You can BBQ in the Rain…

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Limitless weekend socialization…

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The days that were away…

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Yesterday’s Transmission over the sea

So it was off to the beach yesterday, unfortunately it did rain a little, but one of the people I went with brought these big umbrellas, so we huddled under those, until it stopped, which it did pretty quickly, fortunately enough for us. And although it wasn’t particularly sunny, a couple of us did go swimming and although I had a wet bum on the car ride home, it was totally worth it, because it was really quite fun and once you’ve been in the water for so and so long, then it doesn’t feel as cold any more and I think the fact I had just eaten ice cream, helped my body reach and equilibrium faster, also the candy floss got when we got out, could have helped with the warming up a little.

So all in all a good day, and we did a little shopping for this camping thing we’re doing Wednesday, were we’re going to go down to the river and have a BBQ and all that jazz. It seems this week is rather full as well, which is nice. Since it was the beach Monday, camping Wednesday to Thursday and then clubbing Friday and shopping with an old friend Saturday, then Sunday with the family, well the father and his girlfriend. Who is here today, because he has a job interview nearby and she’s going canoeing or kayaking on the ┬ánearby river and parentally her friend will also be joining us for a day, although I’m kind of hoping that day is tomorrow, because I won’t be here and have to deal with the simple pleasantries of the whole situation and all that jazz.

But hey ho life goes on.