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A mind full of ideas…

So it was my friends birthday party and everyone was dressed up in their decades outfits. A couple of people even had roller-skates on and it was really quite cool to see, although it did make me wish that I had a pair on. But I was quite happy with my outfit in the end, after all the worry about it not looking good, I’m happy to say that it turned out great. I spent some time decorating it to make to a bit more punky, but other than shopping for that decorations and helping my friend create his outfit, I did some knitting for his Christmas present a lovely blue scarf, although now I’ve run out of the wool and I think I made it a bit too big, so now I think I might have to buy about 4-5 new balls of wool to be able t finish it, which is a little expensive, although I don’t want to unravel it all and start again to make it smaller and make the wool last longer.

So I spent about 3 hours in A&E on Friday, as my friend slammed his head in a car door on the Thursday, thought he was alright, but ended up throwing up his stomach on the morning on the Friday, so we took him down to A&E and spent 3 hours sitting and waiting for someone to call us, but a couple of us did head over to Morrison’s to buy some lunch, because we were starving.

So something to think about, alright I went to see the Hunger Games; Catching Fire today and from what I can gather there was a lot from the book missing although I have never actually read the books myself, so I don’t think that took anything away from my cinematic experience, but it did re-spark idea that has been hibernating in my head for a while now. The basic theme of the idea really is angels, since I’ve always – sort of – had this fascinated with such being, angels, devil, demons, gods. I even started this one that was about how these brothers and sisters found a way to make themselves immortal and so made themselves into gods and one of them decides that they have made enough when he falls in love with this ‘normal’ girl and so lets her ‘remember’ the truth about the gods, and so makes her public enemy number one, so to speak. It basically revolved around their love and her desire to live and all that jazz, it was about 2-3 book long series in my head, but just in case I do finish writing it, I’m not going to spoil the ending. But any ways this idea. Well I started it before, but I felt that it was took much like the hunger games in the beginning, so I let it lye, while I tried to get a new beginning and now I’ve got some more ideas, but I’m not sure how their going to work and the ending is a bit weird, although I might do, what I like to call a, time jump and write a second book, or just not write another book and let the readers decided, that is if I get any readers and with my track record I might get one or two, but I have this feeling that as soon as I get anywhere with it, I’m going to leave it again and start something else, that’s why I started on short stories and competitions, it narrower and you can write them in a day without worrying about putting too much description in, as I’m always worrying that I describe things too much, although that’s the way I like to write, because otherwise it ends up a bit… dry. But I’m determined to at least get a little bit done. I did want to write the second-ish book in this series I’ve got going at the moment and get it done by, well the end of the year, but I’m not anywhere near finishing and the first-ish book got alter, after I hit a road block, with not being able to write believable police/detectives, so now I’m a little stuck with that, because unlike in the TV show Castle I’m not going to be able to shadow a detective to find out how to write a believable one, so right now I’m having to re-think the whole book, so that he detective aren’t detective any more or something, so that the whole thing makes sense, but it also well written – as I can get – and works well together and also isn’t completely confusing and un-followable. Although I say first and second -ish, because that’s how they go in the time line, but I’m not sure if I’m going to make the first-ish book and three book, sort of a prequel, like the magicians nephew in the Narnia Chronicles – is Chronicles right? But I’ll tell you in plot for these books, sine that’s what I seem to be doing right now. To basically you have this giant, but secret organisation, that collects dead girls and brings them back to life – only girls, it’s something to do with Eve, but I haven’t got that part figured out yet. The main character get raped and killed one night so the story begins, she get’s taken by the organisation, revived, cleaned and taken home. Wakes up the next morning with no memory of the night before, being a party girl, she thinks she must have had too much to drink and goes on with her life. But there’s this side effect of being brought back, it’s like split personalities, but you change on a biological level – this is a little sci-fi I know, but what the hell – so whenever she becomes unconscious she changes into one of her personalities, I think there’s 7 – that’s important in the second book. Normally the base personality – the person who they ‘really’ are – get driven insane by the acts of the person persona’s or finds out about them and goes insane, but she doesn’t. Now that’s all I have in concrete for the first book. Now the second. There’s once again this giant but not secret organisation, that hires out these girls who are die for you. That’s right, but each girl can only die 7 times a month and but they don’t change when they die or anything like in the first book, nothing surrounding biology here. So the main character is a girl working for this organisation – they sort of get sent the girls – and it starts with this guy killing her twice and her handler having to come and get her. So with the fast forwards button held down, we get to a point when she is doing a job and she runs into this guy, he falls for her, but she on a job so she runs away – some of the jobs include having to run from a certain place to another place, to create a chase for the client, which external damage, the route is usually cleared before hand. So to cut a long story short, she falls for him and he falls for her and they run away, but the company/organisation chase them down and continue to kill her and the book – SPOILER – with her dying and him crying over her and it’s her seventh death of the month. There isn’t anything clever here like it being the end of the month and just as she dies it changes to the 1st or anything no she just dies. But then I hear you ask how do these two books connect? Well that would be the main character, their the same person. You see the giant organisation in the first book knew the main character was special because she didn’t go insane, but they didn’t realise she was immortal as well and in when she disappeared they thought she was dead, but no she changed form and locked her memories up, but when she died that seventh time in the second book all her other personalities woke back up, so to speak, and so instead of staying dead, she changes back into her original form and wakes back up. She’s the original form of the thing that they put into the girls to make them immortal for 7 deaths and that’s why the other just die on the seventh, but she doesn’t.

Any ways if I ever read a book with any of these ideas in it publish after this date, I’m hunting down the author and demanding an explanation, idea theft is pure EVIL!

So I get back to the origin of all this book talk. The idea that was re-sparked by the watching of the new Hunger Games film. Let’s see I told you it was about angels – due to my love/fascination of the things. So the bit that I’ve already written is the beginning in which the main character is introduced, along with her family and some of the concept of the whole story. So her and her family are getting ready to go to the Blood Harvest, in which all of the people of a certain age or something – I’m not sure how they are picked to go, because her and her sister are different ages, but their going. So her and her sister head to this old arena that the blood harvest is held at and the main character is looking after her sister, but then she get’s picked. The blood harvest consists of having your blood taken – a drop of it – and it being tested. So basically if you test positive then you are chosen to go away and you never come back, so most people think you die or something, but the reality is a little different. You get take to a top security place that you can’t leave, but is as close to a paradise as the people that run it can make it, as they want the people inside to be as happy as possible, so basically she get’s taken to this place, because she is an angel, well in the story I use the Latin version ‘Angelus’ because I like it better and I’m guessing that most people that ever read it, will be able to at least work out what I’m talking about here, if not from the similarity in the words then the other things in the story, like the wings and what not. But the main character is obviously special is some way – not going to say how, because that is in revision as well as other parts, you can use your imagination. But I think – SPOILERS – I’m going to kill the main character at the end, although maybe I’ll make her un-killable.

As I also have a slight fascination/obsession with immortality, maybe that’s where the fascination with demons and angels – etc – comes from.