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A trivial shift in the time line…

So it’s 10 days until my birthday, alright I’m an adult. I mean legally I’ve been an adult for almost a year now and I can do everything in a large number of countries – you know smoke, drink, vote.

But I don’t feel like an adult, I still feel… well I don’t feel like a child either, sure next September, I’ll start paying proper bills and renting my own place, real adult like stuff, but isn’t there meant to be something that makes you feel adult like or something, I thought it would be a little different. But then again when I was a child and I mean a child, I never wanted to get to this point in my life, while my friends admired the adults and were wishing they could be all grown up, I was wishing I would never grow up, while my friends were chatting about the pros of being ‘an adult’ I was noticing all the cons, sure the pros are great and everything, but if I had the choice I’d spent the rest of my natural life reliving my childhood, well up until I hit the double digits that is.

I know that probably sounds all selfish, but I just don’t feel like I’m properly equipped the be adult like, I mean I pretty much know nothing, about living an adult life, sure I can probably imitate it, but inside I’m curled up in the corner, crying my eyes out and sometimes on the inside these days as well, I suppose I’m always going to be that way.

Any ways, I’m just getting all ¬†twisted up because I’ve got a whole bunch of work piling up, my plans aren’t working out the way I wanted – the best laid plans, right? – and I’m going to be another year older soon – you would think I was turning 60 the way I’m acting about it.

So my friends coming down next weekend, or at least that’s the plan at the moment. She wants to celebrate our birthdays, since her’s was yesterday and all that jazz. I got her this book, which I think she’ll appreciate; shag yourself slim and a couple small things. I did tell myself that I wasn’t going to celebrate my birthday this year, but it’s quite a few days before and since it’s reading/project week after that, I can still have the slightly depressing birthday I planned – I know planning myself a pity party, if that’s not sad what is? But I haven’t had a proper happy birthday for a while now, I mean I’ve had happy moments and all that jazz, although there was one year, where I thought my family had forgotten, but fortunately for myself they hadn’t.

I’ve been debating on and off recently if I want to stop going for casual relationships and actually have a – more or less – committed one. But there’s a whole bunch of pros and cons to both sides, so I’m still on the fence, as I am with most things I life. But I have met some nice people.

I met a couple new people, at the screening of American Psycho, that the psychology society here had this Friday, there was only five of us there, but it was nice all the same and we had an interesting chat, while we waited for the other people to arrive – and they never did arrive. Honestly I don’t think there’re going to ever get that many people, because it’s on a Friday night, everyone’s going out. I’ve sort of suspended my ‘going out’ because I want it to remain fun and interesting and what not and not become a mundane activity, as basically everyone I’ve talking to about it says it has for them. I don’t want to become one of those people that works all week and then spends all their wages on drinking the weekend away, it’s such a circular life and one I don’t want, so I’m not starting it now. I mean some people seem to come to university and just go crazy, like they’ve never gone out drinking or to clubs in their life, I don’t want to become that either. I know I’ll probably never do anything amazing, earth shatteringly great with my life, but I’ve got to give myself the chance or something along those lines – does that sound conceited? Because that wasn’t what I was going for, I think.

The old and the new may meet one day…

So today I had my first class group lesson, it was good, we were split into groups a we did a couple getting to know you exercises and all that jazz. And then we decided on what we were going to do for our study.

As I had thought there were no males in my class group and apparently, there’ s about 27 males to 200 and something females in the whole of psychology. So yeah there isn’t many males doing psychology, but it was nice I suppose being in an all female class and therefore an all female group to do my study, but we’ve decided to meet up tomorrow to start and actually hopefully finish it.

I was meant to go out shopping with some friends today, but when I went over to their’s they weren’t there, so I was left behind and not knowing anything about the place, I just ended up heading home and having a night in, while chatting with the girls from back home and making plans for one to come up here – or rather down here – the Sunday after next. Which will be nice to see her and all that jazz, but she’s coming really late and I’m thinking it would have been nicer if she could have come by earlier and meet some of my ‘new friends’ and have some pre-drinks and what not, but I’m going to have to find out how to get to the train station, from my place, which I’m not looking forward too, because I’m not even sure if the train station I google mapped is the one that she’ll be at, so I might asked my friend from house 3, if she knows about the trains and all that jazz and see where that goes first, I might be able to persuade her to come with me to pick up my friend and therefore have someone with me that knows and area, meaning it would be less likely that I get lost and end up in the middle of nowhere late at night, in skimpy clothing, because I will probably be wearing skimpy clothing, as we might go straight out from the train station, although she will probably want to put her stuff away in my room, so I don’t know about that. Oh so much to work out and then there’s the budding ‘friendship’ with the people that congregate outside house 50 to maintain, so far so good, but I haven’t bother to chat to them at all today, which might be a problem or something like that, as they’re all lively outside right now.

Lively translating into rowdy and loud and probably drunk. But they’re the kind of people I think I would want to be drunk around all the time, but I’ve had a little to drink, but I’m not at all drunk. Just tired and feeling a little down, about not going out today really at all – socially. But I do have an early morning tomorrow, so I think I won’t bother with them tonight, I can see about tomorrow timetable and getting drunk tomorrow, but I want to get some more booze in, so I’m going to see about going shopping tomorrow as well, but I don’t know when I’m going to finish and I was going to go back to house 3, but I also don’t know when they’ll be around. Although I think I now have one of their numbers I’m not sure because I’ve sent the usual ‘Who is this?’ text, but no reply, so it could be anyone, as far as I know. But I have a feeling it’s them, just a hunch, so I’m hoping they will reply tomorrow and we can hang out, because they’re nice people and all that jazz and I think we could be fast friends, which would be nice, since that way I have ‘let’s get drunk and go out friend’ and also ‘let’s sit about and watch random stuff’ friends and then they’re the people I have met in my psychology group, who all seem nice, so I’ve also got potential psychology friends – I didn’t need to worry about making friends. As it seems I’m quite popular to my own surprise. I have no idea why, it’s not like I bring all that much to the table, apart from my amazing self of course.

Quote/saying of the day: One of my proudest moments is that I did not sell my soul for the sake of popularity – George. W. Bush

The next chapter… begins tomorrow

So I’m off to university tomorrow, although I don’t quite feel like I am. Now and then I get these bursts of anxiousness or excitement due to the change, but other than that today, has just been a day of making sure everything is ready to go and I still don’t feel like it is.

Maybe it’s because my room only looks slightly more bare than normal or something, when I feel like it should be stripped bare and only have the furniture and my bedding in it, so that I can sleep tonight. But to be honest I just looks a little less lived in, that’s all. I suppose I’m leaving quite a bit behind, as I don’t really need it in uni and I don’t want to take too much and clutter up my new room, although I feel like I’m taking a lot, but when again most of it is kitchen stuff and clothing and a girl needs her clothes.

I’ve still got tomorrow morning to sort the last few things out, such as my cd player and lamp and such things like that and then of course the toiletries that I will be using tomorrow morning will need to be packed up, but I’ve got a little wash bag ready for that and I’ve sorted out the clothes I’m wearing down there, something casual and comfortable, as I’ll be spending over 3 hours in the car and then just moving in for the rest of the day and meeting my house mates, so I think comfort is key.

I’ve also been chatting with my buddy and we’re getting along well, which is a relief, as now at least I’ll know one other person in my class when I get there and we seem to have quite a bit in common, so we’re on the same page and all that jazz. We’re sorting to meet up before our first session and find our way there together, which’ll be nice, because that way I won’t be lost and alone, I’ll be lost and with someone else, but I seems we’re both not that great at getting places without getting lost at least once or twice.

I also made the decision to get snapchat, to try and stay in touch with my friends a little more. Although I’ll probably be snap chatting them my new place the most in the coming week or so. But since my phone doesn’t have a front camera, I won’t be snap chatting selfies very often, because I haven’t perfecting taking my own photo like that and I’m not really into the whole taking a picture of your reflection, where you can see the camera and all that jazz, because most of the time it doesn’t look all that good. Speaking of reflections I’ve decided to take my full – well basically full – length mirror with me, but now I’m just hoping that there will be a place I can put it, but I’m thinking that the other girl living with me, might appreciate it a little as well, if we become friends, which I hope we do, since we’ll be living together for the next year – well maybe a little less than that, but the next academic year. I’m also a little apprehensive about who the last person I’m going to be living with is, because I know who two of them are, but I can’t see the last one, so I’m sort of hoping they’re a girl, even though that will mean that it’ll be three girls living with one guy, but I think I’ll be less tempted to drunkenly make out with them or worse if they’re a girl – I think. Plus I think it’ll be fun doing the girly stuff I don’t really do and all that jazz, but I don’t mind them being a guy either, I just think if I had a choice in the matter I would choose girl, at least I think I would, but I suppose I’ll find out tomorrow, as I’m hoping that my house mates will be there or at least one of them will be there, by the time I arrive, because I don’t think I want to be the first one to arrive, although I don’t even know if we’ll all the arriving on the same day or not, but I think it would make sense if we did.

I suppose all will be revealed tomorrow. And I can’t have a bad an arrival as one of friends did. She got food poisoning and throw up in front of all her flatmates, basically as soon as she arrived, but other than that and having to miss out on some partying, because she had to stay in bed, it sounds like she’s having a hell of a time and fortunately her flatmates seem nice enough and didn’t guide her on that one event. So I hope my house mates are nice like that, although I don’t plan on throwing up in front of them, but with the amount of drinking that people do in freshers week who knows what might happen, but I’m going to try and not spend too much money, I’ve worked how much I’ve got for each week and I’ve got a little in my account, as I won’t be getting my loan until Monday, so I have to survive the weekend with only the money in my account right now, which isn’t anything really, so I’m hoping the drinks aren’t too expensive and I’m taking some alcohol down with me, which might make me a little more popular with my house mates or earn me a reputation as a bit of alcoholic. But either way I can sort of use it as an ice breaker, but I’m going to force myself to hang out in the shared areas, although maybe not the bathroom, the kitchen and living room seem like a better option here.

Quote/saying of the day:Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. –¬†Marilyn Monroe