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The freedom to plan reconnection…

So, since today was an event free day, I decided it would be a good time to reconnect with some people I have managed to disconnect with a little over the past couple month or so. It was kind fun and because I decided to text, it cost me something more than I would have hoped, since I’m meant to be saving, but what the hell.

So now I’m probably going to meet up with potentially a couple of old friends this weekend, plus I’m meant to be going out with a friend and a couple of her friends, plus her boyfriend this Friday, and then there’s the beach trip that we’ve been planning for this Monday and I might be heading to Pembrokeshire the week after this one coming, which will be fun, camping with the girls! So it looks like I’ve got a busy time coming up, which suits me just fine, I said I wanted to do things this summer, and I think these little events count as ‘doing something’, because I’m probably not going to see my friends again for a while, so I wanted to have fun while we were still close and all that jazz and not leave with regrets, about not seeing them again and all that jazz, plus I want to have fun, while I still have a bit of money for it, because starting in uni seems like it’s going to make me completely and utterly broke, so won’t be able to do much ‘expensive’, not that I have much money now or anything. I know I could just get a job, like everyone else seems to be, but I’ll only be around for about another month or so, so I don’t think it’s the best idea.

Any ways as I was saying I was reconnecting with some friends, if things go well from today, might continue the behaviour tomorrow and make some more ‘dates’. Free days are fine and everything, but I’d much rather be out with my friends. Time to party while I’m still young enough not to get proper hang over and all that jazz.

So I’m meant to be going clubbing, because one of my friends has never been and I thought, why not introduce her to the experience? But I was flicking through my wardrobe and I have a couple dresses in there, that are club wear like, but now after putting them all on, I want to go shopping and find something else, because I don’t want to wear black and so far my LBD is the only one that I actually could think about wearing. So I did my usual thing and went on eBay, because it’s cheaper to buy stuff on there and I’m not really bothered about what’s in fashion and what not, if I like it, I’ll wear it – that simple. But I couldn’t find anything – within my price range – so now I’m thinking of actually going high street shopping, something I haven’t done in quite a while. Maybe just for inspiration though, but we’ll see.

Yeah I know Miley, but hey the song is fun to dance around to!