A thousand paths, a thousand lives

So I’m living in Bedford, with the father and his girl.

When I first went to University this isn’t quite what I had in mind once I’d finished, honestly I thought I was going to try and get a Masters and so on, but now that I’ve decided that thats not the route I want to take with my life, I’m floundering.

I’ve sort of been job searching, I got the father to help me out with my CV, cleaning it up and what not. But I keep going back to the idea of working abroad, as daunting that idea is, it’s something that I’ve been going back and forth on doing for a long time. So from my little look on the internet, I’ve gone back to these two schemes that I found a while back, one in Canada and one in Prague. Part of me wants to do them both, but it’s going to be expensive.

The one in Canada is cheaper in the end, because you’re working, while the one in Prague, you’re sort of working but it’s more about getting a qualification, so you have to cover all your living expenses, so that’s why I was thinking that if I wanted to do them both, then I’d probably do the Canada one first, which you can go for up to 24 months and then do the Prague one with any money I might have made/left over from the Canada one.

Although at the moment I should be focusing on getting a job here in Bedford. The father wants me to look for jobs in companies, temp jobs and the like and I am looking into that, but I just can’t seem to find anything that I can do, considering that I have no experience, really, in that sort of thing. I just don’t like job hunting, I mean who does?

Plus I’ve got a whole bunch of other things to do, such as getting registered at a GP and dentist, finding a place to get driving lessons and so on and so forth.

Plus I promised myself that I would give sometime over to my Novella, once I was one with University. It needs a read over and there’s some stuff I know I want to add and remove, world building and the like. Plus I know that it’s riddled with spelling and probably grammar mistakes, because I didn’t think about that sort of thing while I was writing it and I sort of don’t really do editing of that sort all that well, to begin with – just look at my posts, they always have spelling mistakes(etc), because I don’t proof read them before posting them.


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