Supportive friends and truth telling

So my friend was really nice today and came into the city with me, to get the morning after pill, but because I waited so long apparently it only has around 60% chance of working. But I suppose I’ll have found out by the end of the week – when mother nature comes to visit – ah for now we’ll be playing the waiting game.

So apart from wandering to a bunch of places, before being interviewed and given the pill, we went shopped and I got myself some new shoes, because I really needed some and my friend enlightened me about the guy I had slept with, over a cup of green tea, her being his friend and him being a close friend of her boyfriend, she knew him quite well – which sort of breaks my first rules, don’t get with people my friends know, but I’ve decided no matter what I’m not going to regret this, I don’t want this to become a regret.

It weird because apparently he has girls falling all over him, but he’s picky, or at least she seems to think he is, so ever so and so, she would mutter ‘I can’t believe you did it with him’ or something to that effect, even though she now wants us to get together, but I blatantly refused. I’m going away to university and I really don’t want to do the long distance thing. I’m not the sort of person who could make that work, maybe one day, but not now and I think he feels the same way about it, either that or I sort of stomped that idea out, when I told him we would never meet again, which is probably true, although my friend is trying to change that. Maybe if certain things were different, but things are the way they are, so hey ho life goes on and all that jazz.

I think I sort of annoyed her a little though, because I kept giggling when I remembered things and I wouldn’t enlighten her, but to be honest I think she won’t have thanked me for enlightening her, since she knows him and all that jazz.

I’m going back into the city again tomorrow for a few hours, before meeting up with some girlfriends and going to see that new film ‘If I stay’. I’m hoping it’s good, because I think it could go either way.

Then their all coming back to mine and we’re probably just going to sit around and watch films and chit chat and all that girly stuff.

I was trying to cover my love bites with make up this morning, but they’re so dark that it doesn’t work and since I don’t really wear concealer and foundation and all that, the stuff I have it’s exactly expensive and amazingly good, so in the end I just left them and dealt with the looks that some people gave me. Although a couple older women did glare at me in a nasty way, I think the overall reaction was ‘look away’ or ‘stare’ and since I like to wear tops with writing on them, I’m used to people looking at me, since they’re usually trying to work out what my top says, which was a little unnerving at first, but I got used to it. I’m not going to change my style, just because of that.

Quote/saying of the day: If you smile while no one is around you really mean it. -Unknown

When I was really little, my mother told me you should always smile at babies, because it teaches them to smile. It sort of sounds silly and all that jazz, but whenever a baby looks at me, I still smile, just in case.

Do I look FABULOUS or Should I lose another screw?

So I’ve finally worked out what I’m going to wear to my friends decades party. After a long shopping session in the rain today – which didn’t really get me anywhere, a part from a few warm and well needed jumpers and a fabulous red dress. I resorted to spanning through pictures of 80’s clothing on the internet and worked out an outfit. Although I also draw some inspiration from Gok, who I love. I’ve decided to stick with the idea of punk/rock, but the outfit that I’ve put together is more casual every man wear, so I’m going to punk it out, with from fake leather, big belts, studs, pearls and washers, nuts and bolts. I’m hoping that once I’m done it will look fabulous, because I’ve only got a few days to put it together and I’m going to get the washer etc on the day of, so I’ve got to basically put the finally outfit together on the day of, so if it goes wrong I don’t think I’ll have time to redo it. I’m also thinking about buying/making a violently bright clutch bag and splashing it with nail varnish. Where did this idea come from I hear you ask, well I’ve been watching the Carrie Diaries and she does that to her bag, so I’m copying her idea basically, as I was just going to use paint, but I think nail vanish mine work better, and I have a bunch that I never wear, so… I’ve also got to get the accessories sorted, but I think I can do that tomorrow.

Everything seems to just be coming together, somehow! Although I’m a little anxious about the make-up, as a part from a touch of bright red lip stick or a dab of black eye liner, I don’t wear that much make-up and I don’t want to end up looking like a clown, although hopefully my friends won’t let me leave the house if I look that bad. I’m really get quite excited for this weekend now, as I can’t wait to see every ones outfits and scoff at how much better mine is – only kidding!

I’ve also been doing some knitting today, as I now have a knitting machine sitting in my living room, so I thought why not? Well that was soon answered, because it’s frustrating and hard, if you drop a stick it is almost impossible to pick it back up again, at the end I almost ran out of wool, so I had to tie the end, because there wasn’t enough wool to cast off. I was trying to knit a scarf and it would have been alright, if I had had more wool, but I’m going shopping for some more tomorrow, so that will all be sorted. Although I think I might hand knit it instead, because the machine is just too much drama and I want this scarf to be as close to perfect as it can be, as it’s a present and it wouldn’t be nice to receive a scarf full of hole and weird bits of wool hanging out, as it would be receive one that just looked like a scarf and not a deformed blob.

I saw this outfit as I was trawling through images on Google and just fell in love with it, but as it’s in a foreign language I can’t read the writing that goes with it, but that doesn’t stop me from liking the outfit and praising whoever created it – my hat off to you.


You can’t look down…

When you love someone and they don’t love you back. It’s like dangling from a rope over a drop and that rope shouldn’t be able to hold your weight and you’re just waiting for it to snap, but in spite of that you still let yourself hope that you’re going to be able to climb that rope to the top and everything is going to be alright.

Alright so that was a little depressing, so here’s something a little more up lifting. I’ve been trying out making my own make-up and so far I’ve had quite a bit of success. Although I had a couple problem, mostly with stains, but I managed to deal with them alright, so every things on the up an up there.

The thing that kind of got me onto making my own make-up, was this lipstick that I got recently. It’ll called magic lipstick or mood lipstick – but the mood things complete bullshit, as it isn’t effected by mood at all – the lipstick changes colour when you put it on and it’s meant to be different for each person, as it changes according to their chemistry. Although I’m more into wearing red lipstick, than pink, it’s not that bad a product. I mean it’s not bright pink or anything, it’s actually quite dark. I’m not sure what that says about me exactly, but let’s hope it’s something good

You know how everyone has this ideal person, such as their magic man – if they like men that is. And everyone they are with is judged and the one that is closed to that perfect idea person, is the one they want to spend the rest of their life with, or more commonly known as ‘the one’. I suppose I have a list of things, but that’s not the point the point is, that when you ask someone about what their perfect person is then within the first three things there will be something about their appearance. I mean with some people they talk about their appearance and then their personality (etc) as a sort of after thought. I mean, I can only really talk from the female perspective, but girls are always going on about how they want guys to like them for who they are and not what they look like. But if some with a less than desirable appearance came up to them, they would act the same way they want other people not to. Bit hypocritical. I myself do have a list for my perfect guy and that list does have things on it that are about the guys appearance, but contrary to what a large amount to guys seem to believe I don’t care if their buff. Actually a large amount of buff guys repulse me a little. Some of them go over board. I have this friend like that and he works out everyday, basically all day. I mean it’s stupid the amount of time he spends working out and now his neck has huge muscles, so much so that he has to basically bend his whole body to look down and talk to me, so most of the time we talk with him sitting, or we don’t look each other in the face. But that amount of muscle is horrible. I mean it. Sure not being flabby is nice, but that doesn’t mean muscles.

I don’t know how many people know this, but using your brain burns fat or the thing that makes fat, but basically being smart means you won’t get fat – most of the time. So what I’m trying to say, but I’m rambling, is that when my friend looks at a guy and thinks nerd or whatever. I look at the same guy and think guy. It’s not that I don’t have ‘standards’. I’ll just talk to the guy first, before disregarding him into the no pile – most of the time, sometimes I make snap judgements just like anyone, I’m only human.

So that got my rambling feeling off of my chest and now I feel all refreshed.

I’ve been trying to create a seasons paintings. I’ve got these five canvases and I think I want to do this couple and their romance through the seasons, but I’m having trouble with the backgrounds and the poses for the couple. I want the last one to be the girl turning into butterflies – I have a slightly obsession with butterflies, (as you might be able to tell, from the background of this blog) since my friend got me onto them, she also has a slight obsession with them – and I want the first one to be the girl and some butterflies, but other than that, I’m not too sure about where how it’s going to look.