Peace and quiet rules today.

So today has been a quiet day of soft reflection and mainly when I reflect I end up shedding a couple tears for the fall.

I was still quite tired, so I didn’t do to much or really anything interesting at all, just lounged around all day and tided up some loose ends – so to speak. But unluckily I’m not yet jumping out of the red zone, for certain things that I was hoping by now would be resolved. Such as my impending death – I know morbid – but then I could die at any moment and no I’m not someone you’s just YOLO-ing or anything. I really couple die, well to be more exact, I could suffocate at any moment. Since I have no idea what it is that is causing my allergic reaction, then basically, yeah, my throat could close up and I could suffocate.

But on a lighter and much less morbid note I saw my kitten again today. Since I haven’t seen her for a while, due to being away, it was nice and I realised just how fast she was growing up. Since now she an indoor/outdoor cat and luckily has learned about the dogs next door and has given up on trying to eat the chickens that are over there. She gave me a real fright the first time she went over there. I thought I was never going to see her again, but after a few minutes barking started and she can scampering back over into the garden and into my arms, her tail all bushy and afraid.