Creative Campaign.

Ok, so it’s finally 2018.

A new year and hopefully this one will be better than the last.

Any ways since it’s the new year, I checked my book sales, pretty much what I expected, but I am a little down about the lack there of sales, but I decided not to get too down about it and now I’m starting a couple marketing campaigns and the like, so I created a discount code:TX72Y for my Smashwords¬†version of the Novel and also put it into their site wide new years sale, which ends today, but I’m sure they’ll have other stuff going on during the rest of the year.

I also did an author interview with Smashwords¬†so that was fun-ish. I’m not so great at the talking about my self in a positive way all the time, but I think the interview turned out alright. All I’ve got left is to create an author website and find new and interesting ways to marketingthe Novel and write the second one.

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