I want it to be vibrant!

SO I’m thinking about colouring my hair again. I’ve been through most of the basic home made do it yourself style temporary hair dyes, such as using markers and conditioner, but those didn’t really show up in my hair. I’ve also got chalk, which showed up lovely and vibrant, but was super messy and came out on everything, although such around a little longer with heat, but apparently that’s really bad for your hair. So I’m going back to pre-made stuff and seeing if I can get something good. I’ve looked around online, for ideas, but the most popular seemed to be manic panic and when I looked that up, it wasn’t really what I was looking for, as it said it dried hard and I thought ‘maybe not’ as I want to be able to style my hair after colouring it, so I’m going to try this over La Riche stuff, which looks good and comes with a tinting brush.

This time I was thinking, maybe I won’t do all my hair and just do bit or dip dye or something like that, because I think that looks quite good and less people are doing it now – I’m weird about certain trends, as I don’t want to look like everyone else and all that jazz. I know people are still doing it, but it’s not really the big thing any more, at least not where I live, but hey I think we get the big thing late or something, because it took a little while for red hair to start sprouting up, when that was the big thing. But hey-ho, now I get dye my hair red if I want, yay!

I was thinking about trying to put a pattern of sorts in my hair, like a butterfly, but I think that might be too difficult for my capabilities, but I’m going to give it a go and if it turns out disastrous, I can wash it out or something I suppose.

I got this bright blue and a darker purple sort of red, which they called rubine and the blue was called Atlantic, it looked bright, although quite dark as well, but the colour guide was incomplete, so I had to use a couple of online google images to work out what colours I wanted, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that they turn out to be really beautiful or at least moderately beautiful colours and not horrible.


Quote/saying of the day: The more you tweet about why your hair colour makes you better than others, the more I despise you.

Do I look FABULOUS or Should I lose another screw?

So I’ve finally worked out what I’m going to wear to my friends decades party. After a long shopping session in the rain today – which didn’t really get me anywhere, a part from a few warm and well needed jumpers and a fabulous red dress. I resorted to spanning through pictures of 80’s clothing on the internet and worked out an outfit. Although I also draw some inspiration from Gok, who I love. I’ve decided to stick with the idea of punk/rock, but the outfit that I’ve put together is more casual every man wear, so I’m going to punk it out, with from fake leather, big belts, studs, pearls and washers, nuts and bolts. I’m hoping that once I’m done it will look fabulous, because I’ve only got a few days to put it together and I’m going to get the washer etc on the day of, so I’ve got to basically put the finally outfit together on the day of, so if it goes wrong I don’t think I’ll have time to redo it. I’m also thinking about buying/making a violently bright clutch bag and splashing it with nail varnish. Where did this idea come from I hear you ask, well I’ve been watching the Carrie Diaries and she does that to her bag, so I’m copying her idea basically, as I was just going to use paint, but I think nail vanish mine work better, and I have a bunch that I never wear, so… I’ve also got to get the accessories sorted, but I think I can do that tomorrow.

Everything seems to just be coming together, somehow! Although I’m a little anxious about the make-up, as a part from a touch of bright red lip stick or a dab of black eye liner, I don’t wear that much make-up and I don’t want to end up looking like a clown, although hopefully my friends won’t let me leave the house if I look that bad. I’m really get quite excited for this weekend now, as I can’t wait to see every ones outfits and scoff at how much better mine is – only kidding!

I’ve also been doing some knitting today, as I now have a knitting machine sitting in my living room, so I thought why not? Well that was soon answered, because it’s frustrating and hard, if you drop a stick it is almost impossible to pick it back up again, at the end I almost ran out of wool, so I had to tie the end, because there wasn’t enough wool to cast off. I was trying to knit a scarf and it would have been alright, if I had had more wool, but I’m going shopping for some more tomorrow, so that will all be sorted. Although I think I might hand knit it instead, because the machine is just too much drama and I want this scarf to be as close to perfect as it can be, as it’s a present and it wouldn’t be nice to receive a scarf full of hole and weird bits of wool hanging out, as it would be receive one that just looked like a scarf and not a deformed blob.

I saw this outfit as I was trawling through images on Google and just fell in love with it, but as it’s in a foreign language I can’t read the writing that goes with it, but that doesn’t stop me from liking the outfit and praising whoever created it – my hat off to you.