Tired, bruised, sated…

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Red paint in hand, the heels on…

So me and the girls went out Friday night. It was a little odd standing at the bus stop, of the rather small ‘village’ I live in to get into the city. I mentioned to my friend how I kind of felt like a hooker, because well we got some stares from the driving of the cars that passed and one guy even turned all the way round in his seat to stare at us, but fortunately we didn’t have to wait too long and the bus was a lot cheaper than the usual one I took into town, which was great.

So me and my friend met up with the other girl we were going out with at a bar and stayed for a¬†strawberry daiquiri, we were going to get another drink, which had become a tradition to my friend, but we decided to break the tradition and try something new. So after a pitcher, we went to look for somewhere else to go. Unfortunately we were a bit early for the clubs, so we hit some bars and did a whole bunch of shots. There was this one bar that had a dance floor that was empty, so we decided to fill it and give the DJ someone to play for, although by then my friend was pretty drunk, because she’s a light weight and all that jazz. I was just a bit buzzed myself and the other friend hadn’t drunk as much. So we must have looked a little silly, but we didn’t really care.

So when they opened we headed to the club, that my friend usually hit – she was a basic guide to a good night out it seems. It was fun there, although we kept getting this smoke stuff blow in our faces, so you had to be ‘careful’ where you danced on the dance floor. It was fun though, I chatted to a few guys and gave a guy my number – but I don’t think that’s going to go anywhere any time soon – and one of the girls I was with nearly got dragged back to some randomers place, while the other one made friends with a guy on facebook.

I almost got dragged into the toilets by some randomer and if I hadn’t been sobering and my friend hadn’t been holding my hand at the time, I think I would have been. I don’t think I would have minded if the guy was at all my type, but he wasn’t

We were pretty surprised by the number of gay couples that there were out, because well as my friend put it, she expected everyone to be like a friend of ours, who isn’t exactly homophobic, but just not homo-friendly, but it was nice to see and all that jazz.

Quote/saying of the day: No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep – Unknown

So I picked this song at random, as I just typed ‘party’ into Youtube and that was the first song that came up, but now I’ve listened to it, I actually kind of like it, so it stays.

While we’re young… and in high heels

So the last couple days I’ve been off at a friends house. We headed down to the river and did some shots, to warm ourselves up, because heading in the surprisingly cold water, although two of the girls I went with got a little drunk on the shots and we were scared they might drown. But everything was good and we headed back to the friends house, to sleep and drink some more – that kind of makes us some like alcoholics a little bit, but were young and living it up, while we still can. Plus my friend has just gotten out of a rather serious relationship, so she really blowing off stream, with drinks and what not, because he wouldn’t really let her drink when they were together, or do a bunch of other fun stuff, that she has now taken to doing. So she’s making up for the couple of years of not being able to in a few short weeks.

So after we got up this morning, we decided to head into the city – because I found out I do live by a city and not a town, although it’s a very small city, but a city none the less – and go shopping for dresses for tomorrow night, unfortunately I didn’t find anything, so I’m going to have to be content with my dull old dresses – although some of them are new. But my friend got a dress and the other got some fantastic shoes, which makes me want to buy these lovely shoes I saw the other day, that I fell in love with. I mean I don’t really buy shoes, not as much as other girls I know. I do love them, but I only really buy with necessity, so I wasn’t going to get them, but we’re thinking about going out next Friday and Saturday, so I’m thinking I could wear them then and that’s necessity – right? I mean I’m going to buy a new dress for next weekend – even though I have quite a few – and I want shoes to match, because the ones I have at the moment are super boring, apart from my over the knee boots, but their not a very big heel or anything, and I like wear heels, because I’m short and I like the tallness they give me. Not that I really dislike being short, it’s just nice to to tall sometimes as well, plus everyone – or nearly everyone – wears heels, so if I didn’t I would feel like a midget and I don’t have anything against rather small people, I just don’t like feeling like one myself – it’s a personal thing, I suppose.

So this is the shoes, but I want to get it in black. But I couldn’t find a picture on google, so you’ll just have to use the wonder of imagination…

Quote/saying of the day: Beautiful shoes will take you beautiful places – Unknown

So I hear this the other day and know I’m blogging about it, enough said?