One for another…

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I’m cold in here…

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I’m young so I can be wild, what’s your excuse?

So recently I got this app on my phone called whisper, it’s this thing where you post messages with picture backgrounds and the whole thing is anonymous, which if you’ve read some of my previous posts, you would know is something I like.

So any ways, I’ve been posting a couple things, secrets and questions and base thoughts and all that jazz. The app has this private message things, so you can message the person who posted a whisper and chat with them, the private message part does have a couple small bugs in it though, which is annoying. But any ways so my first post, I think I got like 10 replies in about 5 minuets or something ridiculous like that.

But Saturday night I was feeling a little down and out of it, as at least two of my house mates, had gone out, one to his sisters wedding for the weekend and the other just out with friends, I would have gone outside and looked who was out there, but they all sounded drunk and I wasn’t so I didn’t want to really hang out with them sober, so I whispered something about being alone and not wanting to be and this guy private messaged me. We got to talking and he invited me over to his place, at first I was really unsure as to whether or not I would go, but he seemed really nice and he wasn’t being all sleazy like most the guys I’ve so far chatted to on whisper and he was talking about how we could just be friends if I wanted to and just hang out, so he drove over and picked me up. Now at the time there were some people outside, I’m not sure who it was because I didn’t bother looking, as to the fact I kind of didn’t want to know, but I know it was a girl and a guy at least, as I could hear them talking from my room.

I’m sort of hoping that it wasn’t the guy that I kind of like and all that jazz. As I’m not too sure what they thought was going on.

Any ways, so we chatted for a bit and then headed back to his place, as it looked a little weird just sitting in the car and all that jazz. He lived right by the beach so you could see it from his window, although by the time we got to his place, it was around 2:30, so I couldn’t see anything, especially as I wasn’t wearing my glasses. So he made me a drink, rum and coke – me favourite at the moment, after from Garden of Eden, because that was delicious – and we sat on the sofa and chatted for a little while, before he asked me about whether or not I minded him smoking and I was kind surprised, but we had a nice little smoke together, before he asked the ‘big question’ about whether or not I found him attractive, at this point I had to make a snap decision and that lead to use making out on his sofa, which wasn’t super comfortable, it was this sort of green fake leather sofa. So we moved to the bedroom and …

It was fun and after he was really nice and all complimenting me and all that jazz, so that nice and then we just lay and chatted for a little while, before heading back into the other room for another drinks and a smoke, which sort of went to my head a little, as I could feel it going a bit… fuzzy and light with the cigarette, which was nice, so we chatted for a bit more, before he went to find out the time. Only to inform me it was 5 am, bed time or something like that, at least we went back to the bed.

So I had a couple more firsts that night/morning and only got about 2 hours sleep, before he woke me up for a good morning greeting woody style. But hey it was fun and the same with the first.

So after that I did sleep for an hour or to, until he got up and then I just couldn’t seem to go back to sleep, so I just sprawled out in his bed and lay here for an hour or something, listening to him go about his morning, until I couldn’t take it any more and got up. He gave me a lift back and said he’d like to see me again. And in the end I sent him my number later that day and he’s sent me a couple messages today, so at least he’s not one of those guys that feels he has to wait a certain amount of time before texting the girl, because I do have a time limit and then I just ignore them, unless I really like them that is.

I’m not too sure if anyone saw me doing the walk of shame or not that morning, since it wasn’t that early, so people could have been up and all that jazz. I don’t even know if my house mates knew I was gone, because she hasn’t said anything and the one downstairs doesn’t talk to me, so yeah he hasn’t said anything either, but she could just be respecting my privacy and all that jazz, which is nice of her.

So Sunday day was truly a day of rest, as I didn’t want to do anything all day, as I was achy, tired and ill, as I have somehow got fresher’s flu, even though I was trying to be careful and everything, but I suppose I probably got it from someone in my lectures, since there was always people coughing in that, disturbing everyone and now that’s me.

Although I got this free Menthol e-liquid, with the ones I ordered the other day and apparently Menthol is good for colds, although I’m not sure how true that is, but I don’t think it will hurt really. Although I may have given it to Mr G, but I did say I had fresher flu, before he came to pick me up, so he was duly warned, when we started that adventure.

Although he was telling me about the university, back when he went to it and I found it surprisingly interesting to see how it had changed.

So moving on I was so tired when I got up this morning, although I did go to bed at 10 last night, but I couldn’t sleep because my skin was reminiscing about the mornings activities. So I woke up still aching in a freezing room, as I had accidentally left my window open all night and it was poring it down outside and all I thought was ‘I really don’t want to get up right now’ but I had a 9 o’clock lecture, so I managed to drag myself out of bed at 7:15 and put on a whole bunch of layers and a coat, which I don’t really like very much, but I don’t have anything else really, because I still haven’t got my hoody back yet – I shouldn’t have given it to her in the first place and I keep meaning to send her a message or something, but by the time I get around to it, it’s late at night and I think that would be a little weird, so I keep waiting until the next day – it’s a bit of a circle – and since I don’t know where she lives I can’t go over and get it, or I would have done that by now. Although I did go and get my post from the next door neighbours.

So I’ve been thinking as one does now and then over the things I did with Mr G and I’m wondering whether or not I should go into town to get the morning after pill, because just like with the first – I feel like I should start calling him Mr first now – it was unprotected, which yeah I know is bad, but he did the whole pull out just before thing, but I was thinking better safe than sorry, right? So I was going to go in today, but then it was so miserable out and I was feeling so horrible, I just couldn’t. I could hardly drag myself to the first RAG meet and greet thing this afternoon, but I did go an found out more about the trips and the one to Machu Picchu seems pretty good, even if it is over £300 for the deposit to go, but I’m not sure when you have to pay the deposit by and all that jazz and fund-raising is hard, but it’s all for a good cause. I’ve also signed up for this food thing on Saturday, with some friends and since one of the societies that I’m part of, are trying to get together a team, I’ve said I’m interesting in being part of that team. The same friend that told me about this, also got me to agree to go to a Latin and salsa dance class tasted session, which actually seems good, but I’m not sure how much it’s going to be and if we’ll be given partners when we get there, or just partner up on our own or what not, since there might be more girls than boys and all that jazz, so have to see when it comes to it, but I’m completely bot against dancing with a girl as my partner.

Quote/saying of the day(s): I guess nothing puts a damper on a one-night stand as much as your friend pointing out all the opportunities where you might have been killed. – Mindy Kaling.

The sleepiness will never fade..?

So today has been on of those day where I wake up in the morning thinking, ‘I’m going to do this today’ and by the time I’ve got dressed and showered and eaten breakfast and all that jazz, I’m thinking I’ll just do this before that and slowly I end up doing other things and not the things I set out to do when I woke up.

So I’ve been terribly tired today, so I haven’t actually done very much and seeing as I’m still terribly tired, even after eating dinner – bowl of rice, as I was going to eggy bread but the bread was mouldy – I still don’t feel like I could walk anywhere further than the kitchen or perhaps just outside the front door, I’m thinking I might stay in tonight and seeing as the usual people I go out with, have desisted with they’re congregating outside, I’m thinking I won’t be going out tonight any ways, unless I went a knocked on every ones doors and annoyed them all to bits.

There’s think thing on tomorrow that I’m thinking about going to, since it’s cheap and right around the corner, so I don’t have to worry about getting stranded – again. And I think someone from my psychology class, who I’ve made a fast friendship with – mainly due to the fact she’s the only one I remembered was in my group, so was the only one I could text asking about the room number the first day and she’s a cool girl – is going to go, since it’s a student village and uni-let party and she’s in uni-let, so I think her house mates might come as well, which will be nice to meet new people. I’m also thinking about going over to my buddies house and bugging a girl from there to come with me as well, as we kind of became friends, but it’s sort of been a little while and I’m uncertain about her feelings toward me really.

It seems that I will have to become accustomed to waking up early, because something always wakes me up at 6 something or other at the latest 7 and then I find it quite hard to get back to sleep, due to my stomach realising actually it wants some food in it and then I get up and dressed and after that I just end up taking sort of cat naps during the day, but then today I’ve been completely tired, but been having trouble with the whole cat napping and just ended up reading and all that jazz.

Quote/saying of the day: Bad decisions make great stories – unknown

Red paint in hand, the heels on…

So me and the girls went out Friday night. It was a little odd standing at the bus stop, of the rather small ‘village’ I live in to get into the city. I mentioned to my friend how I kind of felt like a hooker, because well we got some stares from the driving of the cars that passed and one guy even turned all the way round in his seat to stare at us, but fortunately we didn’t have to wait too long and the bus was a lot cheaper than the usual one I took into town, which was great.

So me and my friend met up with the other girl we were going out with at a bar and stayed for a strawberry daiquiri, we were going to get another drink, which had become a tradition to my friend, but we decided to break the tradition and try something new. So after a pitcher, we went to look for somewhere else to go. Unfortunately we were a bit early for the clubs, so we hit some bars and did a whole bunch of shots. There was this one bar that had a dance floor that was empty, so we decided to fill it and give the DJ someone to play for, although by then my friend was pretty drunk, because she’s a light weight and all that jazz. I was just a bit buzzed myself and the other friend hadn’t drunk as much. So we must have looked a little silly, but we didn’t really care.

So when they opened we headed to the club, that my friend usually hit – she was a basic guide to a good night out it seems. It was fun there, although we kept getting this smoke stuff blow in our faces, so you had to be ‘careful’ where you danced on the dance floor. It was fun though, I chatted to a few guys and gave a guy my number – but I don’t think that’s going to go anywhere any time soon – and one of the girls I was with nearly got dragged back to some randomers place, while the other one made friends with a guy on facebook.

I almost got dragged into the toilets by some randomer and if I hadn’t been sobering and my friend hadn’t been holding my hand at the time, I think I would have been. I don’t think I would have minded if the guy was at all my type, but he wasn’t

We were pretty surprised by the number of gay couples that there were out, because well as my friend put it, she expected everyone to be like a friend of ours, who isn’t exactly homophobic, but just not homo-friendly, but it was nice to see and all that jazz.

Quote/saying of the day: No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep – Unknown

So I picked this song at random, as I just typed ‘party’ into Youtube and that was the first song that came up, but now I’ve listened to it, I actually kind of like it, so it stays.

Stars, late nights and river riding

So once I got home from the studio tour, I had a pretty uneventful few days.

I just messed around and whatnot.

Although the last… 3 days have been a little bit non stop kind of thing. So Tuesday I went to a house party/camp out, as me and a could friends wanted to test the tents for camping, but once we had them up, we pretty much just got drunk and I had my first sober adjacent cigarette, which was liquorice flavoured and tasted something like burnt marshmallows, but I like burnt marshmallows. So after sleeping under stars, because we decided it would be fun to star gaze the night away and we saw a couple shooting stars. We put the tent down, stuff it into the car and I went home for a couple hours, since the only thing I had eaten that day was this omelette I made, I decided it would be prudent to have something to eat, so I made some salty leak and potato soup – which I had to throw away, because it went mouldy. So Wednesday evening I headed out to this party, my friend had invited me to as a plus 1, since her boyfriend wasn’t around. So I decided to colour my hair for the night, with hair chalk – blue, pink, orange and red. So it took us a little while to find the field, which the party was in, as it was another night of camping for me, but we got there in the end, with a little help from a friend.

So when we got there I found out I actually ‘knew’ the host, although I didn’t know basically anyone else, so it was just a big round of introductions, while we assembled the tent. And then I got pretty plastered and made some new ‘friends’, played some, slowly more sexual party games and made out with a guy, who I can now not remember the name of and who called me blue most of the night, because of the blue in my hair, actually quite a few people ended up calling me that, because I was refusing to give people my name, because I’m weird like that and some guy tried to make out with me and ended up making out with my nose, which was a laugh, plus I rolled up some cigarettes, and I think I did a pretty dam good job of it too. I mean I’ve rolled my brother’s before, but that was once when I was drunk, not that I was technically sober this time either, but hey ho. It was a fun night, although the top I was wearing was  little big, so when this guy lifted my up into the princess hold, my boobs popped out to say hi, not that I did anything about it, by that time I was too pissed to think about pulling my top up or something like  that.


So in the morning we packed up the tent and headed to get our ride home, as I was sharing a ride with the friend who invited me. But we were a bit early so we got some breakfast in the form of cheese sandwiches and water.

So I got home and just thought about grabbing a shower, when a car drove up and I realised I had promised to go out with some friends and go boating today. So having not been able to shower I had to rush out again, but we had fun and went swimming with all our clothes on, because we didn’t have swim suits and my friends boyfriend split tango all over her, so she wanted to wash off the stickiness.

So I’m now looking forward to a pretty quiet weekend, just me myself and I. Although the father was meant to come around, but now he’s not, so it really is just me, myself and I. But I’ve got some more things going on next week. seems my summer is going to be eventful, as the friend has invited me to another party next month, although I’m not sure if I’ll go, because I kind of ‘dissed’ the guy who’d party it is once, although I’m not sure if he remembers or not. But perhaps, better safe than sorry there.

Quotes/sayings of the day: At every party there are two kinds of people — those who want to go home and those who don’t. The trouble is, they are usually married to each other. ~Ann Landers

No party is any fun unless seasoned with folly. ~Desiderius Erasmus

The day to come…

So I’m off to pick up the big brother tomorrow, as he’s coming home for 3 weeks. So he’ll be back for my birthday – yay the day I was born in right around the corner!

So I met this guy today, right and he said that he liked chubby girls, it’s weird I’ve never actually heard a guy say that before, I’ve known guys who obviously do, but I’ve never heard a guy openly admit it before – I think. So yeah that was fun and I’ve been  writing, although not my novel – blasted thing isn’t going anywhere – but I’m glad that the old creative juices haven’t dried up, that’s something. And I’m to get some of my novel written tomorrow, although that might be disrespectful, if I write during the parade, but maybe in the car and what not, but we’ll see how the day goes, that’s how I’ve been going on lately, one day at a time. When I say lately more like this week, although I had it all planned out nothing has gone to plan and I’m feeling a little down, although that might be correlated to the fact, that my Cherry isn’t replying to my messages, but what the hell, I’ll turn it around somehow. Because I’m still waiting for a reply for my little problem, so I’ve got that to look forward to – whoop.

And it’s nearly the end of the week or at least that’s how it feels, I wish this week had been a little bit more eventful, but one cannot change the past, but I can change the future or something along those lines.

I’m suppose to be getting a good nights sleep, but heck that’s not going to happen, since sleep is still an issue with me, I can’t get to sleep. I just lye awake at night, wishing I was asleep, once I’m out that’s ok, but it’s getting there that’s the problem. Someone said that it might be because there is too much light in my room, so now I’m thinking about changing the curtains to try and block the light out more, but I haven’t gotten round to it yet, so still no good nights sleep tonight. Maybe I’ll be able to sleep on the ride there, sometimes when I’m really tired I find it quite easy to sleep on transport, maybe even easier than in my own bed. Wow I think that’s probably not a good thing there, but I’ll work it out – one day.

Quote/saying of the day – I know I didn’t do one of these in the last post, because I was being lazy. You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. – Dr Seuss

Catching the cold with your bare hands…

So I thought it was my new pills that were making me feel a little off, but as it turns out I’m actually just sick, oh the wonders. All I really did today was sleep and drink as much water as possible. I mean I think that was the right thing to do. I want to get rid of this thing as quickly as possible.

Last night I was watching this – slightly cheese – recreation of Cinderella in the modern day and Cinderella and the ‘prince charming’ met over the internet and I was just thinking, that’s kind of how things are done these days, at least with quite a few people, I like the more old fashioned way of meeting in person, like in the bar or something like that and yeah that does still happen these days, but I’m hearing more and more stories about how people have met over the internet and I’m just thinking sure that fine and all, but I don’t think that’s really my cup of tea, I mean I have had an online relationship before, but it wasn’t all that great and ended quickly, because I just wasn’t what I was looking for. But then maybe some people prefer that style of dating, because, “Everyone has their first date… and the object is to hide your flaws. And then you’re in a relationship and it’s all about hiding your disappointment. Then once you’re married it’s about hiding your sins.” – Dollhouse (Adelle DeWitt)

But with an online relationship that becomes a lot easier. But then that’s  a rather pessimistic way of looking at relationships.