Tired, bruised, sated…

So my exams are all done – yay! Now I’ve just got the post conference to get through and then I’m home free.

This weekend my friend invited me to her summer ball on Friday night. I had an exam in the morning – my last exam – so I was excited to let loose a little, after getting all that done. However things didn’t quite go to plan; First I got off the train at the wrong station, because it was boiling saturday, the train was packed super tight and there was no air con, so it was stifling in there. Any ways after getting off at the wrong place, I noticed that there was a train going to Gloucester, so I could just jump on that one and only be about 20 minutes late… at leasts that’s what I thought. The train I was meant to get on was delayed, but I thought it arrived at the time stated, so I got on only to find out I had got on the wrong train, so I jumped off at a random station in Bristol and had a miniture break down, because the station was literally to platform with some benches on them and a bridge going over the tracks and my phone was dying so I was worried about trying to find a train to get. In the end I borrow a lovely ladies phone, to let my friend know I was going to be even later and jumped on the next train in the right direction. Once I finally made it to Gloucester station I thought I was going to have to get a taxi to my friends place, but one of her friends was nice enough to agree to drive to the station to collect me and they court me just before I jumped in a taxi. By the time I got to my friends room I was feeling so much better and the train mess was far behind me.

I had popped my contacts and some make-up on while I was still on the last train to Gloucester, so I just had to decide which dress to wear – and ended up going with my new one, which was blue and shiny and flippy and I love it. I had downed a bottom of wine my friend gave me in the car, so I was feeling buzz and excited to get into summer ball. After some odd interactions with my friends ‘friends’ – she doesn’t particularly see them as friends, but they sort of are, as are as I could tell it was complicated – we lined up and got into summer ball. It was smaller than I thought, but still fun and everyone was already so wasted that they were all really chatty and nice and pretty much everyone who talked to me told me they liked/loved my hair, which was nice since it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to and was a little sad about that – it was meant to be all purple, but it’s a mix of blue and purple and the roots are a bit patchy.

Scouting for Girls was playing a set, so we had to go and scream along to their songs and we went on the bumper cars and got glitter tattoos, which are surprisingly durable, since mine is still mostly on, apart from one of the cats legs. By the time we left the dance tent again, we were dripping – literally – with sweat.

Since I had been drinking quite a bit, we headed for the toilets – which were those nasty movable ones – and happened to meet some guys in the que for the toilets, I know kind of weird place to try and pick someone up, but we got to chatting with this pair of guys and my friend got her arm burned a little by some really drunk girl who was smoking and wobbling everywhere, even though she was just standing. But before anything happened with the guys, we left them to chat with some other people and got more food – chips – then after some chips and a cigarette for me, we were heading back to the dance tent and we bumped into them again, so they bought us some drinks, which was kind of funny, because we were doing shots and me and my friend were just ecking them, but the guys couldn’t keep up.

After a couple rounds of shots, we went and danced some more and the guy I was dancing with got a bit hands, so I’m pretty sure quite a few people saw my underwear, but hey I probably will never see those people again and all of them were probably drunk. Then my friend wanted more drinking, so we got more drink tons and then more drinks, but she decided she didn’t want to pay for any more drinks and it was after 2am, so we could come and go from the place as we pleased, so we all headed back to her room.

Last night/this morning I experienced a couple if firsts, one of them being with a guy that was younger than me. I’ve probably stated this before, but I’ve never been attracted to people younger than me, but then perhaps this was just beer goggles or something. Any ways the second first, was having sex with someone while others were in the room. The first round we did go into her en-suit, but it was so small, that we had some trouble maneuvering and after he accidently turned on the shower, which was funny, because we were in the dark and couldn’t find the door handle.

So after the less than, space of the en-suit we just ended up on my friends chair… But after I wanted to sleep, so my friend throw me a blanket and pillow and instructed me to sleep on the floor, but then when she got up to change into her PJ – she couldn’t get her dress undone, so I got her guy to help her – I and my guy stole the bed from them.

Any ways we fooled around a bit more before going to sleep.

Later this morning around 8 I think, I woke up by myself in the bed and my friend informed me that they had made her let them out about an hour before. When I woke up I was so sore and I have several new bruises and a bunch of hicks that I’m not sure how I’m going to cover up for work tomorrow, I hope my concealer will do, but I’ve problems using concealer for this sort of them before.

So after we got some hot breakfast, we had some more sleep and I charger my phone, before we headed out to Tescos. On the way out we saw them with some of people – they were walking, we were in the car – and I gave them a slightly weird wave and smile, while he just looked a little stunned to see me, I found it quite funny, so I just burst out laughing. My friend took me to Tescos, so that I could get the morning after pill, because as per usual for me there was no condom used, even though my friend informed me after the fact that she had some in a draw, but of course I didn’t know about them. I was pretty sure that he hadn’t come in me, but I wanted to be safe than sorry.

Then we headed to train station and I hopped on my train and have spend most of the rest of the day on the train.

Honestly I don’t want to go to work tomorrow, because I’m pretty sure my thighs, butt and side/back are covered in bruises and are just achy and sore at the moment, then both my boobs are covered in hicks and such.

Although the shirt I know wear to work should cover that up, if I was wearing my old uniform, then it wouldn’t have. But he wasn’t the only one that left some marks…


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