefits, but I’m not too sure if he wants something more, since he hints that he wants to hang out with him during the day or as my friend called it ‘date time’ and he seems to get really insecure, such as asking about if I’m with other people and stuff, which I haven’t been since we met, but it’s not like I won’t be in the future, because I don’t want to be his girlfriend.

I know that might seem a little weird, again the girl wants a friendly physical relationship and the guy wants romantic relationship, but hey ho the world ain’t like all those romantic films want us to think it is.

Or perhaps I just have a more male point of view on love and sex and all that jazz.

So this evening instead of doing work, which is what I should have been doing this evening, I have been searching the internet for flavoured cigarettes, I found a whole bunch of sites that sell them but they won’t ship to the UK, so I might ask my friend about getting her friend to send them to me, after looking into why they won’t ship to the UK, I know you can buy flavoured paper over here, but I’d rather buy straights and you can get this one brand, but it really expensive and I’d rather get this one called Kiss, which apparently is or was based in the UK, which makes me wonder why no one is sell it over here and all that jazz, maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places or something.

Quote/saying of the day: People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel – Maya Angelou