No stress in Spain…

Hmmm… I’m not sure where to start this one…

The last couple of weeks or more, have felt quite stressful to me, but the thing is I feel like I’m the one stressing myself out. Over trying to move, money, my writing career, my other career, the future, my mental health, learning to drive, taking my driving theory test and a whole bunch of other mundane stuff, that I don’t think a lot of other people really worry/stress about.

I’ve just been feeling like everything is getting out of my control and I want some down time, but even when I get some down time, I end up feeling bad for not trying to take care of one of the many things I’m stressing about in that time, which makes me more stressed and doesn’t feel like down time anymore.

But anyways I’m off to Spain for seven days next week, so I’ve decided that I’m going to try and let myself relax, in the sense that I’m not going to think about any of the things that have been stressing me and just enjoy being away. Hopefully that will work, but I feel like it would be better, if my friend could get her ass in gear and find some time to go to some more estate agents, so that we could hopefully book in some viewing for when I’m back. At this rate we won’t have got a place till the end of the year… ok even writing about all this is making me a bit stressed, so I’m just going to leave it there.

But yeah… this year I decided to buy my euros online, through my bank. Although that meant I had to get a lot more than I wanted to and actually it probably would have been better to just go somewhere and get them there, but I’ve been having trouble with going out.

I went out yesterday. I’ve been chatting to this dom I met through fetlife. I honestly don’t like online dating and all that jazz, so I wasn’t really on fetlife to meet people in that sense.

But yeah we’ve been texting for a couple days and then he suggested we get drinks. So being the cautious little bunny that I am I invited a friends – well friends, but only one showed up – to come with me, just in case he turned out to be a right weirdo and I needed an escape hatch. But he seemed like a nice guys, although as soon as we sat down this group of girls came up to us and sat with us. Now I’m all for meeting new people and all that jazz, but it did mean that me and him didn’t get to interact as much as we would have if they weren’t there. But it also meant that there weren’t any awkward silences. But he had to leave early, because he had to get up early the next day, so we said short goodbyes – I am not good with goodbyes. I’m more of the kind of person, who will just wander off without one and have a stretched out one – and me and my friend hung out with the new group of girls for a while, then they headed off to the clubs and we sat and finished our drinks.

By then the pub we were at was closing, so we left before they kicked us out and that was the end of our night. We talked about going out clubbing, but in the end we decided to make it a chill night and just get a taxi back. So we headed to our usually taxi rank and hung out with our friend there for a bit. Now I call the guy that works there a friends, but honestly I don’t know much about him and he doesn’t know much about me, but he’s fondled my breasts, steps on me and various other things, so I’m going to class him as more than an acquaintance.

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