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I’ll set sail without you, but I don’t want to…

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The days that were away…

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Meet the sun…

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Girl’s sweet chilli sunshine…

So I’ve been down in Cornwall for a week – well just less than a week – now and having a hell of a time with the girls. It was meant to be 5 of us, two guys and three girls, but in the end it was just 4 of us, although we did meet up with a friend that was already down there and her boyfriend. But the guys backed out, one because of personal reasons and the other because he’s a hot head and does stupid stuff when he’s angry.

So we spent an outrageous amount of time getting down to Cornwall, because of all the traffic on the way down, it seemed like everyone was heading down to Cornwall. Or perhaps like we were chasing the traffic, but whichever one it was, it all amounts to spending about 4 extra hours in the car, than we had to last year.

At least we didn’t get court in a traffic jam like this one!

This time around we went to this camp site on the side of a hill, OK we rolled around a little in the night and had to be careful with the camping stove, but the view was lovely! But that also meant that it was pretty windy on the camp site, so by the second day we had decided to peg the guide ropes down – that is what those ropes are called right?

Unlike last year we spent the majority of our time lounging around on different beaches, or swimming in the sea. But about halfway through the trip we decided to buy a boat, as we had found a island that we wanted to get to, but after careful inspection of the water, we decided that it was safe to try and swim to it, so we got the boat to hold onto and while two people sat in the boat the other two swam. It was actually really funny, because there was this weird seaweed that we had to swim through and on the way to the island one of my friend started screaming “I’m f*cking Harry Potter” as she swam through the seaweed, which became one of Holiday quotes.

Because the camp site was family friend – very much so, basically just family’s and couples – there were a lot of children around, which means having to wake up to them screaming, but the children in the tent next to us, although waking us up at god knows when, gave us a bunch of laughs. However we thought one of the brother’s was a girl for a while, before we actually saw them.

Although I said we spent most of our time on the beach, we did go to St Ives once, but we couldn’t find a parking space, so we ended up just driving around St Ives, and then going back to the camp site and getting drunk – which we did a few times, with the friend and her boyfriend. On one night I was felt alone with the boyfriend and the friend and so I said a bunch of inappropriate things to the boyfriend, as a drunk me is a unfiltered me – but it wasn’t awkward the next day or anything…

So other than St Ives, we went to this chocolate factory, which turned out to be one room, with people making chocolate behind this glass screen and then a bunch of shops. We only really ended up going there because it started raining, which it did a couple times, but we got some nice sunny afternoons and some warm evening, such as the one were we headed to Tesco in our Pyjamas. Where in the parking lot one of my friend called a guy ‘stupid for not wearing pyjamas to Tesco’.

Luckily for us our last day was pretty gloriously sunny, so we headed back to the beach where we sailed to the island and did some jumping off rocks. Unfortunately I forgot my swimsuit, so I only had bikinis, so I wore a shirt over the top, as I didn’t want to show off my flabby fat belly – as I haven’t been working out recently, and have been kind of eating fatty food. But as my friend said we’ve got a month or so to get fit, before we head to university – which was a sort of banned word on this trip, as we’re all a little scared/excited about going, well the one’s of us that are going.

But overall it was a good trip, although at one point one of my friends tried to stick her tongue down my throat. Not that I don’t think she’s a lovely person, but I always think it’s a little weird to get with a friend – even for just a night. That can lead to awkwardness and I’d rather conserve the friendship. Although I know the friend that tried to kiss me doesn’t totally feel that way about friendship and romance.

So I decided that I like sweet chilli, or at least I liked the sweet chilli sauce we had on our noodles one night. Although we did binge on crisps and sugar free Limeade a couple times, I think we did pretty well with the meals and what not, although we seriously underestimated the amount of money we would need for food, but luckily everyone had enough, so it was all good. Although I thought I was going to come back with some money left in my purse, I thought it would be a lot more than the amount I did come abck with, but hey ho, what is money for, but to spend – right?

Quote/saying of the day: When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them –  Confucius quotes (China’s most famous teacher, philosopher, and political theorist). I have a whole bunch of them written on a poster on my room door. Think I might take it to university with me and put on my door there or something. But then as my brother said when I put it up, who reads what’s on the door? As proven my Doctor Who.

Speaking of Doctor Who, the extra long episode is airing this weekend, can’t wait for it. Although I might be going out that night, so will probably be recording it and watching it the day after, although I think I would record it any ways.

Alright so I heard Taylor Swift’s new song on the radio in the car one day and thought I’d share. I’m not a really big Taylor swift fan, but I like her stuff – well some of it.

Now I would have put some photo’s in this post, but I seem to have misplaced my photo’s as I’m not sure where I imported them to. But when I find them I put them up, somewhere somehow and all that jazz.

To jump from a plane without knowing if I have a parachute on…

So today was results day. That nerve racking day that a large number of people, including nearly everyone I know, wish would never arrive and then it does and it’s all over or rather all beginning.

I was meant to wake up early and head into the city to get my results and that’s not what I did, I woke up early looked at the clock, turned over and went back to sleep, allowing myself to momentarily forget it was results day, but not for long, but for long enough for me to miss my bus. So I went online and spent a few annoying minutes battling with my own mind to remember my login details, before confusing myself over where to look for my results and when finally I found them, I just stared. I could hardly believe it, I check and I didn’t get the grades to get into my chosen universities, so I cried a little and then went on facebook to congratulate my friends on their personal achievements, the A’s and B’s slapping me in the face and making me wish the ground would just swallow me whole.ll

Then the father came in, asking about what my results were and if I wanted a lift in. It was horrible having to tell him I hadn’t got the grades, so he did what he does, question me – or rather interrogate me on what I was going to do now, go through clearing, do a third year. I didn’t want to even think about doing a third year, so clearing it was.

So just for something to do and to keep myself from bursting into tears, I logged into my email and what was sitting there an email from UCAS and under that an email from Bournemouth university, both congratulating me on getting into BU. It was like… jumping out of a plane and thinking you didn’t have a parachute, but finding out you actually did just in time, to open it and not come smashing down to earth.

So after taking a moment or a hundred to let in sink in. I thought yay, now I can relax a little, not so, today was a slightly hectic bustle of student accounts and applying for accommodation, which apparently I was meant to do weeks ago – oh dear – but I still got a room in a small house, with a think 3 other people. You had to fill out with little profile, which the other residents would be able to see, age name and they asked for a short statement, which I declined to give – although I wasn’t the only one. So I’ll be spending the next year living with a 18 year old girl who apparently likes to socialize, a 30 year old guy, who I know nothing else about and a mysterious person, because they wouldn’t let me see the profile on them, but that doesn’t really matter, as long as they are nice and all that jazz. I thought it was best to go for a smaller house, less people to the number to showers and other facilities and also the other smaller places only had one person confirmed and I thought it best to know a little about the people I’ll be living with and all that jazz, than live with complete mysteries – although one of them will be, for some unknown reason. I also signed up for the buddy program they have, so apparently I’ll be getting a buddy and they have a pizza, bring your buddy night, were you get free pizza, now I’m always up for free stuff, so I’m hoping my buddy is nice, so we can go to that and get free food – yay freeness!

So after everything was sorted, me and the father headed into town, because we had some errands to run and since we were already in the city, we ate out and went to see Guardians of the Galaxy, which I can honestly say I like. – This may contain spoilers! – The plant at the end was cute, although that bit didn’t really surprise me. But I’m wondering if they really will continue to make more films, since I think this one went down well, so I don’t see why not.

So along with a little accounting and some payments that need to be made, tomorrow will be filled with packing and working out and things to that nature, since I’m heading down to Cornwall this weekend and I’ve sort of let myself go to seed, so to speak. I know one day won’t make the biggest of differences, although one day of only eating 2 meals and no snacking, can drop my weight by about 2 stone, but still, one day of healthiness won’t change that much, but I’m still going to try,since I’m hoping for sunshine so I can get my bikini out, before the summer ends – and the work begins. And even if it does rain I might be that one insane girl that wanders around in short shorts and a bikini top like she isn’t shivering in the cold wind and doesn’t have goosebumps all over her arms and can still feel her toes and fingers – although that does be a slightly desperate and almost completely insane move, but what can I say, I’m a little insane, as my therapists will one day most likely tell me, in her over polite way, with her big eyes staring at me, in that slightly creepy ‘I never blink’, way that they do.

And when I get back in 6 days or so, the brother is coming back, but before that the Grandparents have come over – from Jamaica – to see all their lovely grandchildren and children and all that jazz. So yeah the house will be bustling and I’ll be trying to pack for University and sort out all the things I’ll be needing – pots and pans and mugs and cup and all that domestic jazz. Oh the joy.

Quotes/sayings of the day: All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another. ~Anatole France

Those who expect moments of change to be comfortable and free of conflict have not learned their history. ~Joan Wallach Scott

When you jump for joy, beware that no one moves the ground from beneath your feet. ~Stanislaw Lec

Alright so today I put a triad of sayings/quotes of the day, because I couldn’t choose one that I liked the most, so look over all three and perhaps they will make you wiser…

So I’ve liked Gabrielle Aplin since I first heard her song, ‘Please don’t say you love me’ and this song is lovely – in it’s our right – so there it is.

Balloons and booze…

So the last couple days have been relatively busy.

Me and the girls headed over to Bristol to go see the Balloon festival that was going on there, which was fun. Most of the balloon here the usual shape, but there were a couple that were more unusual, such as the one shaped like a smurf head. It was a fun day, got to hang out with the girls, eat some strawberries and cream and sit on the grassy hill, guy spotting and watching air plane displays.

So Saturday night we headed into the city with an old friend, who I haven’t seen in a while and me in this dress I made that day, from a top that was 2 sizes too big. To be honest I was a little afraid it would fall apart on the dance floor, since I’ve only really ever once put my sewing to the test and that was on another dress which I have, which ripped when I put it on, because someone had cut half the sticking on one side – the morons – but it stayed together and I got a bunch of comment off of it including being called sexy by a 30-40 year old man, who I was using to prove to my friend that I could pick a guy up, by asking about his hands. Although I think he thought I meant actually lift him up, when I first started talking to him, but it was really funny, although he said the friend who had said I could do it was not sexy, which is mean. She’s just not the girly type that’s all, so she was wearing shorts and a sparkly top, not a short, low cut dress like me.

Two of the friends I went with were complete light weights so they ended up getting completely smashed and making out, which I don’t know if was a good thing or not, because that could become awkward, but I hope it doesn’t. One of the girls left really quickly, because her boyfriend was out as well and she wasn’t really into what we were doing – getting pissed and hitting on people basically – so she went half drunk bowling with him and some of his friend. When the night was planned we were meant to be meeting him as well, but because we invited this girl who he hates, he refused to meet us and so I only saw him once in the bar we were leaving, but he’s a bit of an ass-hole when he’s around other… people, so I wasn’t really sad about it or anything.

Apart from the drunken lovers, as they came to be known by the end of the night, it was a fun night out and it was nice that we meet some guys that weren’t really creepy or only talking to us to get into our pants. Although they had to leave at 2, so we only hung out with them for about an hour or so. But one of them bought us a bunch of drinks and we had a long chat.

After meeting the drunken lovers again, because one of them was my ride home, well her parents had offered to give me a lift home. We ended up sitting on the window sill of them crafts shop, waiting for our ride and my friends boyfriend to turn up. It was odd but sitting there, basically sober – because I seem to sober pretty quickly – I got the most attention from guys. At first they kind of just shouted stuff as they walked by, but then they started stopping to talk, sure it was flattering, but a couple of them sat down next to me and they were pretty drunk and the one was going on about how it was his birthday and asking me how old I was and all that jazz and I was just sitting there thinking, I know what you want, but luckily it was then that my ride turned up, so I had an escape route, although once they were gone I sat back down with my friend to wait for her boyfriend and got chatting with this Australian guy, who wanted us to come home with him. But other than these slightly subtle hits of that, he seemed like a nice guy and I had a nice time talking to him.

So all in all a good night and once again I have not got a hang over the next day – yay! Although I am quite tired and I felt a little sick in the morning, so I skipped breakfast and just had a small lunch, just in case. My friend stayed over, but she felt early, I think she just wanted to sleep in her own bed and she didn’t get to drunk, so I think she was safe to drive by this morning.

So I’m meant to be going to my friends house tomorrow, but I don’t know if I’m going to go, it was fun the last time I went, but that was just us girls really and now the guys are coming as well, not that I don’t want them to, but when I get drunk – and we will most likely be getting drunk – I tend to want to make out with people and the guys that are coming, one of them is in a relationship, with one of my good friends – who I have known for a while – plus he can be an ass hole and the other, well I think that would be awkward, especially as I trying to get him to go camping with the bunch of us, because I don’t want to be stuck in a tent with a couple – in love – and one other person, so having another person there, would be good, as we could just go off by ourselves and leave the couple, to be a couple and all that jazz. But oh well, I’m not sure if he’ll come. Me and the other person don’t want to go, but they won’t be able to get their money back and I don’t want to have to do that to them, so I’m going. Never know might be a good time, maybe I’ll just stay drunk for the entire trip, that could make it a good time – just joking, that would probably be too expensive for me at the moment.

Quote/saying of the day: Booze is the greatest of all equalizers. Rick drunks and poor drunks pass out the same way. – Unknown

While we’re young… and in high heels

So the last couple days I’ve been off at a friends house. We headed down to the river and did some shots, to warm ourselves up, because heading in the surprisingly cold water, although two of the girls I went with got a little drunk on the shots and we were scared they might drown. But everything was good and we headed back to the friends house, to sleep and drink some more – that kind of makes us some like alcoholics a little bit, but were young and living it up, while we still can. Plus my friend has just gotten out of a rather serious relationship, so she really blowing off stream, with drinks and what not, because he wouldn’t really let her drink when they were together, or do a bunch of other fun stuff, that she has now taken to doing. So she’s making up for the couple of years of not being able to in a few short weeks.

So after we got up this morning, we decided to head into the city – because I found out I do live by a city and not a town, although it’s a very small city, but a city none the less – and go shopping for dresses for tomorrow night, unfortunately I didn’t find anything, so I’m going to have to be content with my dull old dresses – although some of them are new. But my friend got a dress and the other got some fantastic shoes, which makes me want to buy these lovely shoes I saw the other day, that I fell in love with. I mean I don’t really buy shoes, not as much as other girls I know. I do love them, but I only really buy with necessity, so I wasn’t going to get them, but we’re thinking about going out next Friday and Saturday, so I’m thinking I could wear them then and that’s necessity – right? I mean I’m going to buy a new dress for next weekend – even though I have quite a few – and I want shoes to match, because the ones I have at the moment are super boring, apart from my over the knee boots, but their not a very big heel or anything, and I like wear heels, because I’m short and I like the tallness they give me. Not that I really dislike being short, it’s just nice to to tall sometimes as well, plus everyone – or nearly everyone – wears heels, so if I didn’t I would feel like a midget and I don’t have anything against rather small people, I just don’t like feeling like one myself – it’s a personal thing, I suppose.

So this is the shoes, but I want to get it in black. But I couldn’t find a picture on google, so you’ll just have to use the wonder of imagination…

Quote/saying of the day: Beautiful shoes will take you beautiful places – Unknown

So I hear this the other day and know I’m blogging about it, enough said?

Yesterday’s Transmission over the sea

So it was off to the beach yesterday, unfortunately it did rain a little, but one of the people I went with brought these big umbrellas, so we huddled under those, until it stopped, which it did pretty quickly, fortunately enough for us. And although it wasn’t particularly sunny, a couple of us did go swimming and although I had a wet bum on the car ride home, it was totally worth it, because it was really quite fun and once you’ve been in the water for so and so long, then it doesn’t feel as cold any more and I think the fact I had just eaten ice cream, helped my body reach and equilibrium faster, also the candy floss got when we got out, could have helped with the warming up a little.

So all in all a good day, and we did a little shopping for this camping thing we’re doing Wednesday, were we’re going to go down to the river and have a BBQ and all that jazz. It seems this week is rather full as well, which is nice. Since it was the beach Monday, camping Wednesday to Thursday and then clubbing Friday and shopping with an old friend Saturday, then Sunday with the family, well the father and his girlfriend. Who is here today, because he has a job interview nearby and she’s going canoeing or kayaking on the  nearby river and parentally her friend will also be joining us for a day, although I’m kind of hoping that day is tomorrow, because I won’t be here and have to deal with the simple pleasantries of the whole situation and all that jazz.

But hey ho life goes on.

The freedom to plan reconnection…

So, since today was an event free day, I decided it would be a good time to reconnect with some people I have managed to disconnect with a little over the past couple month or so. It was kind fun and because I decided to text, it cost me something more than I would have hoped, since I’m meant to be saving, but what the hell.

So now I’m probably going to meet up with potentially a couple of old friends this weekend, plus I’m meant to be going out with a friend and a couple of her friends, plus her boyfriend this Friday, and then there’s the beach trip that we’ve been planning for this Monday and I might be heading to Pembrokeshire the week after this one coming, which will be fun, camping with the girls! So it looks like I’ve got a busy time coming up, which suits me just fine, I said I wanted to do things this summer, and I think these little events count as ‘doing something’, because I’m probably not going to see my friends again for a while, so I wanted to have fun while we were still close and all that jazz and not leave with regrets, about not seeing them again and all that jazz, plus I want to have fun, while I still have a bit of money for it, because starting in uni seems like it’s going to make me completely and utterly broke, so won’t be able to do much ‘expensive’, not that I have much money now or anything. I know I could just get a job, like everyone else seems to be, but I’ll only be around for about another month or so, so I don’t think it’s the best idea.

Any ways as I was saying I was reconnecting with some friends, if things go well from today, might continue the behaviour tomorrow and make some more ‘dates’. Free days are fine and everything, but I’d much rather be out with my friends. Time to party while I’m still young enough not to get proper hang over and all that jazz.

So I’m meant to be going clubbing, because one of my friends has never been and I thought, why not introduce her to the experience? But I was flicking through my wardrobe and I have a couple dresses in there, that are club wear like, but now after putting them all on, I want to go shopping and find something else, because I don’t want to wear black and so far my LBD is the only one that I actually could think about wearing. So I did my usual thing and went on eBay, because it’s cheaper to buy stuff on there and I’m not really bothered about what’s in fashion and what not, if I like it, I’ll wear it – that simple. But I couldn’t find anything – within my price range – so now I’m thinking of actually going high street shopping, something I haven’t done in quite a while. Maybe just for inspiration though, but we’ll see.

Yeah I know Miley, but hey the song is fun to dance around to!