Fun for the Weekend…

So it was Easter last Sunday.

I usually celebrate Easter, my family hasn’t really celebrated that particular holiday in years, so yeah. I mean sometimes there would be Easter eggs, but nothing all that celebratory.

Any ways I didn’t really celebrate it this year either, since I was traveling for most of the day. Also since it landed on the first day of April, it was also April fools day. Which Mr. M.G. gets excited about apparently. I was staying with him for the weekend, since I was visiting friends in Hereford and he has a place for us to stay nearby. His friend, who I’d met one time before, was also staying there, which made for an interesting time one evening. We had decided before hand that we were going to stay in on the Thursday evening – the day we headed down there – but his friend was meeting up with a girl that night, so we weren’t sure if he was going to be back, or whether he’d go to her place.

He ended up not going to her place, so we all sat in the living room flicking through Netflix, looking for something to watch, because what else do you do on a Thursday night in a tiny village in the middle of no where?

In the end we decided or rather they decided – I didn’t really care what we watched – that we would watch Megamind. I didn’t have any complaints, hadn’t seen it in a while and I wasn’t feeling particularly in the mood for anything that I had to pay too much attention to any ways.

So about halfway through the film – maybe less than halfway, but around there – Mr M.G. casually slid his hand onto my thigh, which is totally casual innocent and normal – I probably should mention that we were all snuggled up under a blanket – but things got a little less innocent, when he slid his hand further up my thigh. There was a funny moment where he had some trouble getting his hand into my jeans, gave up and then spent a couple minutes working at getting my jeans undone – I did think about helping, but decided not to – but in the end he did get them undone, not without making me laugh a little, but you could say he got me back for that. As he tried to make me moan and I tried not to moan, since his friend was sitting right next to us on the sofa and he just continued until the film was over and then commented, that he thought his friend was asleep. But it was funny, the next evening we met up with some people for drinks and one of his friend, who I’d met the last time we went drinking with friends together, said something about me and Mr. M.G. doing stuff in front of the other friend and we both thought the other had said something, but neither of us had, he had just guessed and our reaction just confirmed everything.

That night was a good night. I got to see some people I haven’t seen in a while and got fawned over by a hot guy and a hot girl, plus make out with the hot girl and had kink sex with the hot guy.

We were meant to go out the next night as well, but by the time the evening of the next day arrived, both me and Mr. M.G. decided we didn’t want to go out that night, so we had a more or less quiet night in. The first half of the night was spent watching shit online and the second half of the night was spent doing sexual stuff. I’d got this cute kind of kink (BDSM-y) outfit with me and I put it on to show him and I guess you could say it had the desired effect.

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