The untitled two go out to play…

I haven’t posted in a while.

I was going to write a post after Valentines day, but I had work everyday, but the day after and was a little tired that week.

So quite a bit has happened, in and around my life.

The latest bit of news is that one of the girls had work is going to have to get facial surgery, because she got punched by some guy on a night out. Basically the story goes, she was out with her friends, got shit faces and bumped into the guy or something, he thought she was trying to start a fight, turned around and socked her, she must had hit the pavement pretty hard, because her jaw got messed up. So she going to be out of work for at least a month, if not longer. Which means that things are going to be a bit hectic at work for a while, since we’re only going to have 2 people on for closing two of the days I’m working/closing down, I’m not sure about her other shifts, since I don’t work those usually. But yeah, hopefully by next week they’ll have been able to move some things around or something and therefore it’ll be less hard. Also hopefully she’s not as injured as I’ve been told, because that’s got to be horrible for her.

I’d heard she was hurt at the start of the week, but I didn’t know how bad it was until, I went into work today and one of the other girls told me. Since I haven’t been into work since Tuesday.

I went away for a couple days and stayed with… damn I don’t think I’ve given him a name on here yet… right so from now on he can be called Mr. MG, at least for this post. I went to his place and stayed there for two nights, it was nice to get out and we met up with some people on the second night and it was a fun night out. There wasn’t very many people, because everyone was going out the next night, but that was sort of nice, with less people, plus me and him helped one of our friends get off with a guy. She did ask for help earlier in the day – to get off with someone, not the guy she ended up with, just anyone. I also apparently freaked some people out, because well, our ‘relationship’ is untitled, because I have a rule about fucking friends and all that jazz, so we’re not calling it friends with benefits or anything. But right, so, we met up with one of his close friends and he apparently just thought I was a friend of Mr. MG, but then we started acting ‘couply’ apparently and then we were looking through his tinder, because we do that – it’s fun – so he was super confused, as to who I was to Mr. MG. Also because I called him ‘daddy’ and ‘master’ the daddy thing is sort of a joke between us, because he misspelled a word and it came out daddy – I can’t remember what the word was – so I nicknamed him daddy and well, I kind of wanted to see how people would react any ways, because it can be fun to mess with people like that, but the master thing is completely different.

Apparently he more or less had to explain it to people, when I was in the toilets. Well they asked and he answered, with a bit of a joke.

I think he sort of wanted to mess with people as well, since the night before, he stopped and asked me ‘you going to wear a low cut top tomorrow’ and I answered¬† ‘yes’ so he gave me a hickey in a place that would be visible the next day and more or less showed it off to people when the conversation turned to that sort of thing, plus the slightly faded bite marks on my neck – which were fortunately all gone, by the time I had to go into work today.

But yeah it was a fun night and not just because I spent a large portion of it sitting on Mr. MG’s lap make-out with him, I met some new people and made some new friends, which is always fun and court up with some old friends and did some stuff I haven’t done before with Mr. MG, such as this one position for a blowjob, which he wanted to try out, alright it didn’t quite work out as good as it could have, because I kept sliding too far off the bed, but it was fun any ways and of course as per his fashion it would seem, I came out of this – sort of –¬†long weekend with sore tits again.

We also met up on valentines day, purely because the next day was my only day off that week and we both didn’t want to wait another week to fuck – yeah we both admit we’re a bit slutty, but hey ho. But I think the father and his girlfriend, now think we’re something more of a couple than we are, but it’s all good, they seem to like him, despite the fact I’ve been trying to keep them away from him for the most part, because that’s me, I guess. But he’s met the father and now I’ve met his mother, because we were staying at his mother’s place for those two nights.

It was kinda funny, we met this guy who was friends with the same people as us and he got rather drunk and started sort of rambling about how cute he thought we were together and how he thought we were his ‘life goals’ or something like that, it was funny, but he was super cute. He told me he had some kinda serious feelings for this girl we’re both friends with, but at the time she was getting off with this other guy and he was like ‘my feelings don’t matter, as long as she happy’ so I just ended up kissing him, because he was being so sweet and cute, he also gave me his jacket, when the place we were in closed for the night and we were all standing around outside and it was cold, by this point I hadn’t had anything to drink for a while and I was actually feeling the cold.

By yeah all in all I’ve had a pretty good past couple weeks…


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