If I was only a little more… let’s product this summer…

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Reunite to give the future thoughts

So yeah, today I went and met up with some of the girls for a late lunch and a little, but unsuccessful, shopping spree. It would seem that my taste in clothing and main stream clothing are completely different, which means high street stores don’t really have anything I like. There was some nice tops in Primark, but apart from that, there wasn’t really anything. I did buy a top, which I think I’m going to paint at some point during my holidays, but even though I didn’t manage to find anything amazing, I still had a good time.

It was nice to see my friends again and catch up a little, over Blue Lagoon – that’s a cocktail for those who don’t know – and a bagel. One of my friends also invited me to a party, although she had ulterior motives for doing so, because she wants me and this guy to ‘get together and having hundreds of babies’ and that’s a direct quote. But I’m not sure if I’m going to go. Sure I like parties and I will actually know some of the people there this time, but I’ll just see how I feel closer to the time I suppose.

I’ve got this weekend to look forward to, as we’re heading down to the cousins for Easter. I’m not too sure how they celebrate, because I know some people go the whole shebang. Although my family has only really started celebrating the holiday again recently. But I suppose I’ll find out this weekend.

Quote/saying of the day: Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. – Helen Keller

Explaining ratio, before Chappie

So yesterday I went to see that new film Chappie. I was meant to go with a bunch of people, but it ended up just being me and my friend, but it was still a good time and I cashed the check my grandma send me – so practical as well.

But yeah any ways the film was really good, although my friend brought into question the whole, is Chappie really alive thing, because he did philosophy A-level and apparently one of the definitions of alive is that the thing has to dispel waste and what not, although wouldn’t that sort of make cars alive? But any ways it was a good film, really quite more emotional than I thought it was going to be. Although there were some points where I got a little annoyed with it, due to it being unrealistic, but they were quite so small that they didn’t ruin the film.

AI seems to be quite a big thing these days, as I’ve been seeing quite a few films about it, was there some break throw in science that I haven’t heard about, or is this just another passing phrase, like vampires and zombies and whatever else.

I personally would like to believe in the possibility of AI’s, but who know if they’ll be perfected in the lifetime – if they haven’t been already…

So it’s one of my friends birthdays today, so I’ll be heading over to her place to help her celebrate in the evening, which will be nice.

Yesterday I tried to explain the difference between fashion and style to me friend, but like a stereotypical male he didn’t really get it at all. Honestly I think sometimes fashion is just people reading others and then trying to sell them things they don’t need, but still want. Not that I don’t love it or anything, despite all that. But I do believe there is a grand difference between fashion and style, although a lot of people would probably disagree with me, but there probably brand people. Honestly I don’t really give two shakes of a lambs tail – I wonder where that saying originated – about brands, sure you’re probably going to get better quality from a brand name than from some high street shops, perhaps not all though.

Any ways I went on to explain my observation of how the difference in a woman’s torso to leg ratio changes her cuteness of elegance. The way I’ve work it out to be – generally – long torso, short legs is cute and long legs short torso is elegant, now as far as I can tell this is universal to all cultures, but perhaps doesn’t always happen in all women, to say that I would have to meet every single woman in the world and I’m not willing to go that far, to prove my theory, but generally – as far as I can tell – it’s true, although apparently most women are about half and half on the leg torso ratio, so of course that’s where the clothes women wear come in to either give them longer looking torsos or legs, to make them look elegant or cute, dependent. I mean last year I was going for a more cute look, so I tried to lengthen my torso more and now I’m kind of not sure which way I want to go – although I have yet to identify what equal leg torso ratio is.

I want it to be vibrant!

SO I’m thinking about colouring my hair again. I’ve been through most of the basic home made do it yourself style temporary hair dyes, such as using markers and conditioner, but those didn’t really show up in my hair. I’ve also got chalk, which showed up lovely and vibrant, but was super messy and came out on everything, although such around a little longer with heat, but apparently that’s really bad for your hair. So I’m going back to pre-made stuff and seeing if I can get something good. I’ve looked around online, for ideas, but the most popular seemed to be manic panic and when I looked that up, it wasn’t really what I was looking for, as it said it dried hard and I thought ‘maybe not’ as I want to be able to style my hair after colouring it, so I’m going to try this over La Riche stuff, which looks good and comes with a tinting brush.

This time I was thinking, maybe I won’t do all my hair and just do bit or dip dye or something like that, because I think that looks quite good and less people are doing it now – I’m weird about certain trends, as I don’t want to look like everyone else and all that jazz. I know people are still doing it, but it’s not really the big thing any more, at least not where I live, but hey I think we get the big thing late or something, because it took a little while for red hair to start sprouting up, when that was the big thing. But hey-ho, now I get dye my hair red if I want, yay!

I was thinking about trying to put a pattern of sorts in my hair, like a butterfly, but I think that might be too difficult for my capabilities, but I’m going to give it a go and if it turns out disastrous, I can wash it out or something I suppose.

I got this bright blue and a darker purple sort of red, which they called rubine and the blue was called Atlantic, it looked bright, although quite dark as well, but the colour guide was incomplete, so I had to use a couple of online google images to work out what colours I wanted, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that they turn out to be really beautiful or at least moderately beautiful colours and not horrible.


Quote/saying of the day: The more you tweet about why your hair colour makes you better than others, the more I despise you.

The complex medium of a social love affair…

So it’s still raining, as it has been all week – oh the wonders of nature – everywhere is getting flooded around me, but somehow the buses seem to be still running, god knows how, their getting through the floods, but as long as their running so am I. I feel like I have to try, but it seems that a bunch of people with that attitude are getting stuck away from home and there’s trying then there’s getting stranded and I’m not going to do that, just to learn about the Hegemonic model.

Although I did learn about the ‘warrior gene’ recently, also know as MAOA(-L). It’s the gene that contributes towards someone being aggressive or/and a psychopath. Although just having the gene doesn’t make you one, there have to be other factors in you life as well.

Wasn’t that interesting?

I’m not the biggest fan of the rain, because I’m more into wearing summery clothing, I suppose. Although the rain has yet to stop me from doing my own thing, no matter what others think of me. I’m not going to change, just because some people think I’m a little strange. If I did that, then I would be a completely different person right now.

Alright so I’m meant to be doing something slightly meaningful and productive in this period of time, but instead I’m blogging, god I’m so into procrastinating right no. I know, I know I should be. I should get down and do some work and I will, just not today, tomorrow or this weekend, or perhaps next week – you can’t blame a girl for her short attention span, that leads to her getting bored quickly (perhaps that’s why I’m single for valentines day). Although it always seems to end up like this, but what the hell? I might not be able to go out, even if I did have someone to go to, because I might be flooded in. It seems that that is a problems for a couple I know, but I’m sure they’ll work it out.

Any ways off of the somewhat saddening subject of v-day and onto a similar one. It seems that misunderstands and mis-connections have happened in my absence – alright it wasn’t because I wasn’t there, just I wasn’t there. But it seems that these had painted something in a rather shady light and now people are beginning to think badly of that person. It’s hard to tell someone there in a relationship, when they’re in denial about it, but seeing the people in question today, I couldn’t help, but agree with others, the two where in a relationship and where either in denial or where doing a superbly bad job of hiding it from others, blatant ‘sexual harassment’ – as my friend likes to rather to it as – or more accurately public displays of affection, scream we’re together guys, because I know she couldn’t handle ‘friends with benefits’ she’s just not that type of person – no judgement promise.

So I’ve got a little bit stuck into the Vampire Academy series, although the books aren’t particularly aimed at my age – or maybe a little bit – I still like them. Although I’m pretty much in love with vampires, full stop. So yeah… there’s that. I’ve been thinking of this plot about vampires and other mystical creatures and I did start writing it, but now I can’t find that bit I started, so don’t know where that’s going. Although I’m still not giving up on ‘Going steady’, which really isn’t going anywhere. I need a muse or something to motivate/inspire me. But with my luck at the moment, that won’t be happening any time soon.

Here’s a little music:

I liked this song since I first heard it, but due to there being so many different translations, I’m not too sure which one is correct, but I like this one and the singer is actually pretty good, unlike in some of the other fan dubbed ones – what someone has to say it sometime. But I also like the original, although I can’t understand it, but I’m a little weird like that, I like listening to music even if I have no idea what the person is saying. Not all the time, but sometimes when I find a song I really quite like – such as this one – I like to listen to it in it’s original state and the singer of this, is quite big – I do believe.

Quote/saying of the day: Maybe I’m just too fucking complicated for anyone to love – Unknown.

Colour colour and some more colour.

I’ve found a quick and relatively easy – not really – way to ‘dye’ my hair. I suppose the word dye there doesn’t work, because I’m not dying it per say, I’m more like colouring it, because I’m hoping one wash will get rid of the colour, although I have yet to test this, but from what I can tell it will either take it off of my hair or make it stick even more, but I’m hoping for the first one. The first couple of techniques that I tried, didn’t work too well, bit the last one did, although it is potentially damaging to my hair, but what the hell right? I’ve got some stuff that will hopefully prevent the damage or reverse it at least.

Lengthening my torso, just a little bit at a time.

So recently – although when I say recently I mean in the last couple of days, here – I’ve re-sparked an interest in Kawaii, or rather the Kawaii hair and clothing style. It’s really cute! I’m quite short myself and looking at it, it seems that being short can be a good thing for Kawaii, as it all about the cutesy angle, which means long torso and that normally adds up to short legs. You see long torso is cute and short torso is elegant, or the other way of looking at it is, long legs is elegant and short legs are cute, I’m not really sure what both the same is, maybe neutral or something.

Although the whole style seems to be quite time consuming, so I might not be able to always do it justice, as some of the outfits I have seen are amazingly details and I think that there must have been a lot of thought put into them. But I still want to try it out and see how it goes – or something like that. As I’ve already been getting into wearing clothes that lengthen my torso and in so doing shorten my legs. Such as shorts and skirts under long and slightly baggy jumpers. That sort of thing, but I want to step it up a notch soon, or for the Christmas season. I always think that spring and the start of summer, give you more freedom with you dress, but then I’m not super big on coats, but since the weather isn’t super hot, just basic mild, you can still wear one if you want and not feel too hot or too cold in doing so. Also there’s always the problem I have with tights. I can never find a pair that fits properly, so I have to buy ones that are too big and end up coming up to my bust, but then during the day they roll down and that can be rather uncomfortable, but luckily they have yet to be so big they fall down, like one of my friends pairs once did, because she was borrowing a pair off of someone else, that was about 2-3 sizes bigger than her.

Alright so this picture has nothing really to do with this post, but I was looking through images and I found this and it’s just so cute I had to share, so I’m sticking it on the end here.

Do I look FABULOUS or Should I lose another screw?

So I’ve finally worked out what I’m going to wear to my friends decades party. After a long shopping session in the rain today – which didn’t really get me anywhere, a part from a few warm and well needed jumpers and a fabulous red dress. I resorted to spanning through pictures of 80’s clothing on the internet and worked out an outfit. Although I also draw some inspiration from Gok, who I love. I’ve decided to stick with the idea of punk/rock, but the outfit that I’ve put together is more casual every man wear, so I’m going to punk it out, with from fake leather, big belts, studs, pearls and washers, nuts and bolts. I’m hoping that once I’m done it will look fabulous, because I’ve only got a few days to put it together and I’m going to get the washer etc on the day of, so I’ve got to basically put the finally outfit together on the day of, so if it goes wrong I don’t think I’ll have time to redo it. I’m also thinking about buying/making a violently bright clutch bag and splashing it with nail varnish. Where did this idea come from I hear you ask, well I’ve been watching the Carrie Diaries and she does that to her bag, so I’m copying her idea basically, as I was just going to use paint, but I think nail vanish mine work better, and I have a bunch that I never wear, so… I’ve also got to get the accessories sorted, but I think I can do that tomorrow.

Everything seems to just be coming together, somehow! Although I’m a little anxious about the make-up, as a part from a touch of bright red lip stick or a dab of black eye liner, I don’t wear that much make-up and I don’t want to end up looking like a clown, although hopefully my friends won’t let me leave the house if I look that bad. I’m really get quite excited for this weekend now, as I can’t wait to see every ones outfits and scoff at how much better mine is – only kidding!

I’ve also been doing some knitting today, as I now have a knitting machine sitting in my living room, so I thought why not? Well that was soon answered, because it’s frustrating and hard, if you drop a stick it is almost impossible to pick it back up again, at the end I almost ran out of wool, so I had to tie the end, because there wasn’t enough wool to cast off. I was trying to knit a scarf and it would have been alright, if I had had more wool, but I’m going shopping for some more tomorrow, so that will all be sorted. Although I think I might hand knit it instead, because the machine is just too much drama and I want this scarf to be as close to perfect as it can be, as it’s a present and it wouldn’t be nice to receive a scarf full of hole and weird bits of wool hanging out, as it would be receive one that just looked like a scarf and not a deformed blob.

I saw this outfit as I was trawling through images on Google and just fell in love with it, but as it’s in a foreign language I can’t read the writing that goes with it, but that doesn’t stop me from liking the outfit and praising whoever created it – my hat off to you.


Nothing happens when you don’t go…

Halloween? Nothing happens on Halloween. –Buffy the Vampire slayer.

Now that’s something true. My Halloween has been blissfully peaceful and uneventful, but then that’s probably because I’m postponing my Halloween fun for tomorrow, due to Halloween being on a Thursday, mid week isn’t always the best time and all that jazz. But then again I have yet to have trick or treaters turnings up at my door and I’m thinking good, because I don’t have much to give them and the whole thing of ringing someone doorbell and expecting them to give you a treat for just being there in some store bought costume, really? You used to have to actually do something, like a dance or something like that, but now it’s just give us candy or else. Then I’m a little too old for trick or treating, but hey ho and world keeps turning around and around.

So I’ve had this horrible arm ache, ever since I spent a day chopping up wood. It was both tiresome and sort of fun, although the after effects aren’t fun at all. I did the chopping on Tuesday and I’m still hurting, so I’m hoping it will have stopped by tomorrow, but then it feels like my body is falling apart at the moment, as my knee was hurting this afternoon and then my back was hurting since Monday last week, so yeah… Things are achy.

Any ways on a different subject, my friend is having a decades party for her birthday this year. You can come as any decade, so I was thinking 80’s/70’s rock/punk. Since I found this jacket that I love. It’s a khaki jacket, with ‘God Save the Queen’ written across the back, which for those own don’t understand, look up the Sex Pistols and you might get it, but any who. I’ve decided that I’m going to make it myself, instead of searching the internet for one. So I’m getting a khaki jacket and then adding some metallic studs and spray painting ‘God save the Queen across the back. But other than the jacket and these new military style boots I just got, I’m not sure what else I’m going to wear. I’ve been looking through some pictures online to try and get inspiration, but at the moment I’m just thinking a bralet, tartan shorts and some leggings, but I don’t really feel like that’s good enough, although I want to get some red, John Lennon style (round) glasses, because I think their really cool and there quite cheap and all that jazz. But yeah. I’m still working on it and I’ve got some time until the party, but I want to get things that I would wear any ways, so that I’m not just spending money on something that I’m never going to wear again. Such as I did with my Halloween costume, apart from the fangs maybe the rest of the costume I wear any ways, because I don’t really have money to burn at the moment.

I’m trying to save, as I want to go to Ireland next year, although now I’m thinking that I might end up going alone. As I was thinking that it would be fun to go with friends, but the way that it’s going it might just be me, myself and I. But I think that could be a great experience as well and maybe a good bit of fun. Everyone seemed really interesting and excited about it at first, but then as it went along and talk of money came up, people seemed to less interested and so far only one seems as interesting in going as I am. So maybe we’ll go. Although neither of us can drive, so we’ll have to walk or something like that everywhere, maybe hitch hike. That would be an adventure, although it could be dangerous and I don’t know how I feel about carrying all my luggage around with me and whole trip, I’ll have to pack light – I’m not very good at that.

Recently I’ve had this over whelming need to go to the sea and not just any sea or anything. I want to go to the sea where it is clear enough to see the bottom in deeper water and go swimming, but around here there isn’t really anywhere where you can do that, so the only way I can is go abroad, but that’s not going to happen, so I’m having to suppress that need and just carry on.