Because of too much power…

Watching this today and thinking about what’s happening in America nearly made me ball. But I’m hoping as I’m sure many others are, that the stuff that’s been happening will quickly dissipate and it won’t stay like this. I mean a bunch of shit happened after Brexit, so perhaps it will be a bit like that…

Any ways I wasn’t going to do a post on what’s happening in America, but after hearing about some of the shit that’s gone down, I felt that I couldn’t just stay silent forever and ignore it. So this is it. I’m trying my hardest here not to go negative.

Well I’m going to leave it at that then.

Wishing for lumpy pockets to pave the desire…

So recently all I can think about it travelling. Although you could say that recently is only the last few days or the last few years or all my life.

I do tend to blame my love for new places and my dislike for staying in the same place for too long a period of time on my parents, due to them moving me all over the country as a child and of course we had quite a few wonderful – and not all fully remembered – family holidays. I’m not really complaining though, but as I stated in my last post I’m not one to travel alone, maybe that’s because I never really have. Sure I’ve travelled from here to home and trips like that, but nothing really ‘bigger’ than that and I would like to, although I’d prefer not to have to do it alone.

I want to go to New Orleans the summer after next, mainly because then I’ll be able to drink and what not, but I’m also hoping that by then American airport security will have died down a little. American Airport security is one of the many reasons I’ve never been to American, unless you think that the Caribbean is part of it – which one of friends does.

I’ve spent the last couple hours trying to work out how much it will cost to go to Japan with my friends next summer, as one of them invited me to come with him and some other people. Although he estimated the trip to cost around £4000, but all the calculations come up with it only costing around £2000, so I’m not sure where he got the extra £200 from, or I’m remembering what he said wrong, because that’s a pretty damn big difference. Although maybe it’s the time of year that you go that changes the price, but I didn’t think it would change that much. So right now I’m sort of thinking about starting to properly save my money for that, but then again my friends have been talking about going to Italy next summer, which I would also really like to do – oh the dilemma – maybe I can earn the money to do both. I’m going to have to diffidently get a job for next semester. Which is another thing I’m going to research and try and find out that I can do, pays alright and can perhaps be related to what I may want to do in the future, because at the moment I’m not really sure what I want to do with my life, which just makes the idea of leaving university even more daunting.

Ah it’s times like these that I wish I was a millionaire and I think about playing the lottery more often, in the hopes of becoming one. I’m still playing the postcode lottery, but it’s extremely slim chance that I will ever win that one, because not many people around me play it and although the pot is up to £100 a day, winning that couldn’t really pay for a trip, although it wouldn’t hurt.

Ah I shouldn’t complain about money problems when I don’t even have a job, as my brother keeps reminding me, whenever I say anything to him. I just don’t think I’ll be very good at anything really. Maybe a supermarket, stocking shelves and stuff like that, I think I wouldn’t do too well on the till, at least not at first – for the first few months.

Quote/saying of the day: We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfilment. – Hilaire Belloc

I’m sorry, but you can’t tell me who I am today, perhaps tomorrow?

An introspection retold for the sake of my lack of confuse, or in other words a little piece of me. An average university student… Continue reading

Up to drink and educate you, but first let’s get on…

So it was my friend joint 18th birthday party last night. Which means drinks, films and more drinks really, oh and the trying to avoid the PDA of the couples that turned up. It was sort of hard as the friend kept yelling ‘coupliness’ every time another couple kissed or anything like that, but I just focused on conversation and the films.

Unfortunately for my friends not that many people turned up, because of the slight flooding here and there, but it was still fun even with the masses of people and I think sleeping wise it might have been a good thing, because there wasn’t masses of places to sleep. I and a couple of other people didn’t stay over, we left around 11. Head

ing back to our respective homes to fall onto our nice beds and sleep the night away, instead of partying the night away. I wish I had bothered to bring my camera and taken some shots with it.

Although not that many people turned up, I did meet one new person. Who my friend spent rather a large portion of the night flirting with, even though she is in a relationship, although she did say to me she was a bit worried about the relationship in a way, but I think everything is going to be alright. We did spent a long time on that sort of subject though and I think freaked out/educated someone on it. As we finished off this guys case of cider and heard about his exploits in America. It was pretty fun really and he seemed like a nice guy, that I proceeded to blurt out on the car ride home, which might have been a mistake. I don’t know if it was because I was there, or because he was tired or something else, but the friends who took me home, wow… you couldn’t have cut the tension in that car with a knife. I tried making conversation and lightening the mood, but to no oval so I just gave put and lounged in the back.

But over all I’m glad I went, because I wasn’t sure if I was going to, but I’m glad I did in the end, because I had a good time.