The complex medium of a social love affair…

So it’s still raining, as it has been all week – oh the wonders of nature – everywhere is getting flooded around me, but somehow the buses seem to be still running, god knows how, their getting through the floods, but as long as their running so am I. I feel like I have to try, but it seems that a bunch of people with that attitude are getting stuck away from home and there’s trying then there’s getting stranded and I’m not going to do that, just to learn about the Hegemonic model.

Although I did learn about the ‘warrior gene’ recently, also know as MAOA(-L). It’s the gene that contributes towards someone being aggressive or/and a psychopath. Although just having the gene doesn’t make you one, there have to be other factors in you life as well.

Wasn’t that interesting?

I’m not the biggest fan of the rain, because I’m more into wearing summery clothing, I suppose. Although the rain has yet to stop me from doing my own thing, no matter what others think of me. I’m not going to change, just because some people think I’m a little strange. If I did that, then I would be a completely different person right now.

Alright so I’m meant to be doing something slightly meaningful and productive in this period of time, but instead I’m blogging, god I’m so into procrastinating right no. I know, I know I should be. I should get down and do some work and I will, just not today, tomorrow or this weekend, or perhaps next week – you can’t blame a girl for her short attention span, that leads to her getting bored quickly (perhaps that’s why I’m single for valentines day). Although it always seems to end up like this, but what the hell? I might not be able to go out, even if I did have someone to go to, because I might be flooded in. It seems that that is a problems for a couple I know, but I’m sure they’ll work it out.

Any ways off of the somewhat saddening subject of v-day and onto a similar one. It seems that misunderstands and mis-connections have happened in my absence – alright it wasn’t because I wasn’t there, just I wasn’t there. But it seems that these had painted something in a rather shady light and now people are beginning to think badly of that person. It’s hard to tell someone there in a relationship, when they’re in denial about it, but seeing the people in question today, I couldn’t help, but agree with others, the two where in a relationship and where either in denial or where doing a superbly bad job of hiding it from others, blatant ‘sexual harassment’ – as my friend likes to rather to it as – or more accurately public displays of affection, scream we’re together guys, because I know she couldn’t handle ‘friends with benefits’ she’s just not that type of person – no judgement promise.

So I’ve got a little bit stuck into the Vampire Academy series, although the books aren’t particularly aimed at my age – or maybe a little bit – I still like them. Although I’m pretty much in love with vampires, full stop. So yeah… there’s that. I’ve been thinking of this plot about vampires and other mystical creatures and I did start writing it, but now I can’t find that bit I started, so don’t know where that’s going. Although I’m still not giving up on ‘Going steady’, which really isn’t going anywhere. I need a muse or something to motivate/inspire me. But with my luck at the moment, that won’t be happening any time soon.

Here’s a little music:

I liked this song since I first heard it, but due to there being so many different translations, I’m not too sure which one is correct, but I like this one and the singer is actually pretty good, unlike in some of the other fan dubbed ones – what someone has to say it sometime. But I also like the original, although I can’t understand it, but I’m a little weird like that, I like listening to music even if I have no idea what the person is saying. Not all the time, but sometimes when I find a song I really quite like – such as this one – I like to listen to it in it’s original state and the singer of this, is quite big – I do believe.

Quote/saying of the day: Maybe I’m just too fucking complicated for anyone to love – Unknown.