I’m out…

I’m going to resign from my job tomorrow.

I’ll tell them that I’ll work until Friday, but that’s it. At least that’s what I’ve put in my resignation letter – in more formal terms. I got a letter from the place I interviewed at last week, offering me the job. I was just waiting for that, because I didn’t want to quit my job without another one lined up and now that I have one, it’s all good.

I was thinking about quitting after new years, but I’ve decided to do it so that I have all the holidays free, at least free from this job. Hopefully things work out better with the new job. At least with the new one, I won’t be spend half – or in the case of last months pay check more than half – my pay check on going to and from the job, because I can easily walk to and from the job, so all the money goes to me – yay – although the father will probably bring up the subject of rent again, which I’ll have to see about after I get my first pay check, just to make sure I calculated the amount correctly and all that jazz. But hopefully it’ll be a nice tidy sum of money each month and I can start saving, because what’s the point in living at home, if you’re not saving money, by doing so – right?

It’s been hard to stop myself from looking at my book sales – or potential none sales. I’m thinking about putting a link to it, on this writing website that I’m part of and then giving a discount code or something, to people who read it from the site, although I’m not sure what amount would be good. Part of me feels like I should go with 100, because then I can just ask them to leave feedback on the book and hopefully that could lead to more people reading it, although they may all not like it and leave bad feedback, so then others will be way less likely to read it. So I’m not sure how much to make the discount, but I guess I’ll think about it over the holidays and start in the new year, since I’d have to go back onto the site and would probably end up seeing my sales, if I wanted to create a discount code for the book, I’m not sure if you can do that with Amazon, I assume you can, but I’ll have to look into that. I guess I can gift the book to people or something, if a discount code is out of the question, although I’m not completely sure how that works, because I’ve never done it before or anything. But this is all stuff for the new year, hopefully I’ll have the time and mental space to sort this all out and get some of the next book written.

We’ll see…

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