One for another…

So I had a couple new experiences yesterday/today.

The guy I met before Christmas, that bought my book, well we’ve been chatting a lot and near the start of the week, he mentioned how he wanted to be social this weekend and one thing lead to another and he pretty much ended up inviting himself over. That I guess is a first in itself, since I haven’t had a friend over here, since I officially moved here last summer.

We planned on getting some drinks, out, but in the end we – well more him, but I was up for either – decided to grab some alcohol and head back here, which did mean that he met the father and his partner.

I was a little worried that when we met again, it would sort of awkward or whatever, but it turned out fine, but that could be because I started getting drunk almost as soon as we got in.

I had been working and then had a driving lesson before he arrived, so I hadn’t eaten that much, so I got pissed pretty fast.

But we chatted about this and that and had a good time, although there was this moment where he’d just come back from the bathroom and I was lying on he bed and he just surprise kissed me and I didn’t react in the best of way.

But then when we’d gotten ready for bed I asked him to kiss me again and reacted much better to that one. Despite getting on – physically – we didn’t actually go all the way, because I’m on my period. It’s been nasty this month, not as bad as before, but I haven’t been feeling too good, so it was nice to not had to deal with that pain for a while, not that I was using him as a pain killer, you could say the opposite. It was kind of funny, because we were making out and it was getting all hot and heavy, then I just break the kiss and blurt out “I’m on my period” and then there was this moment of silence, before we both burst out laughing. It was more or less an unplanned visit and it’s not like I thought that we were going to do it, not that I thought we weren’t either. But yeah he said blood was sort of a big turn off for him, so we just avoided that.

But we still had fun and did some stuff that I haven’t done before, which is always fun.

Although today my tits are super sensitive, like just having my top brush against them hurts a little, so I’ve had to go braless the entire day. I did wear one when I walked him to the bus stop, but I couldn’t keep it on once I’d gotten home.

At the moment as far as I’m aware we both want the same thing out of this, so that’s good and I hope it stays that way, because I’ve been done that road before. But he’s really sweet and pretty straightforward, so I don’t think – I hope- we’re not going to have a problem and I told him a bunch of stories about my exes and the one about the guy who sent me a love letter, so I think we’re on the same page here.

Any ways I’m just hoping my breasts will be less sensitive tomorrow, because I’ve got work and I don’t think my boss will be very impressed if I turn up with no bra on and my nipples making peaks in my shirt.

Honestly I wish I didn’t have to go to work, because I’m so tired. I haven’t been sleeping very much lately, for one reason or another, so the lack of sleep has more or less caught up to me and now I’m just hoping I can sleep soundly through the night, but we’ll see.


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