The unrequited silent non-confession

So after a short talk over a game of cards, I’ve been ‘officially’ told that my friend is ‘crushing’ on me. Apparently because the last two times he liked someone and confessed to them, they rejected him, he’s not going to do that with me. I’m not sure if I’m relieved or not. I kind of want to think that people are just reading into things way too much and that’s its’ nothing that ‘serious’, just a passing fancy, but my friends have been telling me on and off that he liked me as more than a friend for nearly a year now, so maybe it’s not – although they could be completely wrong about the whole thing. But I don’t feel like I have to worry that much, as he’s not going to confess, so I don’t really have to deal with it, but then I sort of feel bad, because I get the whole unrequited love thing – been there, do that. But then even if he did confess, I don’t know whether I would reject him or not, there is the thing that I have told myself that I won’t date or a while, at least until I start to get my shit together, but then I have a bit of a problem with rejecting people, I have to at least give them one chance, although if it’s someone I really don’t like I don’t have a problem, he he’s a friend, so it’s going to be even harder.

So I’m meant to be going to the dentist tomorrow- yes I’m moving on from that topic quite quickly – but I really don’t like the dentist as many people say, although I want to get this one moved to another day, such as Thursday. So I might just go in tomorrow and tell them I have to have it moved, because I can’t make the time that it was set and maybe do a bit of shopping, afterwards if there is time, for some more wool for this scarf I am still knitting, although now I’m a little afraid it’s too tight, so I’ve been trying to stretch it out a little, to try and loosening it, but unluckily it’s not going too well, but I’m sure they’ll appreciate the effort I put into it, even if it doesn’t turn out amazing – like I hoped.