New… places, people, money…

So I’ve started my new job.

There were some bumps before I had even started, mostly with my contract and that is still making more difficulties, but nothing that can’t be fixed – well at least I hope so. It would seem that I was sent the wrong contract, perhaps an old one or something, but apparently they have no idea why I was sent that contract, which meant that I turned up to my induction on the wrong day and also got the wrong shift times, so I missed a couple hours of work. But they’ve been completely understanding, as this wasn’t my fault.

I just thought that a big company like the one I’m now working for would get this sort of thing right, but it must have been a small clerical error along the way. So now I know and they know, I might get way more hours than I thought, which at the moment I’m fine with, because well… more money and I took this job partly for the money – I want to save some.

Otherwise the job has been good. The first day I felt a little odd, but now I’ve been working there a week – took some overtime as well, so worked more days than I thought – I feel good working there. It’s not like the greatest job in the world and not a dream come true job or anything. But everyone there is really nice and although I’m still getting used to getting up before the sun even rises, I’m enjoying it.

For the most part there’s nearly always something to be done, which is good, because I’m not just sitting around and when I come home and feel tired, that feels justified – you know?

Any ways, apart from the new job I’ve also been chatting a lot with this guy I met before Christmas, which has been nice, because it doesn’t seem like he’s talking to me because he wants to get in my knickers or anything. I’ve also more or less stopped talking to Mr. P. Things got… I can’t think of the right word, well more like I can’t think of a nice word for that happened. I mean I text back when he texts me, but that’s about it.

There is also the possibility that I might be going to Norway in the near future, but it’s only a possibility at the moment.

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