Yellow can be Beauty…

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A short and sweet romance.

Maybe one more chance was all this thing needed, or maybe I was in a dark place yesterday, but whatever things are turning around for me and my lovely love life – and with that she jinxes it. So today I’ve ‘met’ two guys. One shy, but nice and not a technophob – yay! And the other is nice and we might go to the same college, or rather he might go to the college next to me, but I’m not too sure what that place is called now, since they changed it’s name recently and everyone just calls it by the really old name, so I actually have no idea what it’s called, but what the hell right?

So yeah other than that my day has been quite dull. I was meant to be going to the dentist, apparently, but when I rang up to check the time, they said I didn’t have one, so I made a proper one, something about calling. They’re really weird about appointments, there has been many a time when something similar to this has happened. But never mind.

Silencing my dreams to sit in the corner

So as it turns out I didn’t end up having my dentist appointment, as the dentist wasn’t in, because his wife was having her baby – so congratulations to them and all that jazz. But I rescheduled for Monday, although that might have to be rescheduled as well, because of the baby.

But today wasn’t really all that much of an interesting day or anything, although I did do a little work on what I am now calling ‘The escape’, but I still haven’t really worked things out properly yet. I’m also looking to get my drivers license – yay! I wasn’t sure if I was going to bother, but now I think it might be the right thing to do, but I’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m hoping that tomorrow I can get things moving, not on the escaping front, but on something else that I’m working on at the moment, although oblivious of it up until recently, I want to conduct my own investigation to find out more, before I reach my verdict.

But on to more interesting and wildly despairing things, such as my future. I know now that the path I’ve been intending to follow, is very hard, much harder than I had first thought, but there’s still a part of me that wants to try and follow it, although I also want to do something else. I’ve always been interesting in beauty and I want to pursue that, styling to be honest, but then there isn’t that big of a market for that kind of thing that someone can just jump into it, with little to no preparation. I used to want to be personal stylist, but then who wants one of them in this sort of time, was the thought that helped to drive me away from that, then a nail artist, I used to do my mothers nails and hoped to graduate to earning from it when I was older, but that got drowning in the shadow of wanting to become an author and so didn’t see much of the light of day. I’ve always loved making others look beautiful, hair, nails, make-up, clothing, that’s what I want to do, but then I don’t think I’m that good at it and there aren’t that many people in my life that need styling in that way, so there isn’t much practice to be had, although I still know what’s trending and seem to be able to know what’s going to become popular before it does, although most of time I don’t really realise that I have worked it out, before everyone else. I also felt that my lack of personal beauty would hinder me in this line of work, because I always thought of people that worked in this line would look beautiful and so attract people to ‘want to look like them’ or something like that.

So since I believed or do believe the dream to be impossible, I put it to bed and try not to think about it. Although it’s still there at the back of my head, but my friends have gotten over dressing each other up and all that jazz, so just sitting in the corner or something – have no idea where that one was going.

The unrequited silent non-confession

So after a short talk over a game of cards, I’ve been ‘officially’ told that my friend is ‘crushing’ on me. Apparently because the last two times he liked someone and confessed to them, they rejected him, he’s not going to do that with me. I’m not sure if I’m relieved or not. I kind of want to think that people are just reading into things way too much and that’s its’ nothing that ‘serious’, just a passing fancy, but my friends have been telling me on and off that he liked me as more than a friend for nearly a year now, so maybe it’s not – although they could be completely wrong about the whole thing. But I don’t feel like I have to worry that much, as he’s not going to confess, so I don’t really have to deal with it, but then I sort of feel bad, because I get the whole unrequited love thing – been there, do that. But then even if he did confess, I don’t know whether I would reject him or not, there is the thing that I have told myself that I won’t date or a while, at least until I start to get my shit together, but then I have a bit of a problem with rejecting people, I have to at least give them one chance, although if it’s someone I really don’t like I don’t have a problem, he he’s a friend, so it’s going to be even harder.

So I’m meant to be going to the dentist tomorrow- yes I’m moving on from that topic quite quickly – but I really don’t like the dentist as many people say, although I want to get this one moved to another day, such as Thursday. So I might just go in tomorrow and tell them I have to have it moved, because I can’t make the time that it was set and maybe do a bit of shopping, afterwards if there is time, for some more wool for this scarf I am still knitting, although now I’m a little afraid it’s too tight, so I’ve been trying to stretch it out a little, to try and loosening it, but unluckily it’s not going too well, but I’m sure they’ll appreciate the effort I put into it, even if it doesn’t turn out amazing – like I hoped.

Yesterdays news

Alright so yesterday I went down to Cardiff, as my friend wanted to go somewhere shopping and so we decided that Cardiff was the place to go. So off to Cardiff we went.

She was looking for some onesiesĀ  for our friends birthdays. She was trying to find a monkey one and a rabbit one, but in the end she didn’t find the bunny one and only got the monkey one. I did a little shopping myself and got myself this cute new skirt and shorts, as well as a new top that said ‘Anarchy, rock n roll’, which all these block colours behind it. Along with some new pyjamas, as I’ve been needing some new ones for a while, especially long trouser ones, as the ones I have at the moment are all shorts and as it’s getting cold there not really the best thing to the wearing.

It was also a little weird, when we went into Primark, to look for a coat for my friend. We spent about 5 minuets looking for the mirrors in the men’s section, they hide the mirror behind a strange wall thing, at one corner of the level – there were 4 levels to the Primark. I also got myself some new converses. As the ones I have right now are slowly falling apart, although I didn’t expect them to last all that long. But I like to get white ones and paint them, so that I can be really creative with them, but it most of the time I can’t think of what to put on them and end up just putting something kind of basic on there instead.

We ended up staying until dinner, so we were all going to get sushi, but one of my friend that came was vegetarian and we weren’t sure if they had a vegetarian options, so we ended up at Spudulike, which we all agreed was the best choice, as the spuds were delicious and we had fun trying to pile all our drink cups on top of each other.

So onto today: It was a pretty basic day, although I had to go to the dentist – ergh – I really don’t like the dentist, because they ALWAYS find something they want to work on. And I’ve been trying really hard to keep my teeth nice this past year, so that just annoys me even more – but what can you do?

But at the end of the day I headed over to my friends place, with a couple other friends, to watch some chicks hatch. They were so cute and although wet from being inside the egg, they dried off really quick in the incubator and were all fluffy in no time. Although while using this weird torch thing to see if there was a chick growing in the egg, my friend accidentally dropped one egg and the top cracked, so we had to throw it into the field next door, as it would have become infected and then would have infected the rest of the eggs and they all would have died. But my friend was telling me that those chicks were a rare colour and that they were probably the only chick of that colouring of that breed in the country, so they were pretty rare and expensive chicks and I got to hold one. It was cheeping away, as the incubator was really warm and I think my hands were a little cold for it, so I had to pop it back into the incubator quite quickly, but it was watching us through the glass, as we watched it’s brother/sister hatch out. It was sort of weird, as when they first get out on the shell, their necks aren’t ‘hard’, so it was curling it’s neck at a weird angle and apparently if they don’t straighten their necks out themselves, then you have to straighten their necks out for them, which was kind of gross to hear about, but it was really fun going over.

Although my friend was half demanding alcohol to wash away the guilt of killing a chick – by accident – so in the end we shared a bottle, but he got a little drunk and was scream, when we got into the back on my friends van to go – since it had two seats, we all just climbed into the back and sat there, because he had taken the cage out so we could.