Will there be time to breath..?

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Fingers cross for my inner dude…

So I’m slightly off my face right now, but I feel that isn’t entirely my fault. I mean I got home, after having a day of going over to house 3 to pick up my new buddy, only to turn up late to something we really didn’t need to attend, but this was after seeing him half naked, honestly not something someone wants to see first thing in the morning, or even first thing in the afternoon, but hey ho the worlds still turning and all that jazz, right?

So after being late to the first induction, that we actually didn’t need to be there for – and we weren’t so it doesn’t matter now – we had our psychology introduction, were I found out my class group, finally, couldn’t find out what that was before, because I couldn’t find the things, which made finding out my timetable kind of difficult. But the people I met in my class group seem pretty nice, but they were all girls and I’m wondering if we even have a guy in our class group or not. It seems that psychology is mainly female dominated, as it looked about 80 to 20% female, male in the room today, but who knows if that was everyone, as my buddy didn’t even know it was on today.

I’m glade I met my buddy, as I have become quite good friends with the people in his house, mainly because I go over there often, as my house is usually quite dull, as the guy downstairs, still has yet to have a proper conversation with me and the guy upstairs has taken to calling me beautiful and other such pet names, which I find a little odd, as I’ve not really been around people that do that, so quickly after meeting someone – it’s only been about a day or so since we first actually met. But I’m getting used to it, I think.

So today was alright, I didn’t hang out with the people who congregate in front of house 50, at all and I think they’re all gone now, to some party or other, but I did hang out with house 3 people, although not all of them, just three of them. And we had a few drinks, I’m just hoping I can get up tomorrow to go to my first class group lesson thing, but that’s at 11:30, although I want to get a shower in the morning, so I want to get up by 10 ish sort of time, because I usually take about 20 minuets to shower and dry and then my hair has to dry, since I air dry it and all that jazz, but since I’ve met some people from my class group I think I’ll be alright, although unfortunately none of them live in the student village like me, so I’ll be wandering there by myself. Although we headed there today, so we would know were we were going and all that jazz and I’m hoping I can find it again, I know roughly where it is and that will help in the long run, because I have a feeling most of my lessons are around there, although I’m hoping someone in my class group will turn out to live in the student village and we can head there together the next time – a girl can dream can’t she?

Quote/saying of the day: It is easy to fall in love, but hard to find someone who will catch you – unknown

I’m not really looking for love love right now, just someone to hang out with, so maybe a f*ck buddy or something, because after my exploits of the other week – although the aftermath wasn’t nice – I don’t think becoming emotionally attached is my deal right now. Let’s play it like a dude and play the field a little. Although there is this guy that hang out with the house 50 group and he’s completely my type, although I’m not too sure if he’s into me, but I’m going to dress in my usually sluttiness one night and get plastered and use my womanly wilds on him, so let’s cross our fingers for victory or something like that.