A new love for Lust…

“Everything in the world is about sex, except sex.

Sex is about power.”

So recently I watched this documentary thing, about porn.

Basically each episode centred around a different aspect of porn or sex. The first being about females in porn, or more specifically females behind the camera in porn.

I thought the whole thing was quite… interesting, although it seemed like a running theme throughout the whole thing, was how porn was dying because people were finding ways to not pay for it.

There was an episode based more around male actors in porn and I was surprised to find out that if the male can’t come, no one gets paid. That didn’t make sense to me. I mean everyone else has done their job, why does their pay check have to hang on whether or not he can get off?

Honestly I’ve watched some porn, but the stuff I watched just wasn’t super appealing to me, until now… I guess. I’ve been checking out Erika Lust’s stuff. I only decided to have a look at her films, because she was in the documentary that I watched and her idea and all that jazz, intrigued me.

And so far I have yet to be let down by her stuff. I watched her BDSM collection and at the end she had this little interview thing, with some other women who were into BDSM. It was mainly focusing on whether or not you could be a feminist and a submissive, which all of them agreed that you could, but they also talked little bit about the differences between male and female submissives and how they present and define themselves. Which I think was really interesting that she put that in there and it kind of opened my eyes to some things that I’ve never really thought about.

I’ve never really defined myself as a feminist, maybe because you ask one person and they say ‘this is what a feminist is’ then you ask another and they say something completely different. But I guess I could be defined as a feminist, if what you define as a feminist is someone that wants equality between men and women. But I don’t really want to label myself as a feminist and have to deal with people getting all upset with me, because they don’t see me as a real feminist.

So yeah, I’ve never thought about the potential ‘issues’ with being a feminist and a submissive, because being a feminist isn’t part of me identity. But it was interesting hearing about how people who aren’t into BDSM, maybe see being a submissive, as not compatible with being a feminist.

Any ways, I guess I’ve been using Erika Lust’s work to procrastinate not revising for my exams, because I finished watching 13 reasons why, which I did enjoy, although it did bring some stuff up for me, but I thought the whole thing was done pretty well.


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