We expect sunshine, lollipops and rainbows…

Ok, so I’m most likely going to America come summer, well June I’m assuming.

My friend talked me into – and by that I mean she said I should and I wanted to anyways, so she didn’t really have to persuade me – going to work in America for the summer.

Honestly great timing and I might get to work with horses, which would be so much fun! I did big up my horse experience in my application, so hopefully they’ll try and put me somewhere where there are horses, if not working with them all the time.

Although that does mean that I might end up in a completely different part of the country to my friend, since she has not experience with horses. We were hoping we could go to the same camp, because that would be fun, but if we end at the same time, then we can still travel America together for a month after they finish – because you get a month to travel after and then your visa expires and you have to leave, which I think is pretty great. I mean as much silly stuff as you hear about America these days, there are still places I would like to visit, for a start New Orleans.

But anyways, honestly I’m nervous about it all. I mean airports make me super nervous. I’m fine with flying, once I’m on the plane everything is hunky dory, but it’s getting on the plane, especially in big airports and since I’m guessing I’m going to be flying from London, it’s going to be one of the big airports. There’s just so… big I guess. I get anxious about getting to my gate on time and then there’s passports and security and just the amount of people running from one place to the next.

But I’ll deal with that when I come to it. Right now I’ve got to get through the application process and get a proper job offer, then work out how to pay for it and packing and resigning from my current job and probably a ton of other things I haven’t even thought to think about yet.

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