I don’t want the season…

So this week has been… tiring… and just generally not the best.

I’ve got an informal presentation thing on Friday and I still haven’t done any research for it. I keep telling myself I’m going to do some and then I end up not doing it, as per usual.

But I’ve had mother nature come to stay and it draining the life out of me, at least that’s how it feels.

I mean yesterday was alright, me and a friend went into the town centre and I spent way too much in Primark, then we went to see the Coke Cola truck and got amazed, by the length of the line to have a picture take with it, we just decided to get some free coke and no line up. But of course the coke was in cans, so our hands got freezing, I guess they didn’t really think about that and the glove that I wear on my right hand it fingerless for several reasons, but I was holding a Costa marshmellow ho chocolate in the other hand, so I had no choice but to get super cold fingers. But it was a nice little outing.

Me and some friends from back ‘home’ – it’s ot really home anymore, but I’m not sure what to call it anymore, so home it is – are doing secret santa this year again, but we did this online name draw and I just had to get the name of the one person I didn’t want to get, but somehow I knew I was going tog et her name, because that’s just the way things have been going recently for me… I guess… but I’ve got some things that I bought for a present some time ago, but never gave, so I’m going to just give her them I think…

I’ve sort of been stressing out about Christmas presents this year, but I’ve now ordered the books for the fathers Christmas present, so that’s one down. I’m not sure whether I should buy one of my brother’s a Christmas present because I won’t be able to give it to him, since he’s out of the country at the moment, so I won’t be abe to give it to him any ways, so I’m not worrying too much about his present.

My boss said they were going to be doing secret santa at my workplace, but nothing has come of that, so not sure what’s going on there. Honestly I’m sure what I would buy any of them, maybe I could buy for my boss but other than that, I would have no idea. I’m not the greatest at buying presents, be it Christmas or otherwise.

Any ways, yes this week has not been the best week of my life, but then again it hasn’t been the worst week of my life, not by far…

Let’s it snow…

Just another weekend with the average university student and her fear of a Christmas spent alone… Continue reading

The devil was an angel once…

Alright so the day has come and I know the night is young and everything, but let’s just say for the sake of it ‘and gone’.

So today wasn’t the best birthday I’ve ever had, but I won’t say it was the worst. My brother and his girlfriend sent me a nice big bag, although it was a little shiny for me – I’m not super into wearing shiny things – but it was really nice and they sent me some DKNY body lotion and perfume and some quick drying nail polish in some really nice colour, which I might experiment with this weekend or perhaps tomorrow. I made my cupcakes, although I had to go borrow an egg from a friend, because I didn’t get the ones I ordered this week.

I also got some money from my grandma in a card, which means I’m going to have to go to the bank in the next couple of weeks, because it was a cheque. A I got a card from my house mates, which they all signed, which was nice, although I’m pretty sure only one of them would have none it was my birthday, if I wasn’t so bad at getting up in the morning recently and they saw my mail.

I was going to hide my birthday from the world – sort of thing – but I thought better of it and to just let this day pass slightly unmarked, with no big celebrate or anything like that, although the house mate that gave me the card offer to go out with me, but I just don’t really feel like it. I’m not in the mood I suppose.

But I had an alright day, pretty normal and all that jazz. Although I finally got round to watching Horns, which was an alright film, OK it wasn’t the masterpiece of the century, but it wasn’t horrible, rather on the religious side, but what were people expecting from it really.

Sun, sand and ant bites… With a touch of Magic

So I’ve been in Jamaica for two weeks. I was writing this diary/journal things, which I was going to post on here, but then I reconsidered.

So I’m giving you all a basic run down of the wonders of Jamaica and having spent a week with my grandparents and a week by the sea, with high temperatures, all above 30 – during the day at least. It was nice, apart from the incredibly itchy ant bites, at least I think I was bitten by ants, because unfortunately they were dropping out of the tree, I was using to shade myself from the mid day sun, although I still got a lovely tan and some pasty tan lines to show it, because with me, it’s less noticeably than white people, when I get a tan. But apart from that it was a wonderful trip. Lots of fruit, which was great. We stayed in Negril – by the sea side – in a hotel for a couple of nights, more to be by the sea and catch the sun, but they had fruit out for every meal and we were down there for the 4th of July, when they were celebrating and luckily enough the night before I had met this cute Spanish guy, after his mother – at least I think it was his mother – saw us playing uno, which is a game we basically go nowhere without, because we tend to play it when… waiting for food in restaurants and times like that. So I bonded with this Spanish family over Uno and me and the guy walk along the beach and had some fun at the 4th of July celebrations that were going on there, while the father did whatever the father does. But unfortunately they left the next day – short lived friendship. Right over in Jamaica they have pot holes which you could – if you wanted to – literally take baths in, I mean it, well this was on the mountain road from the airport to my Grandparents house, so maybe not everywhere…

So I was meant to be going to Church on one of the Sundays we were there and I’m not really religious, but I kind of enjoy Jamaican church, because it’s so lively and completely different from the English church I had to go to as I child. My grandparents are very religious, as it seems quite a few people I met over there are – which is nice and all that jazz. But I the end I only went to quire practice with the grandmother, before we went out shopping, to find gives for the friends. Which I properly spent my 4200 Jamaican dollars on, which might sound like a lot to some, but it’s not really as much as it may appear to be. It seems Jamaica was one of those poor countries that had to deal with inflations and all that nasty business – I’m glade I never lived in a country where that was happening, it’s doesn’t seems to… great. So I got the friends so small trinkets, although I’m not too sure who I’ll be seeing before I – hopefully – jet off to the other side of the country, but I got enough for everyone and since I remembered my friend liked them I got some cigars in Rum and Chocolate flavour, so I’m hoping pull them out on this camping trip we’ve been planning and surprise everyone… or just someone. I was going to get Rum, but then I had this sudden realisation of great truth, that I could probably buy it cheaper in the UK and still get the same (ish) stuff.

So it rained a little, when we were at Negril – I’m hoping I’m spelling that right, because I have this nagging feeling I’m not, but oh well – there was a few short lived thunder storms, that rolled off into the Ocean, even though inland at the grandparents place, they were hoping for rain, because the plants were dying of thirst. But during the storms I watched American TV, which I find has a lot – I mean a lot – more adverts about food, than British TV does, although quite a few of the channels were just news news all the time and there were a couple Spanish ones, which is nice for the Spanish speaking guests. But I did get introduced to a couple interesting shows and watched some trailers for some films I now want to see, so it wasn’t a bad thing for anything.

I also finished the 6 books that I took with me; Poison study, Magic study, Fire study – I have fallen in love with the study series ad the author and am now going to buy the two first books of two of their other series – Fire – which turned out to be the second book in a series, although thankfully the books aren’t linking in characters, but place that they are set, so it shouldn’t matter I read the second one first – A wizard of earth sea – which I thought I had seen the movie of, but after reading it I realised I was wrong -and last but not least Blood Promise – a book in the Vampire Academy series, that I have been working my way through, only 2 more books left. I’m a bit of a vampire fan, although I cannot read Twilight, literally, I tried and I couldn’t get past the first chapter, although I went to see the films, because I wanted to give it a shot and I think that it could have been well really good, but it was missing something or something like that, but the writing oh god it was… indescribably in a bad way – sorry to the author, but honestly I cannot understand how anyone could read that book let alone more that 1 of them, maybe the writing got… better later on and the first chapter or 1st book was just badly done – not that I’m an expert writer or anything… (and I also finished fifty shades).

While I was over there, I had the whole stranger in a strange place thing going on, which was nice – if you don’t know what I mean, I’m not sure how to explain it…

So here some pictures…


So yeah, that’s my holiday – more or less – in picture form, with all the pictures of me and the family taken out and a couple of shots here and there removed, because of blurriness. So as you can see, lots of fruit, which leads on to, I love Jamaican food, sure I don’t eat all that much, but over there I just wanted to sit around and eat all day – sometimes – especially some of the dishes the grandmother made and plantain, I could eat that by the barrel, I was seriously considering packing some up into my suitcase, but in the end I didn’t, mainly because we had already been stopping on the way into the country, because of the father or rather probably because of the brother, but I won’t get into that – only to say we did nothing wrong.

So this weekend I went to the Harry Potter studio tour, with a friend of mine, as she got tickets for her birthday, it was really fun and we stayed in Premier Inn over night. Although I’m almost certain one of the staff members was into my friend, but she failed to see it.

We had a lot of laughs, so it was a good trip. On the way there, we got stuck in this traffic jam and my friend – who’s driving – is looking out the window and goes, ‘oh hey look at that dog’ so I’m looking at this car, and not seeing a dog and then she goes ‘oh shit, it’s an old lady’ it was so funny – maybe sorta more had to be there thing – but trust me it was funny, but the whole trip was a bit like that, like she goes over to a hanger on this rail thing by the door of the room and goes ‘hey look, I’m  a coat’ I mean it’s like we’re scripted sometimes, although I often say people would pay to watch the sorta crazy shit we get up to sometimes.

But hey ho a great day and I tried butter beer for the first time, although it was a little underwhelming, not bad, although the cream left a bad taste in the mouth, just underwhelming, maybe because they’re drinking it all the time, like it’s really amazing, is why I thought it would taste more… extraordinary.

Quote/saying of the day (or rather last couple weeks): I love the feeling of being anonymous in a city I’ve never been to before.

Screaming at someone that doesn’t hear or me, with a handful of pizza popcorn!

Having someone yell “Trouble Maker”, at you as you walk down the high street with your friends can be somewhat of a surprise.

Well that happened to me today.

Now apart from a few people complimenting them or saying that they would like one, I’ve not got all that much ‘attention’ from my tops. I like to wear tops that have writing on them. I feel that it expresses me a bit more than just regular plain clothes. But today it did take me a moment to realise why this random stranger had yelled Trouble Maker at me, but then I looked down at my top and the light turned on in my head, it was because I had Trouble maker, heart breaker, written across my top in bold lettering, he wasn’t just being random or shouting at someone else. So like any good citizen I turned round and smiled at him.


So today me and two of my friends thought it would be fun to head into town for lunch. One of them needed to do some banking and we had some time to kill so we tagged along so to speak. Although it was sort of funny in the second bank we went to. Now I wasn’t there, because me and my other friend had gone into the cake shop next door, but this is what she told us. The guy that was serving her at the – damn I can’t remember the name for it, the place were you withdrew or put in money, you know what I’m talking about right? Well the guy that was serving apparently had really beautiful blue eyes and really long eyelashes. And she was going on about him as if she had fallen for his eyes or something. Any ways she said that because of his eyes she sort of went into a day dream staring at him and had to ‘try and not look at him’ to stop herself from ‘drifting off’. I can’t verify it this eye really did have as amazing eyes as she said, because of me being in the cake shop and all – although I did find this powder that you put on popcorn to make it taste like pizza or chocolate and I did get some more ideas for how to make my friends present even more amazing than it was already going to be. But while we were in the shop my friend decided she wanted to make candy apples and so she going to come round of my place before the party and make them, although with chocolate apples and cookies, also while we were buying the ingredients, the two of them decided that they were going to follow me up to York and were going to buy the rest of the ingredients up there – I’m heading to York for 2 days next week.

So other than that and us scream at someone to ‘Go to the van’, today wasn’t all that eventful.

But let me tell you about the van incident. My friend decided that she didn’t want to walk up the hill and was going to drive up and park at the top. So we headed for her car and all piled in, before starting up the hill. Initially we were going to park in a place that we like to call the stoner park, but there wasn’t any places there, so we headed for where my friend’s boyfriend parks. After getting a little bit lost and going around about twice to three times, we headed back to the stoner park to have one last look. But there wasn’t any spaces. Then my friend screams that she can see someone in their car and that they must be leaving, so my other friend – the one that’s driving – turns the car around, by this time there are two other people piling up waiting for a space as well. And we’re sitting there sort of blocking the way out, but this person in this car doesn’t seem to be leaving and just when we’re about to give up, this lady appears. Now by this time we were getting a little desperate and we had just finished off a large bar of chocolate, plus other things. And this lady is slowly making her way past all of the cars that are parked there. So we just begin to scream at her ‘Go to the van’ because that was the last car in the row and if she didn’t go to that one then we weren’t going to get a parking space and we would have to head back down the hill again, but she passes the van, then she turns and gets in. My friend shoots into the space, before anyone else can even see it and we all begin to laugh like crazy.

So yeah it wasn’t the worst day in the the history of days in which I have lived. Alright it was quite a good one. Although I spent a part of the ride back to my place teasing my friends boyfriend, about the guy in the bank that my friend was drooling over – not literally of course, someone would have noticed that.