If not for the workplace romance

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Stripping, between dye strokes…

She had watched the other leave and knew now there was little she could do to stop from having to go with whoever he told her to. No matter how much they cried and pleaded he turned a blind eye … Continue reading

Dying hair with Ice-cream celebrations…

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Nothing happens when you don’t go…

Halloween? Nothing happens on Halloween. –Buffy the Vampire slayer.

Now that’s something true. My Halloween has been blissfully peaceful and uneventful, but then that’s probably because I’m postponing my Halloween fun for tomorrow, due to Halloween being on a Thursday, mid week isn’t always the best time and all that jazz. But then again I have yet to have trick or treaters turnings up at my door and I’m thinking good, because I don’t have much to give them and the whole thing of ringing someone doorbell and expecting them to give you a treat for just being there in some store bought costume, really? You used to have to actually do something, like a dance or something like that, but now it’s just give us candy or else. Then I’m a little too old for trick or treating, but hey ho and world keeps turning around and around.

So I’ve had this horrible arm ache, ever since I spent a day chopping up wood. It was both tiresome and sort of fun, although the after effects aren’t fun at all. I did the chopping on Tuesday and I’m still hurting, so I’m hoping it will have stopped by tomorrow, but then it feels like my body is falling apart at the moment, as my knee was hurting this afternoon and then my back was hurting since Monday last week, so yeah… Things are achy.

Any ways on a different subject, my friend is having a decades party for her birthday this year. You can come as any decade, so I was thinking 80’s/70’s rock/punk. Since I found this jacket that I love. It’s a khaki jacket, with ‘God Save the Queen’ written across the back, which for those own don’t understand, look up the Sex Pistols and you might get it, but any who. I’ve decided that I’m going to make it myself, instead of searching the internet for one. So I’m getting a khaki jacket and then adding some metallic studs and spray painting ‘God save the Queen across the back. But other than the jacket and these new military style boots I just got, I’m not sure what else I’m going to wear. I’ve been looking through some pictures online to try and get inspiration, but at the moment I’m just thinking a bralet, tartan shorts and some leggings, but I don’t really feel like that’s good enough, although I want to get some red, John Lennon style (round) glasses, because I think their really cool and there quite cheap and all that jazz. But yeah. I’m still working on it and I’ve got some time until the party, but I want to get things that I would wear any ways, so that I’m not just spending money on something that I’m never going to wear again. Such as I did with my Halloween costume, apart from the fangs maybe the rest of the costume I wear any ways, because I don’t really have money to burn at the moment.

I’m trying to save, as I want to go to Ireland next year, although now I’m thinking that I might end up going alone. As I was thinking that it would be fun to go with friends, but the way that it’s going it might just be me, myself and I. But I think that could be a great experience as well and maybe a good bit of fun. Everyone seemed really interesting and excited about it at first, but then as it went along and talk of money came up, people seemed to less interested and so far only one seems as interesting in going as I am. So maybe we’ll go. Although neither of us can drive, so we’ll have to walk or something like that everywhere, maybe hitch hike. That would be an adventure, although it could be dangerous and I don’t know how I feel about carrying all my luggage around with me and whole trip, I’ll have to pack light – I’m not very good at that.

Recently I’ve had this over whelming need to go to the sea and not just any sea or anything. I want to go to the sea where it is clear enough to see the bottom in deeper water and go swimming, but around here there isn’t really anywhere where you can do that, so the only way I can is go abroad, but that’s not going to happen, so I’m having to suppress that need and just carry on.

The Halloween colour and business.

Alright so I went down to Bournemouth yesterday. It was a miserable day weather wise, but on the drive down there, I was listening to the radio and a One Republic song can on and well I loved it.

I think it’s got which a good music video as well, but it’s got me all inspired, so I was writing up this little pocket of inspiration on my phone, when it decided to go funky and mess with me, which was sad, but I think I got the basic ideas and themes down, before it started to play up.

So basically at the moment the story started with this girl and it’s just describing how she feels and looks. She being carry through this desert and so she become sort of dehydrated, so she’s a little bit out of it. But this guy is giving her a piggy back. Now I’m not sure how it’s all going to come together, as I’ve just got scenes and pieces of it at the moment, but I think it’s going to be quite short and well you can probably guess that the guy that is carrying her is her love interest in the story, although I’m contemplating killing him off at the end, but we’ll have to see about that.

Any ways today has been somewhat of a quiet Sunday. It was my Grandfather’s birthday yesterday, but I got in too late to Skype them like I had planned – as they live in Jamaica – so I’ve been trying to get hold of them today, but I haven’t had any luck.

My dad and his girlfriend were around though and we played on the wii for a while, as she only just got one, so she finds the whole thing quite interesting and fun, although it’s nice to play some multi-player games for once.

I was going to get coloured contacts today, for my Halloween costume, but I found out that I can’t wear them because of my eye infection. Although I could just wear one I suppose, I’m not sure about it though, so I’m thinking it over right now, I’ve still got other things to get for the costume, so I can get them then if I want to. But I did get some pumpkins, so I’m going to carve them and chop some wood up in the next few days, which should keep my busy until I head off of York.