I lift right out…

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You can look, but touch and you will be burnt…

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If you wish hard enough and then throw it to the sky?

Remember remember the fifth of November the gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot. Sorry I know it’s no longer the fifth, but I just had to put that in there, but onto the really post

I’ve been thinking more and more lately, that I want to be in a relationship and then today I court myself wandering about falling in love. I know that thinking about love and relationships is stereotypically normal for a girl, maybe even more for one my age, but I haven’t really wanted to be in a relationship since the start of college maybe even longer than that. It’s sort of a foreign concept at the moment.

But then I find myself thinking it would be nice, perhaps just a open one then, because I’m not really good with the whole being faithful thing it would seem, but then maybe if I ever fall in love I will be and maybe I’ll actually be possessive. I can be possessive, but only up until the point which I actually have something to be jealous about the then just puff, that feeling is gone and I’m sort of bored with the whole thing and I tend not to want to continue with something that bores me, unless it will be rewarding in the end, such as going to college in the first place, don’t get the wrong there, there were some good times and good friends and all that jazz.

So I’ve got the week off for what they call reading week, it’s basically half term a week too late. But I have bought some textbooks and I’ve written an essay on applied psychology, which means I have read some books, although one of the ones I got was useless, although I think it might be useful later – yay for the long hall.

But instead of sticking around here and bumming around the house and what not, because quite a few of my friend are doing the same course as me and were leaving as well, I went home for what was meant to be a long weekend and turned into about a working week long. But it was nice to see the family, well the father, his girlfriend and the big brother, who is now driving and has got himself a car with all that money that he never spends – damn people who can resist temptation, I wish I was one and then at the same time I don’t. So I met up with a friend and we went shopping, not exactly the wild homecoming one might like, but it was nice and I did go out for Halloween. I went over to a friends house, then went to another house and played drinking games with a bunch of strangers and some people I have probably only met once, but it was funny as they get mashed pretty quickly, well one of them did. Although  I wasn’t drinking myself, because I was going home the next day and had to get up to catch the train.

So while at home, I somehow managed to watch all 3 series of Miranda and now am wishing there was another series – oh the sadness of the loss of funniness. It was nice to find something to really laugh at, because some comedies aren’t really laugh out loud comedies, there funny sure, just not laugh out loud funny and then I found the IT crowd and have indulged in that since I got back, to what I was calling home when I was back with the family, as I sort of have 2 homes at the moment, I suppose.

And tomorrow I’ll be off to London. I am doing a bit to travelling this week. Me and some gal pals are going to the Hunger games premier, but I’m going down a day early and are going to go and see my friends or at least one of them and stay here a night – such fun!

Although why do they make the London underground look so complicated and what the hell is with the oyster card thing? I’m sure there’s a good reason for it, but it does seem like I’m going to have to deal with a more than necessary, so because I was basically crying over the tube map I found, my friend has offered to meet me at Waterloo station. Even after getting the father to try and explain the map to me, I still don’t think I understand it, but I have been assured that it is actually much more easy then it looks – I don’t think it could possibly be harder than it looks, as to me it looks like a circuit board more than anything. I don’t like travelling on train and the underground look ten times harder than that.

I had to do 2 changes on the train I took home and it cost a fortune, annoying as hell. Fortunately I did alright, although on the way back I couldn’t find the stairs to the get to the platform I needed to be on and ended up walking to the wrong end of the platform I was on and missed my train, fortunately I did write down the times for the next train, so I just had to sit and wait an extra hour for the next train and then the next one was about 20 minuets late, making me think I might have missed that one as well, and then because I was an hour later than I had expected I, I had to sit and freeze at the bus stop for 40 minuets and the bus was full, so I didn’t get a seat for most of the ride, thankfully I put my bag in the rack, so I didn’t have to hold onto that.

I have made the father promise to come pick me up for Christmas, as I want to bring back stuff to wash, because I don’t want to have to spend the money on the washing machines, although I do have some washing I need to do and I need to get my shoes out from in the airing cupboard .

I’m also thinking about dumping Mr G, although I don’t think dumping is the right word. But then I want to find a new fb, before I do that. He’s just sort of been bugging me a little recently, although we haven’t seen each other for about 3 weeks now. I might wait and give it some time and see, but that’s the way that is heading right now.

Any ways only 6 weeks until I go on Christmas break, well maybe only 5 really now – yay! Although I thought I got a month off, but I don’t, I get a week shy of a month, but I’m still looking forward to it, because my friend has promised there will be lots of partying and that she invite me too all the parties she gets invited to, which is wonderful for me, because she has some ‘good’ friends and I’ll get to see the first again – oh it’ll be a lovely reunion I’m sure, he might have broken it off with the girl he is cheating on by then. Although one of the brother’s can’t get Christmas off of work, so he won’t be around this years, which will be the first year we haven’t had all the family together for Christmas, that being myself, the father and the two brothers. A small family, but still, although this year the other brother might bring his girlfriend along and the fathers girlfriend will probably be with us, like last year, so it won’t be like there won’t be people around and all that jazz. Plus he said that he’ll be around for New years, although I don’t know if I will be, new years if a great excuse for a party. I say I’m not really a party animal, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. Although I’m trying to persuade one of my new friends it isn’t weird to go out just the two of us, maybe she feels weird because I’m bi, but she’s not really my type or anything, so I would have to be quite drunk and lonely for me to make a pass at her. not to say that she ugly or something. Just I’m picky when it comes to girls and really not very picky with guys, as long as they are 30 or under and 18 or above then I’m fine really.

So I’ve been reading the Picture of Dorian Grey again. I think I have started this book at least 3 times before, but this is the first time I think I might finish it, as I’m on the second to last chapter and am going to read some on the train ride to London, if I don’t finish it before then. I adore this book and after starting to read it the first time, I did watch the film, but honest I think the film does have it’s good point and everything, but with most adaptations the original is better. But I think they did quite a decent job with the film. Although that does mean that I know what happens or at least I think I know what happens in the end, which does sort of spoil it, but I’m still going to read those last two chapters, then I can ,move on to this new series I’ve found; The house of night. It’s another vampire series, but it seems like it could be good and I might ask for the next book in the series for Christmas along with a bunch of other things. I’ve been compiling a mental list of things that I want, although as per usual I’m not expecting to get half them, as it’s more a list of things I can’t really afford to buy myself at the moment and all that jazz. which means that they’re all quite expensive, such as this game that I want for my 3DS or at least I think it’s for the 3DS, most DS related games are now or that flat one, that I despised the idea of – I just didn’t get it.

I love the look of the cute animation for a start!

Any ways I could probably go on and on about games the what not, although recently I haven’t really been playing any, mainly because I don’t have the money to buy new ones and I tend to get a little sunk, when I play online ones and when I finally surface it’ll usually some god forsaken hour and I have to get up at 7:30 the next day, so I’ve not really been playing many recently, but just talking about it here, makes me want to – oh damn. But I’m going away tomorrow, so got to get a nights sleep tonight, although this time I don’t have to get up early and I’m only taking the one bag, tried to pack as lightly has possible, but I think I could have gone lighter, I’m not really the best packer to be honest, I tend to want to take everything, for jics – just in case situations.

Quote/saying of the day: How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being. – Oscar Wilde.

How indeed?

Not that I purely agreed with the ideas on woman that Oscar Wilde displays in this book, but I do like this quote.

Wolf whistling at shadows, before squealing with joy over the ordinary…

Right now, today is a best dam day of my life. Alright I might not think so tomorrow, but right now I’m super happy, like squealing sort of happy. The kind of happy that makes people think you’re a little off your rocker. Such as if someone was walking down the street and found out they had just won the lottery and right there in the street they stopped and just started squealing and screaming with delight, that sort of off your rocker happy. But like I said tomorrow this will probably be less than squeal happiness. So mother nature decided to pay me a visit.

So I’ve been feeling a little down since I went on a university essentials shopping spree this morning, with the father, because that way I don’t have to pay and I need to save every penny. And I was just thinking, I haven’t really been eating properly lately, well sort of – I’ll get to that later – so I thought that I was just tired, but then I’m thinking and I like I know this feeling. So I check like a good girl does and hey ho mother nature is waving back at me, so I’m doing a little dance in my bathroom, while the father yells at me from down stairs, because his girlfriend has made us dinner and so they’re waiting for me to come down, so they can start watching the film – Wolf of Wall street – and begin dinner. Alright my family eats in front of the TV most nights, or in front of some sort of screen, but when it’s just me and the father or me, it’s a little depressing sitting at the big dinning table. So I feel like I should put in my take on the Wolf of Wall street, not the best film to watch with your father and his girlfriend, as it’s all sex, drugs, money, to be honest I think that’s what you would be expecting. But I like it, although I was cringing at quite a few bits and the bit where he hit his wife wasn’t nice, but overall, I think it was a good film and I liked the bit with the pen – I totally think I could sell him a pen, but then I’ve seen the film, so I have an unfair advantage.

I also watch The double today. Not quite what I was expecting, but I liked that one as well, it was… different, but in a good way and I like the whole, way they used the lights and the basic oddness of the whole thing, although at first I didn’t really know what was going on, but that sort of added to it. Although if you’re looking for a totally in your face obvious film, this isn’t the one, most diffidently. It also had one of my favourite actors in it and the girl from Alice in Wonderland – the modern version, which is really Alice returning to Wonderland if I’m not mistaken – who I think is a good actress or actor, I’m not sure which one you’re meant to use, because apparently actress is sexist or something. I’m not being sexist when I say actress that’s just the way people have referred to female actors around me for the majority of my life, so I suppose it’s habit – just saying.

Right so last night we had a little goodbye/birthday party of my friend, since it was one of my friend birthdays recently and the other one is leaving tomorrow to London. So we went to this all you can eat Chinese buffet place and I showed off my prowess with the chopsticks – honest I didn’t know I could use them so well, I only dropped one spring roll the entire meal. So I thought I wasn’t really going to eat very much, because like I said I’ve been having ‘problems’ eating recently, it’s not that I’m not hungry, it’s more like I’m hungry until I start eating, when I’m no longer hungry and I feel full almost instantly, when actually I’m not. But any ways I went a filled my plate with the many delicious looking Chinese style foods up for offer, thinking all the while, I really shouldn’t take this much, but I do want to get my moneys worth. But in the end I ate everything plus desert and then cupcakes later. I’m thinking I’ve been having problems because I’ve been too in my own head sort of thing and the butterflies that have taken up residence in my stomach maybe proof of that.

So any ways after the meal – when my friend did a very bad job of hiding the cupcakes, by covering them with her boyfriend’s jumper and then stuffing them under the table for everyone to see – we headed for the river. A couple of us had made plans to meet up with another friend by the river, so we went for a quick alcohol shop and I got this bright pink, strawberries and cream stuff, that was delicious yet disgusting at the same time. So being me, I got slightly drunk and then decided to got for a walk around the park, with my other slightly more drunk friend and recount the events of last Saturday/Sunday to her, which she took as an opportunity to rant about guys and how she’s now more into guys than girls, which I have a hard time believing, because not long later she wanted to go look for guys to make out with. But after arriving back with the other, I wiped out the shisha and it ended up being passed around the group, as everyone wanted to try it and I think it was a bit too much of a hit, as it probably spent more time in my friends mouth than in mine, but hey ho, sharing is caring and all that jazz. Although it was a early evening, because people had to go to work the next day, so while some people went to move cars around, me and the slightly more drunk friend took and scenic root, which including having a weird wolf whistling ‘conversation’ with what I’m guessing was a group of guys – they were standing quite far off and in the dark under a tree and without my glasses I can’t see too much too well, when it’s far off. Thinking now if we hadn’t been with a couple of people then my friend probably would have dragged me over to them.

But I got home safe and sound, after being hugged within an inch of my life by my friends, who I might not been seeing for a very long time now. Although one of them is trying to convince me to go to London for Halloween, which would be really fun, but I have a feeling I might not be able to afford it and we’re meant to be having a Christmas party, because everyone is back then, which would be fun.

I’ve been trying to sort of sort out things for starting university today, there’s this whole online registrations thing, which I didn’t know about until a little while ago and then I somehow lost my NI number, so I had to find that, before I could complete it and then I got really confused when I was looking through what I thought was my emails, but it wasn’t. The format is new to me, so it’s a little – or a lot – confusing, but I guess I’ll get the hang of it in time, I’ve got 3 years or something. I’ve also been emailing my buddy, so I might know at least one person when I get there and he does the same course as me, so I might try and meet with him before going to the first session, so that I won’t be getting lost by myself, because I can see myself getting completely and utterly lost and confused and what not.

Quote/saying of the day: We waiting, starving for moment of high magic to inspire us, but life is full of common enchantments waiting for our Alchemist’s eyes to notice. – Jacob Nordby.

Alright so this song was in the Wolf of Wall street.

Sun, sand and ant bites… With a touch of Magic

So I’ve been in Jamaica for two weeks. I was writing this diary/journal things, which I was going to post on here, but then I reconsidered.

So I’m giving you all a basic run down of the wonders of Jamaica and having spent a week with my grandparents and a week by the sea, with high temperatures, all above 30 – during the day at least. It was nice, apart from the incredibly itchy ant bites, at least I think I was bitten by ants, because unfortunately they were dropping out of the tree, I was using to shade myself from the mid day sun, although I still got a lovely tan and some pasty tan lines to show it, because with me, it’s less noticeably than white people, when I get a tan. But apart from that it was a wonderful trip. Lots of fruit, which was great. We stayed in Negril – by the sea side – in a hotel for a couple of nights, more to be by the sea and catch the sun, but they had fruit out for every meal and we were down there for the 4th of July, when they were celebrating and luckily enough the night before I had met this cute Spanish guy, after his mother – at least I think it was his mother – saw us playing uno, which is a game we basically go nowhere without, because we tend to play it when… waiting for food in restaurants and times like that. So I bonded with this Spanish family over Uno and me and the guy walk along the beach and had some fun at the 4th of July celebrations that were going on there, while the father did whatever the father does. But unfortunately they left the next day – short lived friendship. Right over in Jamaica they have pot holes which you could – if you wanted to – literally take baths in, I mean it, well this was on the mountain road from the airport to my Grandparents house, so maybe not everywhere…

So I was meant to be going to Church on one of the Sundays we were there and I’m not really religious, but I kind of enjoy Jamaican church, because it’s so lively and completely different from the English church I had to go to as I child. My grandparents are very religious, as it seems quite a few people I met over there are – which is nice and all that jazz. But I the end I only went to quire practice with the grandmother, before we went out shopping, to find gives for the friends. Which I properly spent my 4200 Jamaican dollars on, which might sound like a lot to some, but it’s not really as much as it may appear to be. It seems Jamaica was one of those poor countries that had to deal with inflations and all that nasty business – I’m glade I never lived in a country where that was happening, it’s doesn’t seems to… great. So I got the friends so small trinkets, although I’m not too sure who I’ll be seeing before I – hopefully – jet off to the other side of the country, but I got enough for everyone and since I remembered my friend liked them I got some cigars in Rum and Chocolate flavour, so I’m hoping pull them out on this camping trip we’ve been planning and surprise everyone… or just someone. I was going to get Rum, but then I had this sudden realisation of great truth, that I could probably buy it cheaper in the UK and still get the same (ish) stuff.

So it rained a little, when we were at Negril – I’m hoping I’m spelling that right, because I have this nagging feeling I’m not, but oh well – there was a few short lived thunder storms, that rolled off into the Ocean, even though inland at the grandparents place, they were hoping for rain, because the plants were dying of thirst. But during the storms I watched American TV, which I find has a lot – I mean a lot – more adverts about food, than British TV does, although quite a few of the channels were just news news all the time and there were a couple Spanish ones, which is nice for the Spanish speaking guests. But I did get introduced to a couple interesting shows and watched some trailers for some films I now want to see, so it wasn’t a bad thing for anything.

I also finished the 6 books that I took with me; Poison study, Magic study, Fire study – I have fallen in love with the study series ad the author and am now going to buy the two first books of two of their other series – Fire – which turned out to be the second book in a series, although thankfully the books aren’t linking in characters, but place that they are set, so it shouldn’t matter I read the second one first – A wizard of earth sea – which I thought I had seen the movie of, but after reading it I realised I was wrong -and last but not least Blood Promise – a book in the Vampire Academy series, that I have been working my way through, only 2 more books left. I’m a bit of a vampire fan, although I cannot read Twilight, literally, I tried and I couldn’t get past the first chapter, although I went to see the films, because I wanted to give it a shot and I think that it could have been well really good, but it was missing something or something like that, but the writing oh god it was… indescribably in a bad way – sorry to the author, but honestly I cannot understand how anyone could read that book let alone more that 1 of them, maybe the writing got… better later on and the first chapter or 1st book was just badly done – not that I’m an expert writer or anything… (and I also finished fifty shades).

While I was over there, I had the whole stranger in a strange place thing going on, which was nice – if you don’t know what I mean, I’m not sure how to explain it…

So here some pictures…


So yeah, that’s my holiday – more or less – in picture form, with all the pictures of me and the family taken out and a couple of shots here and there removed, because of blurriness. So as you can see, lots of fruit, which leads on to, I love Jamaican food, sure I don’t eat all that much, but over there I just wanted to sit around and eat all day – sometimes – especially some of the dishes the grandmother made and plantain, I could eat that by the barrel, I was seriously considering packing some up into my suitcase, but in the end I didn’t, mainly because we had already been stopping on the way into the country, because of the father or rather probably because of the brother, but I won’t get into that – only to say we did nothing wrong.

So this weekend I went to the Harry Potter studio tour, with a friend of mine, as she got tickets for her birthday, it was really fun and we stayed in Premier Inn over night. Although I’m almost certain one of the staff members was into my friend, but she failed to see it.

We had a lot of laughs, so it was a good trip. On the way there, we got stuck in this traffic jam and my friend – who’s driving – is looking out the window and goes, ‘oh hey look at that dog’ so I’m looking at this car, and not seeing a dog and then she goes ‘oh shit, it’s an old lady’ it was so funny – maybe sorta more had to be there thing – but trust me it was funny, but the whole trip was a bit like that, like she goes over to a hanger on this rail thing by the door of the room and goes ‘hey look, I’m  a coat’ I mean it’s like we’re scripted sometimes, although I often say people would pay to watch the sorta crazy shit we get up to sometimes.

But hey ho a great day and I tried butter beer for the first time, although it was a little underwhelming, not bad, although the cream left a bad taste in the mouth, just underwhelming, maybe because they’re drinking it all the time, like it’s really amazing, is why I thought it would taste more… extraordinary.

Quote/saying of the day (or rather last couple weeks): I love the feeling of being anonymous in a city I’ve never been to before.