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Today, what I’m just so original

Today, well today was different and I’m not saying that I don’t like different, but sometimes it can send you a little out of whack. The weather was alright so that was good, but I had intended to go about today in a much more efficient manner than I did.

There’s no denying that when I woke up this morning at 6 am and turned off my alarm, there was a small part of me that was pushing to get up, but that was only a small part, so I rolled over and went back to sleep, oh sleep what a wonderful thing is can be.

The simplest of things can sometimes make the biggest of differences.

The turning on of a light for example.

There’s nothing unimaginably difficult about it, but some people seem to find it the hardest of things to do.

This being shown by my friend today. True be told this isn’t the first time I’ve walking today there place and wondered if they were home, because all the lights were out, but most of the time they will have the light on in the room they are in, but not today.

They never really give me a straight answer about why they don’t turn they lights on, but from the mumbles and all the jazz, that they give me I think it has something to do with saving something, I’m just spit balling here, but I’m going to say that it has something to do with saving money.

That seems to be a logically reason to try and read in the dark, right?

They could also just open the curtains of their windows, but they seem to be incapable of doing that as well, so maybe they just have a thing against sitting in a well light room.

Truthfully over the last few days I’ve been having these sort of panic attacks.

Through I’m not sure if they’re really panic attacks, from what I know of panic attacks I could say they are similar and since I don’t have anything else to describe them, they will be known as panic attacks.

Through I’m not completely sure why, I know that with panic attacks there is usually a trigger, like a situation or word or phrase or some thing, but with me it just happens, although luckily not that often and I’m notices more at night than during the day, although sometimes when I’m about to walk up stairs.

Through apart from when I’m walking up stairs or looking at my window I haven’t noticed there being anything that set them off, I mean the windows and stairs aren’t really something to panic about and it’s not like a fell down the stairs and I’ve got suppressed memory of that so that’s coming up or anything, so it’s a little baffling for me.

Through it could be a side effect of withdrawal symptom or something, there’s always that possibility with me, since I’m off all the drugs at the moment, because I run out, although I’m looking to get some more soon.