Options for the indecisive…

Just another couple days in the life of the average University Graduate… and her friends and friends of friends…

So I’ve got a job…

It’s another catering job, but completely different from the one I had before.

In all honestly I am not enjoying the job. I’ve only worked 3 shifts so far, because I was meant to be working the morning shift, but was asked to stay for a bit and then come back and work the evening/late afternoon shift – by myself, on my first day – because someone was ill or something. Any ways the shift was fine, but the job… I come home from it and I feel drained and not just physically but mentally.

The whole place is a mess for a start, so doing things is hard, also I have yet to get my contract, so I’m not sure how many hours I’m contracted to do a week and at the moment – this week – I’m doing about 24, which is less than the hours she specificed in the interview, so I’m not sure what’s going on there.

I was going to stick with it until about Christmas/new years time and see if things get better, but I’ve got and interview with another place, although that’s only a part time job, so unless I could get full time with them or just pick up extra hours every week or something then that wouldn’t work for me, but I also got an offer from another place today, so I’m thinking about interviewing with them and seeing if I would like that job more.

It’s not like I want this life fufilling job or anything, I just want to feel like I’m working – which might sound a little weird – but at the place I’m with now, I don’t feel like I’m working or contributing might be a better word. I’d like to think it’s because the place is a mess and I’ve only just started there, but I never had this feeling at my old job, even when I had just started and I feel exhausted after a shift now, but I don’t feel like I’ve done anything to make myself that tired.

Perhaps part of the whole thing, is a lack of actually work to do, that can be done, sort of thing.

But any ways.. I’ve got another shift tomorrow and I’ve got to tell them some days I can’t work, because of the interview and I’m meant to be going to Sheffield for my Grandpa’s birthday celebrations, but that’s only two days.

Even if I did take another job I would try to give them as much notice as possible and I would feel bad leaving, but I guess at this point, it’s about my well fare and also the money, because I thought I could be working around 37.5 hrs per week, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case and that’s the sort of hours I want to be working, so that I can earn the amount I want to. Also the job I got offered today pays 8p more – you’ve got to look out for your pennies – and in the end if that one doesn’t work out I can continue looking all the same, although I hate job hunting, but I think job hunting when you have a job already is a bit different, for one you’re less available and all that jazz.

Any ways… Last weekend I went to Worcester with some friends and some aquaintences. It was great, although one of the girls lost her purse, so we only went to one bar, but we all had fun in the hotel and probably annoyed the shit out of the people in the rooms around us, being loud and all that jazz. Also one of the friends sort of hooked up with one of the guys we were with and their now going on a date/hang out, which is great, because he seems like a nice guy and she needs a nice guy, although she’s not sure if she’s into him. But he’s managed to get through several people’s threats – if he hurts her and all that jazz – including my own – because I’m probably slightly over protective of her, well all my friends – and he just took it to mean that she’s a great girl, which she is.

So if they actually get together that would be cute, although on the night out there was a plan to get her with one of the other guys, but apparently he sort of turned her down… well told her he liked me… he wasn’t for me though, so life goes on and everything turned out fine in the end.

We’re all meant to be going out again this weekend, which I think I’ll need if things don’t change at work.

As you may have noticed I neglected to name the places I’ve work/am working because I don’t want it to seem like I’m bad mouthing the company/ies or anything, since this is just how I feel and all that jazz, someone else could come in the love the same job.


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