I leaped…

So I am officially a published Author.

Although it’s only self published and not done in the traditional way like I had hoped, but hey, it’s still published.

Now it’s just about sitting around a waiting for people to buy the book, because I decided for the first month or so, I’m not going to really do any marketing. I know that’s sort of stupid, but I want to see how it goes without any help, plus I’ve got a bunch going on at the moment, with Christmas and trying to get a new job and then I haven’t seemed to have found any time to write the second one, so I want to try and fit some of that in, but who knows if that will happened. So for now, I’m just going to leave it out there and then come back to it after Christmas, and see if anyone had bought it. Even if I’ve only made one sale, I’ll still be happy – to some extent – because, don’t get me wrong, I do not expect it to become a best seller overnight, without even doing anything. But I hope someone thinks it’s interesting enough to buy.

But yeah, now I’ve just got to resist the temptation to sit and stare at my computer screen, refreshing the page every so often, to see if anyone has bought it. I’m going to try and not look at it until after Christmas, unless they send me an email about something.

But I’ve also been thinking about setting up an Author page, but then again I’ve only got the one book, but yeah I might see about that. Most authors have their own author page or something like that and it’s nice to know more about the person behind the book and also I use them to see if my favourite author has written anything new, or what the next book in their series is called, because some of the series I’ve been reading are really long and when you just type the series name in, it can be hard to find the right book and all that jazz.

Any ways the book is out there, time to celebrate. I was meant to be going to see a friend this weekend, but she has been ignoring my messages, so I assumed she didn’t want to meet up. But I’m trying to arrange something for next week, with some other friends. I’d like to celebrate this a little. It may not be the cure for cancer, but it’s still something of a big deal for me. I’ve been wanting to be a published author for… almost as long as I can remember.

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