Sex, Greece, prengancy and new adventures

So from last Wednesday to Thursday this week I was in Greece. To be more specific I was on Rhodes.

Me and some friends decided to go a little last minute, but I’m glad we did, because it was great and a wonderful vacation from everything that had been going on in the UK with me. Plus it was really hot over there, so that was lovely.

Any ways as you do, me and my friends got a little drunk one night. We had decided to buy our own boozes, because we didn’t want to spend all our money on cocktails, as they were a little more expensive than expected. So we stayed in had a nice meal and got a little tipsy. As the conversation usually does when we get drunk, at least when some of us get drunk, it turned to sex – I feel like I’m filling some sort of stereotype here, but it’s the truth. So at first it was just general stuff, then it turned to things that we like sexually and things that we want from a parnter that turns us on and all that jazz. It was quite interesting that my friends had a lot of things in common with me, I mean I think I was into a little more hardcore stuff than them, as far as I could tell, when I brought up those subjects, but basically we were into really similar things. It was nice to know that I’m not the only person into that sort of thing, I guess… that I’m normal, or they’re just as abnormal as me. I don’t really care if others see me as perverted or whatever because I see myself as perverted and I’m fine with that.

Any ways I’m not going to go into too much detail about that things we talked about – sorry not sorry – but one of them, well most of them, played into my… desire for a less than traditional relationship. My friend was saying how she likes it when a guy pats her head or calls her a good girl or gives her some form of praise for doing something right and I was in agreement with her, so I told her a little that I know about Daddy doms and littles. I don’t think that she would want a BDSM relationship per say, but some of the aspects from it play into what she wants, which I guess depends on your definition of a BDSM relationship, I don’t think she would like to classify it as that, for several reasons. Moving on – sort of – we then went into talking about how we both like to… push people, not physically, but mentally. But we want them to push back, that’s something I’ve known about myself for a while and something that has made me frustrated more than once, I’ll be pushing someone and they’ll just back down or whatever, but they won’t push back and I don’t want to have to tell them to push back, because that just takes something out of it and then of course they may not want to and that can lead to bad stuff and so on and so forth.

Right last thing, it was actually one of the last things we talked about as well… edging. We were disclosing things we liked and it came to me, so I tried to think of something I hadn’t already said that I would be comfortable about them knowing and edging came to mind. Honestly I only just learned the word for it, because I knew I liked it, but didn’t know the word for it. I also chose it because we had a lot in common and I wanted to know if this was something common to like or not. We got quite a laugh out of it, because one of friends told us that her mother uses the word edging for when she trims the edges of her garden and what not, also we kept using the word for mundain things for the rest of the holiday, as a sort of inside joke or something – well we got a laugh out of it and that’s all that matters. But yeah when I asked them whether they knew what edging was, I wasn’t sure what to expect, part of me thought they won’t know what it was, well at least one of them, but they both replied enthusiastically.

Any ways now I’m going to talk about the holiday.

The first day, wasn’t really a day we arrived at about 10 their time I think, so we just went to sleep. Then the first few days we just sort of stumbled around a little, checking out the town we were in – I think it was a town, apparently there are no cities, just large towns and villages – and looking for things to do for the rest of the holiday.

We took a boat to Symi, which was amazing, we saw a dolphine over the side of the boat, went swimming in a beautiful bay and ate this delicious pastry and honey covered feta cheese – so since coming back I’ve been putting honey on feta cheese, it’s not a good, but still good – and walked around a little, we got there in the heat of the day, so we didn’t walk around too much, because it was too hot and I somehow lost my towel, which was annoying. I’m not too sure where, the bag I had was small so I asked my friend to put it in her’s and she thinks she forgot to when we were on the boat or something, but she bought me a new one, because she felt so bad, so now I have a nice souvenir towel.

We also did this wine tasting tour, well it was advertised as a wine tasting tour, but we did so much more than just taste wines. First our guide – a complete hotty – took us to this cute little church overlooking Antony Quinn bay, the view was amazing. Side note, almost everyone we met in Greece was so lovely and friendly and just all round seemed like nice people. While we were all staring out at the view our guide asked for a lighter, so I gave him mine and he offered me a mojito cigarette in return – I have come to the conclusion that click cigarette are better than just plain flavoured ones – then when my friend got her cigarettes out he offered her one and that’s not the first instance of someone just giving us cigarette stuff, on the boat to Symi something similar happened, perhaps it’s because cigarettes are so cheap over there, but people have no qualms about giving people cigarette or tobacco or lighters or whatever. I mean I’m always cool with giving people cigarettes, but I have noticed some people be a little more hesitant about it here. But onwards, after that he took us to this 3rd generation pottery maker, who had wons all these awards in Greece and had his stuff in museums – replicas of things just in case something happens when they’re on display – and it wasn’t hard to see why, his stuff was beautiful and as I tour guide told us, he wasn’t bad looking himself – they seemed like old friends which was nice. After the pottery, we headed to Butterfly Valley and he filled us in on why the butterflies come there and how the males come there to die and how the whole place is dissappearing because of water shortage and how they are now pumping water into the place to keep the ecosystem going.

At first we didn’t see any butterflies and were worried we came at the wrong time to year to see a lot of them, then I realised that the strange pattern on the tree nearby wasn’t the tree but butterflies, hundreds of them, with their wings closed. It was… well… beautiful, there were some flying around deeper in and we saw a crab, which was nice.

After the butterflies we headed to a vineyard, which was owned by a woman, which is unusual in Greece, so that was cool and her son talked us through the process of making their wine and the growing of the grapes, when they are harvested and why. But some of my companions weren’t paying attention because their was this gorgeous black stallion standing nearby, so we got to give him a stroke, before going to their other building to tastes some of their wines, which were all so tasty and their gave us herbed olives and oil and bread to go with them. In the end we bought a bottle of their red wine to have with dinner that night, because it was so tasty.

Once we were all done with the wines, our guide took us to the Bee museum. Which was fasinacting. Apparently in some places the bee population has gotten so low that people go around manually taking the pollen from the flowers and moving it the way bees would – an impossible job. Beekeeping is a big thing in Greece and I’m glad it is, although I also found out in some places – probably the UK – they take the Queen’s food – royal jelly – because it can help people stay looking younger – apparently – so she has nothing to eat and dies, therefore her hive dies – no wonder the bees are disappearing. We did buy some pollen – a bee by-product – because it’s meant to be good for you and honestly it was so cheap and our guide raved about it, so we had to try.

That was the end of our tour – it was only just over half a day long, so we had the rest of the afternoon to lazy around. Our guide did give us a bar suggestion, but we never found the bar. But we were all really glad we chose him as our tour guide, sure the other guide could have been just was good, but we had a good time with him.

So that’s the tour… we also hired quad bikes and biked from Faliraki to Lindos, which we didn’t realise were so far apart from each other and we started off quite late, so we only got 3 hours in Lindos, but it was beautiful and we swam around in the sea and had some delicious food, so it was a good day.

Then on our last night we decided to go out, which was an experience. By the end of the night my friend was just screaming nonsense in the faces of promoters and the other flipped, some guys on the beach, the bird, although it was dark so I don’t know if they saw it. We also met the only person I would say who wasn’t exactly nice on this trip, but he was English and came from the same city as us. He wasn’t exactly not nice, he was nice to us, for the most part, but he was just being… well to start sort of super racist. But we had a drink there, then quickly left and headed to the beach. I was in the bathroom, but apparently he told my friend that her degree was stupid and she wasn’t going to earn anything with it – she did film (to be general) – but she put him in his place, by telling him she just got offered a job at Pinewood – even though she decided not to take that job, because it wasn’t what she wanted. So after all that we headed to the beach and just hung out, before headed back to the apartment.

The last day we decided to quad to Rodos and see the old town, which was awsome, although before that we did some beach hopping and I ended up riding the quad to Rodos in just my bikini, a bandana, sunglasses and a helmet, because I wanted to dry out a bit before putting my clothes back on.

Out flight was at 10 in the evening, so the staff at the airport were just trying to get everyone through as fast as possible – understandably – and I think everyone appreciated, since the security area was so stuffy and hot, so everyone wanted to get out of there.

We didn’t really get to England until 2am – UK time – and I ended up going back to my friends place, because there wasn’t a train until after 8 that morning, so it was cheaper for me to get a train from her’s back to Bournemouth than get a hotel or something – I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping on the platform.

So that was the end of our adventure to Greece. It was wonderful and I wish I was still there. There’s a bunch of stuff I left out, like Nelson the gay Unicorn.

Today was my second to last day at work and my boss had big news for me, she’s having a baby. It’s so cute, apparently her boyfriend was jumping up and down on the bed when he found out she was pregnant and she was quite surprised, because she’s at an age when woman are less likely to become pregnant. But they’re going to have a little baby boy or girl together. She already has 3 children, so I have no bought she’ll be a good mum and I think he’ll be a good dad, but only time will tell.

When she first said it, I thought she was joking for a moment.

It didn’t feel like my second to last day, the time flew by even though we weren’t at all busy, probably served less than 12 people. But tomorrow will be my last day there… it’s sad, I’ve made some good friends there and I’ll miss them all, but part of me is happy to go at the same time, not because I don’t like the job or the people but because of the thought of a new adventure.


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