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If you believe it, believe it…

So after spending last night, wanting to bang my head against the wall, because of my mentally straining creativity essay – you’d think an essay about creativity might be… oh I don’t know creative in some way or at least mildly interesting, well you’d be wrong – I spent the majority of today finishing that off and also shopping, or rather window shopping through my computer, since I wasn’t intending on buying anything today, I was just getting stuff set up for when I do want to go ahead and buy.

I’m not too sure if I’ve said anything about this – but I’m guessing I have. I’ve decided to try my hand at magic and I’m not talking rabbit out a hat sort of magic here, I’m talking circle magic. One of the series I’ve been reading has circle magic as a major factor in the story and I’ve always had an interest in that sort of thing, so I decided that this summer I’m going to try casting my own circle. Since I’m not ready to declare myself a Wiccan or anything, I’m sort of making it up as I go along and not sticking to an ‘traditional’ method, or maybe a better way of saying that is, I’m not just sticking to one method or idea. I’m hoping that doesn’t mean something terrible will happen, because I do have a health respect for the forces of nature and magic, since I do believe in magic, although maybe not the kind other people believe in or maybe they do and I don’t know about it.

But any ways I’ve been shopping for the things I’ll need to cast my circle and what not, since I wanted to get a stone or crystal to represent all 5 elements: Water, Air, Fire Earth and Akasha – or as it maybe more commonly known spirit. In the end I decided on Lapis Lazuli – for water. Citrine – for air. Sun stone – for fire, I know that one seems a little on the nose, but I think the stone looks right somehow. Malachite – for earth. And Amethyst – for Akasha/spirit. I also wanted to find some nice candles, because I wanted to get some tall ones, not tea lights or anything like that, in the end I did find one for each element, although I’m still not so sure about the blue one. I don’t know whether to go dark or light blue, I chose one that was midnight blue, or at least that’s what the description says, but the picture makes it look quite a lot more on the side of sky blue, although that might just be the picture, I suppose I’ll see when it arrives. I also looked for a cup, but unfortunately I couldn’t find out I liked, that didn’t have specific marking on it, like the star or symbols like that and I want one without anything like that, so I’m thinking I might just use a wine glass or something like that. Although I did find this really lovely incense burner, but I couldn’t find any candle holders, because I want to cast outside, I thought candle holders would be a good idea, since I won’t have anyone other than me there, but we do have some at home, so I might be able to find some there. And I did manage to find all the herbs and what not that I wanted, which is great, I thought some of them would be really hard to find, but they were quite readily available – I also decided to start wearing nail polish in the 5 element colours, not tradition or anything, but I need to get a yellow and then I can start doing it.

So yeah. I had a once again somewhat dull – and brain numbing – day, but a productive one as well. I thinking productive is the watch word for the next 2 weeks, when my exams will be over – yay, I can’t wait – and I’ll be off home for the summer. Some of the people living around me have already left – and I thought I was leaving early, they’re leaving super early. I know that at least one of my house mates will be here after I have gone, because she’s going to the University’s summer ball, which apparently is more along the lines of a fun fair, than a ball. I was thinking about leaving them a note to let them all know I’m gone, since one of my house mates has been staying with his girlfriend a lot, so he might not be around when I leave, also with the whole cleaning the house thing, I don’t want them to think I’m not doing my share. I think I’m going to take the bins out and maybe wipe down the surfaces before I go, I know it’s not much, but at least I’m trying to do something, although thinking about it they’ll probably get dirty again after I’m gone, so it might not be worth it – I’ll see when the day comes around.

Quote/saying of the day: The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it. – J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Reunite to give the future thoughts

So yeah, today I went and met up with some of the girls for a late lunch and a little, but unsuccessful, shopping spree. It would seem that my taste in clothing and main stream clothing are completely different, which means high street stores don’t really have anything I like. There was some nice tops in Primark, but apart from that, there wasn’t really anything. I did buy a top, which I think I’m going to paint at some point during my holidays, but even though I didn’t manage to find anything amazing, I still had a good time.

It was nice to see my friends again and catch up a little, over Blue Lagoon – that’s a cocktail for those who don’t know – and a bagel. One of my friends also invited me to a party, although she had ulterior motives for doing so, because she wants me and this guy to ‘get together and having hundreds of babies’ and that’s a direct quote. But I’m not sure if I’m going to go. Sure I like parties and I will actually know some of the people there this time, but I’ll just see how I feel closer to the time I suppose.

I’ve got this weekend to look forward to, as we’re heading down to the cousins for Easter. I’m not too sure how they celebrate, because I know some people go the whole shebang. Although my family has only really started celebrating the holiday again recently. But I suppose I’ll find out this weekend.

Quote/saying of the day: Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. – Helen Keller

I’m not a vegetarian, but I can’t just live on meat…

So I’m back in the homestead for my Easter break, while other I know seem to be off to more exotic places, making me wish I was more of saver and had the money to travel – the world. But hey ho, it’s nice to see the cats again, although the father seems to want to get rid of them, when he moves. I would take them to university with me, but I’m pretty sure the flat I’m moving into doesn’t allow such pets, maybe goldfish, but not cats, but I’ll check when I get back.

So I haven’t really been up to much the last couple days, apart from chatting with the brother, hanging with the cats and cooking dinner for the family, although I did have to go shopping because there was literally no vegetables in the house and hardly any of anything else, apart from meat and fish.

I keep meaning to get other stuff done, like do my other brother’s birthday present, since he said he’d be done here at some point, over the next 3 weeks, so I’ve got to finish it before then and of course I’m got to finish putting together and buying the last parts for my other friends birthday present, I meant to get the last bits when I went shopping, but I completely forgot – as I usually do. And of course I’ve got to re-do my finances, because at the moment I’m not too sure how much money I have and all that jazz.

I’ve been trying to sort of some meeting up with my friends here, most of them are quite busy, but it looks like we’re going to go shopping with Thursday and we’ve set a date to try putting up the tent, we’re meant to be using for Cornwall this year, on Monday and we might go out next Thursday, but unlike me I think most of them only have 2 weeks off, while I have 3.

Quote/saying of the day: Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning. – Gloria Steinem

Spending Time…

So its been a little while since I last posted and quite a bit has happened since then, but honest I can’t really be bothered to go through all that so I’ll just do the highlights or something along those lines.

So I went to the fresher’s fair with my now good friend – yep I’ve made one of them at least – and met someone who lives in a uni-let like her. So by the time we headed to Dylan’s the uni bar/restaurant, our new favourite place to hang out and grab lunch, I had potentially – meaning I signed up for emails from – 8 different societies/clubs. There was; Disney, Whovian, Harry Potter, horse riding, RAG, archery and pole dancing. Though I’m not going to do horse riding, since it’s rather expensive and all that jazz and I missed the first Whovian one, because it was at the same time as Harry Potter, where I got sorted into Slitherine – yay, who didn’t see that coming?

The Disney society seemed fun and the first one we watched the lion king, a film I haven’t seen in a while, so that was nice. I also saw this guy with a Zelda hat, which I then wanted to steal, but didn’t – obviously.

So this week has been more academic, as we have actually been having lesson/lectures on more than just what the topic is about and all that jazz. Although it has meant getting up early for nine o’clock lectures three days, although I do get Tuesday off!

So last night my housemate, who has taken to calling me beautiful and darling instead of my name – still not sure how I feel about that – took me out drinking, meaning he paid for my drinks – always up for free drinks – at the karaoke night, at his workplace Dylan’s. It was nice hanging out, although slightly awkward at first, but I found out I think I like gin, as I got this cocktail called Garden of Eden,which has Gin in it, but it was a cocktail, so it may have been that I actually couldn’t taste the gin at all. I did see a couple people I new on the way out of the bar, including Mr nice guy and his house mate, who I’ve taken to calling Bilbo in my head, don’t think he would remember why, if I called him that to his face.

So as my new good friend had got 241 voucher for pizza express, we decided it would be a good idea to go there for dinner this evening, but first I had to get the bus, with my new bus pass. I almost didn’t get off at the right stop, but fortunately I did and then had to get another bus into town, I have to take 2 buses to get into the town centre, if I don’t want to have to pay and since I’ve got a bus pass I think it’s a waste of money in more ways than one. Yeah so any ways, before pizza, she showed me where Primark was – that being the most important shop on the high street. And although I didn’t intend to I bought some stuff. Then we went to the smallest pizza hut I have ever gone to, so that was interesting. They had this touch screen drink machine, which was a little weird and I didn’t realise you had to hold the button down, at first.

It was nice hanging out and I got to know a lot about her background and family situation, which was interesting, then we went back to her place to play cards against humanity, only to find out the cards weren’t there, so I scribbled on her white board and for some reason, cleaned her kitchen table, although the uni-let houses are a lot nicer than the student village houses, but then the uni-let houses are more like real/ordinary houses on an ordinary street.

So after running into Mr nice guy outside my house, I came home to find out that I have been sending my post to house 50, instead of my house – oops! But they were nice about it and sent me a message saying so, so I’m probably going to go over tomorrow afternoon and grab it, but I’m hoping everything turned up at once, because I ordered 3 things and they were all meant to arrive today, so at least one has obviously. But I know which one diffidently has because they sent me delivery confirmation.

Quote/saying of the day: It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace. – Chuck Palahniuk

If I was straight like them…

So since I went shopping yesterday, I invited my friend around and made her dinner, to pay her back for cooking me dinner the other night. So alls been settled.

It was fun hanging out with her for a few hours. We had rice and chicken and I did a little too much rice, so she couldn’t quite finish hers, but hey ho now I’ve got tomorrow’s dinner! But she was telling me all about her exploits with her men friends, as it seems a few males her competing for her attention, even though she’s not into any of them – unlucky fellahs. But after spending the evening with her, I now understand how they could have gotten the wrong vibes from her, she’s a very open personality, which can easily come across as wanting that sort of relationship, when all she’s looking for is friendship – I mean she’s not my type, so I don’t care, but other’s might think differently.

It’s funny but it seems like most of the girls I’ve met aren’t looking for a relationship, while it seems like quite a few of the guys are, which is sort of change from the usual gender stereotype, about relationships, usual the male doesn’t want the relationship the the female does, although the university girls are proving this wrong. I’m also surprised about the number of people that have come to university attached, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, I mean long distance is hard enough and then add freshers on top of that and it’s just a recipe for unfaithfulness.

But all this talk of relationships, makes me think about my first and then things I could have done differently and I don’t like to think about that at the moment, it’s a small regret, which is a small price to pay for a wonderful memory.

I decided to straighten my hair today for the first time in a long time now, I think it’s been a few month, although I think I did quite a good job, but this does mean that I’m going to have to wash my hair tomorrow most likely, due to the fact that my hair gets really greasy when it’s straight, compared to when it’s not, where it just gets tangled – greasy or tangled, usual I go with tangled.

So because I was straightening my hair, I took a shower and the water was freezing. I’m not sure why, I thought it might be just because someone had used all the hot water or something, because apparently people have had that happen, but I was chatting to my house mate and she said that the shower was cold for her as well, so we think it might have something to do with what they were doing outside today, but honest we don’t know and I’m just hoping there will be hot water tomorrow.

So tomorrow I’ve got this wine reception thing, which I’m really looking forward to, well I think I’m looking forward to the wine, but then I’m not really a wine person, although I did have this nice Rose wine once, but I’m thinking they will probably be serving the cheapest wine they could get their hands on.

Quote/saying of the day: A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other…Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever – Dave Matthews Band

So there is this guy I’ve had my eye on, but like the majority of the time I see someone I might potential like my sadist side kicks in and starts to analyse and I’m not going to purse it – him. There’s a bunch of reasons why and he’s a nice guy – that being one of them – and he’s sweet – that being another – don’t get me wrong I’m not against nice guys, it’s just not the best thing for me, maybe in the future, but I find nice guys can be good one night stands, but I think I don’t want to have a one night stand with someone that lives about 5 doors down from me and who I will probably see nearly everyday and what not.

What would you do on the clock?

So way back when, I used to have this little… habit of asking people – my friends mostly – if they had a certain amount of time to live, would they change their lives and how?

So people usual gave the generic, I’m not sure and then offer a simple answer when prompted, something along the lines of spending time with the family or doing that one things they always wanted to. And recently I’ve been thinking about it again, but I also now wonder, would people actual do the things they said they would, or would they just keep going on the way they have been and I want to test this out, but then I’m not sure how and of course I need some people to test it on, a little experiment for the future me. Although some things I don’t think I could get people to do, because by the end of it they would be completely broke and have to live in a tent, like apparently one of lecturers did for the first year of university, because he didn’t want to pay to live in halls or anything like that. He doesn’t recommend it though, so I’m glade I didn’t think of that way of saving money.

I was thinking one night stands, but that involves knowing where I’m going and not getting too drunk, two things I’m not super constant on when I go out. The group I go out with all get pretty drunk and it’s the sort of group where – most of the time – if you’re not drunk-ish, then they’re not as fun to hang out with, as when you’re also drunk-ish at least. I haven’t really been hanging out with the last couple nights, I mean I mean to sometimes and then just end up not, but I do need to get my hoody back, I was hoping to see her sometime in the day, but no luck, maybe tomorrow. It would be nice if I knew where she lived so I could just go over, but I’m not sure what number it is, so yeah. I’m not really the sort of person to go around knocking on people’s doors until I find the right one, because I will probably have to go around the entire student village and then not actual go to her house at all – I just have that sort of luck with these things. But hey ho the worlds still turning and it’s not like that’s my only outerwear, just my favourite.

I’ve been trying to keep on top of my spending and have been doing pretty well so far, but I don’t know how long that is going to last, although I think I can see a statement online, so if I do loose track I can get back to date from there, but the online banking for my new bank has a weird set up and I don’t really understand it very well, but I suppose I’ll get used to it – in the end.

Quote/saying of the day: Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but moreover by the number of breaths that take your life away – unknown

So I went searching for the author of this quote, because I thought I knew who wrote it. I was wrong, apparently the true author is unknown, but wrote it for a card and got paid next to nothing for it.

So since I went shopping with a friend today, in between lessons, since we had a 3 hour gap, so we grabbed lunch and went food shopping. I now actually have food, which means I can repay my friend for cooking me dinner, by cooking her dinner. I’m thinking I’ll text her tomorrow, asking if she wants dinner tomorrow evening. Since I have another free day tomorrow and then again Friday – I’ve got such a free week – I’m going to straighten my hair tomorrow, look how out of control I am, straightening my hair on my day off – whoo!

I was planning my week around my friends visit, but she couldn’t get this weekend off, so she’s coming down on the 11th  October, instead I’m just hoping that I don’t have any assignments to finish that weekend, because I have a lecture 9 o’clock on Monday ever week, so it seems Sunday will be my day of rest for this semester at the very least. I’m quite looking forward to her coming down, because I’ll be able to show off my amazing university life to her – oh wait it’s basically like my old life, with new people and a new place, oh well, she doesn’t have to know that, she’s only coming for one night.

I’ve been trying to write again, although the noise outside has been distracting and I’ve not got much inspiration, as the seaside was less inspirational that I was hoping, but maybe that’s because I went to the busy commercialised bit or something and a less busy bit might be more inspirational, but I did get inspired by my shisha at one point, so I’ve written 2 short stories and am working on another, which I think is pretty good going and all that jazz, since I haven’t actually written in a while, but I think short stories are best for now.

So if you had say 10 hours left to live what would you do?