Meet the sun…

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Reunite to give the future thoughts

So yeah, today I went and met up with some of the girls for a late lunch and a little, but unsuccessful, shopping spree. It would seem that my taste in clothing and main stream clothing are completely different, which means high street stores don’t really have anything I like. There was some nice tops in Primark, but apart from that, there wasn’t really anything. I did buy a top, which I think I’m going to paint at some point during my holidays, but even though I didn’t manage to find anything amazing, I still had a good time.

It was nice to see my friends again and catch up a little, over Blue Lagoon – that’s a cocktail for those who don’t know – and a bagel. One of my friends also invited me to a party, although she had ulterior motives for doing so, because she wants me and this guy to ‘get together and having hundreds of babies’ and that’s a direct quote. But I’m not sure if I’m going to go. Sure I like parties and I will actually know some of the people there this time, but I’ll just see how I feel closer to the time I suppose.

I’ve got this weekend to look forward to, as we’re heading down to the cousins for Easter. I’m not too sure how they celebrate, because I know some people go the whole shebang. Although my family has only really started celebrating the holiday again recently. But I suppose I’ll find out this weekend.

Quote/saying of the day: Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. – Helen Keller

The devil was an angel once…

Alright so the day has come and I know the night is young and everything, but let’s just say for the sake of it ‘and gone’.

So today wasn’t the best birthday I’ve ever had, but I won’t say it was the worst. My brother and his girlfriend sent me a nice big bag, although it was a little shiny for me – I’m not super into wearing shiny things – but it was really nice and they sent me some DKNY body lotion and perfume and some quick drying nail polish in some really nice colour, which I might experiment with this weekend or perhaps tomorrow. I made my cupcakes, although I had to go borrow an egg from a friend, because I didn’t get the ones I ordered this week.

I also got some money from my grandma in a card, which means I’m going to have to go to the bank in the next couple of weeks, because it was a cheque. A I got a card from my house mates, which they all signed, which was nice, although I’m pretty sure only one of them would have none it was my birthday, if I wasn’t so bad at getting up in the morning recently and they saw my mail.

I was going to hide my birthday from the world – sort of thing – but I thought better of it and to just let this day pass slightly unmarked, with no big celebrate or anything like that, although the house mate that gave me the card offer to go out with me, but I just don’t really feel like it. I’m not in the mood I suppose.

But I had an alright day, pretty normal and all that jazz. Although I finally got round to watching Horns, which was an alright film, OK it wasn’t the masterpiece of the century, but it wasn’t horrible, rather on the religious side, but what were people expecting from it really.

If you would be, oh so wonderful..!

So I’m doing a study for my Psychology course work and if you would be oh so wonderful and spare a moment to just fill out this questionnaire, it’s 3 questions long, so it take no time at all to fill out.

The whole thing is completely confidential, so need to worry about that.

And if you would be oh so lovely and ask others, I would love you forever! Because I need more guys to fill it out, as at the moment I don’t have enough.

So here’s the link:

So pretty please help me out here!

Thank you lovely people.

So Valentines day is over for another year and I’m surprised by the lack of love in my house, I was expecting two of my house mates at least to spend the day with their significant other, but it would seem that only one of them did, although fortunately for me they didn’t spend it here. But I don’t think it would have been that romantic if they had, with the rest of us crashing in every now and then, to make food and what not in the kitchen.

I’ve been working out arrangements for next year and my new flat and everything seems to be going smoothly there – so yay for that!

Although I’m trying to find a way to persuade my father to come and pick me up for Easter, because I can’t really afford to take the train.

Quote/saying of the day: Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves. – Horace Mann